Introducing Natively - A free community book sharing site with over 9800 popular books graded by difficulty

Yes, I think that all makes sense. Thanks for the suggestions, I was a little confused how to do those distribution charts :slight_smile:


Good work on the stats so far. I am still waiting patiently for a cumulative line chart of the progression of a single book.

Also, would be nice to have medals for books read, reviews given, and pages read. Would be a nice incentive for more people to contribute.


Awesome website, very useful and good-looking. Thank you!


All japanese live action movies and series I searched are there but for some series they have the wrong number of episodes.

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Agreed, it’s on the list! Not super high priority, but it really would be nice wouldn’t it :slight_smile:

Noted! Yes, I’m feeling much more confident that TMDB will be a pretty comprehensive resource which is a relief. It makes sense that the number of episodes is a bit iffy as that’s constantly changing. I’ll keep that in mind.

That makes me so happy to hear! You’re a part of the first batch of users I had @psungi, super glad you’re enjoying it!

Thanks for popping in with all that feedback everyone!


I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and go through my records. Pretty smooth process!

I did notice that if I try to add reading activity for a book that is not in any of my shelves, I get this:

A more descriptive error message might be in order? Once I added this book to a shelf (‘Stopped’) I could add reading activity.

I noticed that I can’t change the date for the ‘Stopped’ activity entry. That’d be a nice touch (though not super high priority), cause now the dates are out of whack:

Compare this to the ‘Finished’ status update, which has a date and thus merges with the respective reading activity:


I’m so glad it went well!

Yes, I should handle that better.

Noted! Yes I don’t have a stored date for ‘stopped’, but agreed that would be nice.

Appreciate the feedback @Phryne :slight_smile:

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Apologies for the temporary, sporadic outages for the past 30 mins. Amazon is having issues today directing traffic… it’s the second uncorrelated Amazon server issue i’ve had today, I think they may be having general issues.

Hopefully it goes away soon :confused:

Edit: It looks like we’re past the issues…
Edit 2: I shouldn’t have said anything. It’s back. Unfortunately, it’s a routing issue and there’s not much I can do here.
Edit 3: Amazon now acknowledges there is an issue. That’s 90% of the battle and usually a signal the fix is almost done.
Edit 4: Amazon confirms broad recovery and I’m not seeing any issues. Should be fixed finally.


Hadn’t looked at Natively for some time and just realized that the ordering of my books is still (or again? ^^) off:

(My books → Sort by difficulty level ascending)


@NicoleRauch Yeah I hadn’t fixed it in a permanent way… but I just spent some time and it should be good going forward! At least it will resolve any inconsistencies on the hour :slight_smile:

Thanks for the push!

Edit: And for anyone wondering… we are getting very close to forums, there are just a series of other things I’m having to package in with it (such as email verification).


I am very curious to know how ぼくらのへんたい got romanized. Searching my library for “bokura” returns it, as does “hen”. But “hentai” returns nothing. It’s very strange.

Huh, now that is very strange! It’s romanized as “boku ra no hen tai”, so “bokura” should definitely return results.

I resynced the search records with the database info and “bokura” now returns results at least, so perhaps it wasn’t synced after I calculated the romanized title. I’ll have to check if there are other books with empty romanized titles… there was a bug recently around this so worth some exploration.

I’ll also say that the romanized search looks like it could be improved a little bit too - “bokura” returns results but “bokurano hentai” does not, which it should. Spacing shouldn’t make a difference here.

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I also noticed that the MAL page and Anilist page listed on there takes you to a completely different manga. It might be contributing to the problem? For ぼくらのへんたい on Natively, the mal/anilist takes you to a manga called “Bokurano: Ours” and if you search natively for that, ぼくらのへんたい comes up.

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You misread. “bokura” was already working. “hentai” was and still is not working. I guess the parser you’re using is having trouble with the all kana title.

Oh really? I thought I didn’t receive any results when I tried it. But yes, hentai should work as well regardless.

Oh wow nice catch! I think that might’ve helped a little, but @seanblue is right that there’s a general issue here with the romanization search. Went ahead and fixed those links though :slight_smile:

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PRODUCT UPDATE : Natively Forums(!), Email Verification

I’m very excited to introduce our very own Natively forums! I hope this will become a place to discuss all things Japanese media and Japanese learning :slight_smile:

I’ve already started a variety of topics & categories, check them out!


There are four categories from which to choose from. Do note that you have to choose a category. In order to keep moderation requirements at a minimum, we are only allowing conversation in the categories below.

You’ll notice only the ‘Natively’ category has topics right now, but please go ahead and start your own!

Initial Topics

You’ll notice only the ‘Natively’ category has topics right now, but please go ahead and start your own!

Before chatting away, please take a quick look at our welcome message with our guidelines. If you’d like to discuss the guidelines, please do so here.

Email Verification

You’ll now notice that Natively asks you to confirm your email address. Technically, the only functionality which requires email verification is participation in the forums. However, I will continue to prompt you once every few days.

With all the discussions around bot abuse, email verification is a relatively easy mechanism to help prevent some bot abuse. For that reason, along with the forum software (discourse) email verification requirement, I’ve come around to requiring email verification.

If this is an issue for some reason, or you strongly disagree with this requirement, please let me know!


For this sprint, I’ll be focusing on a first version of movies & tv shows! I’ll be utilizing the wonderful database as a source for all the information on Movies & TV shows.

This sprint may take a while, but I’d like to get a basic version out as quickly as possible and iterate from there.

If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions, of course respond below!!

Happy Reading! :slight_smile:


Btw - I will continue to update this thread and reply to discussions here. Although you may start to miss some discussions of course :slight_smile:


I posted a big ol’ list of tv shows and movies that I recall well enough to ballpark a grading for, but while going through my list of watched things I realized I don’t know the policy on adult content for audiovisual :sweat_smile: Apologies if this has been asked and answered, but for visual mediums do you want that flagged or just not submitted. As an example a movie I watched which I could absolutely grade is 娼年*, but as TMDB notes, it’s R18.

All the ones I put in the post were PG13 at most.

*god I love puns


Really appreciate it!!!

I think I’ll accept it all. As long as it’s not gratuitous on the cover… even then though, I’ll think on it. The fact that TMDB lists the rating would make filtering extremely easy. We’ll see the content that comes in haha