Introducing the Tile World Chronicles (2023-03-31 update : Markus' ascent chapter 4 released)

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on this project for a while now and I think it deserves a thread distinct from the on where I post my other project. The homepage of this project is here .

What’s the Tile World Chronicles ?

The Tile World Chronicles are a set of stories in N4+ Japanese that intermediate learners can use as comprehensible input. Despite being written in simple language I intend to make the stories genuinely entertaining. Ideally even people who are fluent in Japanese would enoy reading them.

Why do I do that ?

Because I can.

What’s my inspiration ?

I am a Final Fantasy fan. Especially the old ones : FF6 & FF7. I am now too old to play these games and spend time fighting ennemies so I’ve decided to use them as inspiration to tell stories. However I do think encounters are a key element of the story telling in Final Fantasy so I have mad my best to have them present in my work.

In what type of world to the stories take place ?

The stories take place in a typical fantasy world quite close to FF6. The one thing that makes it unique is that this world features a technology that allows people to communicate remotely and form some sort of social networks.

What’s my timeline ?

At the time of writing I’ve been working on it on and off for 2/3 years or so and I expect the project to be achievable within a decade.

Am I a native speaker ?

I’m not. My Japanese is not even great. However I pay a freelancer to proofread my work and make the Japanese sound natural (she does wonders!). I actually believe being a learner helps as I know which words tend to be learnt first.

What technology do you use for the illustrations ?

My pages do use any image files. I use three different technologies that have the illustrations being stored as code & characters.

  • CSS generated Pixel art using some software developped by @TheCodingFox (thank you so much again for this !)



  • Emojis & HTML using Twitter free emoji font which allows me to have all the users see the same emoji (emoji are OS specific).

I hope you have a good time reading my stories !


All of this to introduce the Chapter 3 of Marcus’s Ascent taht I’ve just released. It’s here .


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Hi all

I’ve have just finished the 4th episode of Markus’ ascent.
This chapter contains less exploration than the previous ones and really builds up the story. As a result it contains more text than in the others is a bit more complicated.
I’ve made my best to keep the dialogues as simple as possible but still, it’s more N3 than N4.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Link to Chapter 4

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