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Oooh like a controversy rating for a book? :popcorn:


precisely :joy:


Ooooh, that makes me think, it would be nice to be able to get a “virtual” level for a book by selecting the gradings of only one (or a few) users.
The use case would be that I know I have a similar language background to user A and B. Then I see a book graded by A, B, C, D, and E. The level seem too high/low compared to what I am looking for, but restricting the gradings to those of A and B, the level is in my target bracket.
To avoid strain on the server, the ELO could be done on the fly on the client side.

(Obviously, not a priority at all)


That would be very cool and potentially possible in the future! I’m not sure how useful it’d be right now as I limit gradings to around 6 per book and some users never reach an approximate level for a book. I’d have to make some of the grading algorithm / generator improvements we talked about last summer to really make that useful… which I don’t foresee doing anytime soon.

But yes, would be super cool :laughing:


Regarding this bug:

It might be related to the fact that I requested this book and put “Reading” as my status. But I don’t remember starting this book manually or anything, so I think your status updates when books are requested might be the culprit.

Oh, and also: The calendar button “mark month as read” is really kind of dangerous and I haven’t found a way to undo the damage if accidentally clicked.


Oh interesting… a possible avenue for investigation.

You’re right that maybe I should do a pop up confirmation, hmm. If you did accidentally click it, let me know and I can revert it.


It’s been a while since multiple editions came up.

I just hit on buying manga that’s a different edition than what’s on Natively.

Here are my completely impractical (due to title length/viewport limitations) mock-ups of what a multiple editions implementation could look like =D


I imagine manga editions (shared difficulty, not shared reviews) are a fairly low priority. There have to be many higher priority items in consideration and development.

I’m mostly posting about this as a “here’s another vote for multiple edition support”.

When marking owned volumes etc, I’ll keep in mind that one volume of this re-release I’m reading cleanly equals two volumes of the original release.


Thanks for the note! I do really appreciate these sorts of nudges, they do help. You are right that it’s lower priority, but it is one of the real nuisances I think on platform.

Yes a mockup! :smile: :clap: :clap:

So yes it seems that you’re running into the ‘major’ editions issue. In my mind, the major edition functionality issue is the one where they split up the content in different ways. Eg: a re-release having 12 volumes instead of the 24 for the original series.

In that case, I agree I’d surface a dropdown on the series page and potentially an independent search result (I have to think about that one… not sure if it’s the right call).

The second ‘small’ editions issue is simply allowing people to choose an edition for a particular book - sometimes the paperback bunko version has a different cover than the comics issue.

But yes, the major editions issue is a real problem causing confusion that it’d be very nice to solve.

Will put you down as a vote! Thanks again :smile:


And ご注文はうさぎですか is an easy one for users since each volume of Complete Blend is exactly two volumes of the original version. But some (I think Fruits Basket is one) don’t break down nicely like that, making it nearly impossible to track.


Yes Fruit Basket and Aria are the real headaches :frowning:

Thankfully I think there are only a few of those on platform (~5?). But Fruit Baskets and Aria are quite popular which is unfortunate.

I was originally going to mention Sailormoon, which went from an 18-volume tankoubon release, to a 12-volume shinsoban release (with all the side-stories shifted to the last two volumes), to a 10-volume kanzenban release (with the side-stories shuffled throughout). The shifting of side-stories between volumes, and uneven distribution of chapters per volume especially in the original release, means there would be no practical way to share reviews between them (if you had all three editions on the site).

Of course, older releases are out of print, so people are likely to be buying the latest release. It’s unlikely someone will buy an earlier release of Sailormoon to read, although there may still be people who already own the first or second release and are reading that. (If ARIA didn’t get a digital release, I’d be reading my physical copies of the original release.)

And GochiUsa has the interesting twist that the re-release (larger physical dimensions) is occurring at the same time that the original release is still ongoing (smaller physical dimensions).

There’s also the situation of Saint Tail where it got a re-release unchanged from the original release, except with new cover art. There’s really no reason to have separate entries here, so long as the user is looking at the volume numbers rather than cover artwork.

This is of course all manga-specific. Different releases of novels will certainly be a whole other nightmare to work out!


Right, it does get very complicated. I do think there are solutions for these things by allowing more general relationships between series with associated logic for particular relations (I like how AniList does their ‘relations’). But yes, not super high priority but definitely in mind.

I’ll also just say that all this work of figuring out a sensible way to handle series / editions is very much worthwhile! The series / edition bucketing makes browsing search & large personal libraries actually enjoyable… unlike bookmeter / amazon where browsing search results are a chore.

And of course it allows grading per series so really quite necessary :slight_smile:


Fruits Basket condenses two old volumes into one new one, so that fits as well (as long as you don’t stop reading in the middle of the series with an odd-numbered volume as the last one, then you get a one-off :sweat_smile:)

Yes! Having that on the wish list would be my top priority as I’d like to keep track of why I’d like to read a given book (who recommended it etc) but then keeping them after that would not do harm.

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That’s good to know! I honestly never thought about that use case, but now that you mention it, it makes a lot of sense. Very easy to add, I’ll put it on the list :slight_smile:


Minor bug found. I was trying to adjust my gradings on a short story called 朝 but searching that single kanji didn’t bring any results up, so entering on it gave me nothing but my last searched results:
searching with romaji gave me results, but none were books I’ve ever graded

I’m not sure how difficult it would be to limit the search on that page to just the subset of books the user has already graded?


Yeah, I just need to implement a better ‘exact search’ mechanism like @Naphthalene suggested… single kanji titles just don’t work very well right now :confused:

So I’ve thought about doing that (it’s very doable) but I’m not sure it’s the right call… it may make the user think there’s something wrong with the autocomplete.

For instance, if someone wanted to see your grades on また、同じ夢を見ていた, which you haven’t read, isn’t it better that they’re able to get that auto complete result and see that you haven’t graded it? Otherwise I think they might think また、同じ夢を見ていた isn’t on the site and that’s why it’s not returned.

I think it’s only an issue for you here because the search in this case was poor with too many results. If it were a better search mechanism, you wouldn’t feel the need I don’t think?

Happy to hear other opinions though, I’ve gone back and forth on that idea. :slight_smile:


…other people can search my gradings specifically? I’m inclined to think that’s a narrow enough use case to not worry about :sweat_smile:

Barring what I suggested above, perhaps a way to filter by type? There are only two results returned for short stories with 朝 but tons when searching all content.

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While that’s probably true haha, I still think if i’m going to spend time here I’ll fix the exact match issue (not terribly hard to do) rather than adding filters. It’d solve this problem and it’d solve other problems too.

If it is still a problem after I implement that solution, then we could think on additional filters :slight_smile:

At least, seems like the right way forward.

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Can you add a way to indicate how many times we’ve reread a book? Not the dates of those rereads or anything like that, just a count. Basically the same as what AniList has.


That seems reasonable. I’m not entirely sure if i’d be able to include the rereads into your stats, but at least allowing you to track seems fine. It’d also give me some notion of how common they are too.