Introducing Natively - A free community book sharing site with over 9800 popular books graded by difficulty

Hah! That does make me feel some what better :joy:

Timezone handling is miserable. Granted, I do want to get it right eventually as like you say it impacts stats and goal tracking. My suspicion is that I would just have a global user preference and if you’re travelling and it’s a little sad… well that’s not the end of the world. It’s just way easier for me. We’ll see.

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You can still get the data from the past year in the まとめ tab, by the way.
By default it only generates a summary for the past month, but you can select “去年分” as well.

With the phone interface, from menu:


Yeah, it’s really not a big problem, I thought I’d report it just in case. Thanks for the quick fix!

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I accidentally requested a manga that’s already on the site, oops. :laughing:

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I did this last week too - oops


@seanblue @Nishi790 Don’t worry, this happens all the time :joy:

It’s part of the process to double check it’s not on the site. Ultimately i’m more concerned about wasting your time than wasting my time! In an ideal world you’d simply search amazon on site and i’d be able to show if it’s already on site… one day!

Time to make a browser extension to integrate Natively and Amazon. :joy:

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I would be more keen on this if you were an actual user of wanikani @sweetbeems

Currently you are:

  • Level 1 despite being here for nearly a year
  • Only 1 post, this one
  • Only ever replied to this thread

Hey @Lango - I’m assuming you meant to ping me. I’m not particularly sure why that matters, but to each their own! The wanikani forums are free for everyone and there are many people who participate in the forums who do not use wanikani. I just made an website which I hope helps learners and wanted to share it :slight_smile:


haha, yep @sweetbeems not Sean Bean.

It’s a very nice site you have, I bookmarked it and will most likely use it in the future.

It’s tough to market your projects and I wish you your best.

From my side, I don’t like it when forums become flooded with people promoting but not joining. This forum is nowhere near that point yet, but I am extra sensitive to it and I like to call it out.

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Oh 100% I agree with this! But that’s why I have limited my participation and promotion to this thread, which is properly marked as a ‘resources’ thread. Wanikani is well laid out for this sort of promotion in that regard. I agree though, that is very annoying!

Edit: And if anyone were concerned… I’m pretty sure wanikani knows about this thread as Natively is in the latest tofugu blog post :upside_down_face:


Very true. That’s a good point. I didn’t think of it that way. It makes it clearer to me now that you had good intentions. All the best!


There’s a slight flaw with authors not having a dedicated search feature. When I clicked the author “Koi” on the ご注文はうさぎですか page, it found a whole bunch of books/manga with the word “koi” in the title instead of just books by the author. :joy:


The temporary gradings aren’t rendering well on the library page. At least on my tiny 13 inch laptop screen. This must be my punishment for adding books to my wishlist to more easily see their difficulty levels. :sweat_smile:

Also, it would be nice if the add book quick menu gave an option to add to “Owned”.


Same for me on my screen (14") but not on mobile. Reducing to 67% zoom on Chrome fixes this so definitely seems to be some styling funkiness


Oh no :joy: … yeah author search leaves much to be desired. Thankfully I don’t think your koi situation is a common example hah. A dedicated search could fix the issue you’re right, but unfortunately i don’t think it’s terribly high priority at the moment.

Right. What I really need to do is simply showcase your last list you added to in that quick dropdown. So you could add to ‘owned’ or to a custom list. I’ll think about it prioritizing it as you’re right, the ‘owned’ use case is pretty common.

I finally got you to add your wishlist and this is how i reward you haha. This is an easy fix thankfully, will do tomorrow. Thanks for catching.


Yeah, for sure. As I said: slight flaw. Just thought it was funny so I wanted to mention.

I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. Right now it shows “Wish List”, “In Progress”, and “Finished”, but not “Owned” or “Stopped”. But I’d say all of them other than “Stopped” are probably fairly big use cases.


Ha, yeah. I was trying not to track my books in Yet Another PlaceTM, but I realized I kept searching for the books I had in my Amazon wishlist to remind myself of which ones were more difficult, so I figured just adding them would be easier. That said, it’s only so useful right now anyway since many of the books haven’t been graded or have only been graded by 1-2 users. (I’m trying to convince a few avid readers to join Natively and grade a ton of things, but so far I haven’t had any luck.) This should get better over time of course, unless I just pick more and more obscure things to read. :sweat_smile:

By the way, wouldn’t it make sense for “Owned” to be shown before “Wish List” (perhaps swapped)?


For what it’s worth, Book Meter shows Owned before Wish List, though they also reversed Read and Reading from Natively, so not the greatest example. Though their situation is a little different since they don’t show all the lists together (except abridged versions), so maybe it’s not comparable anyway.


And on AniList you can change the order, but I’m pretty sure the default is:

  • Watching/Reading (i.e. In Progress)
  • Completed (i.e. Finished)
  • Paused (Natively doesn’t have this and probably doesn’t need it)
  • Dropped (i.e. Stopped)
  • Planning (most similar to Wish List)

Anyway, just thinking out loud here. The order isn’t a big deal as is. Just figured I’d mention it.


This actually was what I was talking about. Rather than hardcoding it to ‘Set as Owned’ I was just imaginging it’d change based on the last list you added to (excluding the ones already there of course). This would make it easier to add a bunch of things to a custom list potentially. But perhaps you’re right about simply adding owned.

Hope they do come around and love the effort :slight_smile:

If it’s something as simple as adding a few books to Natively that would sway them, I’d be happy to do that. Just shoot me an email.

Also, you’re right about all the list ordering stuff, Owned should be more prioritized.


@seanblue I released those quick fixes (temporary styling, setting owned & list ordering). It’s much better :slight_smile:


Any plans to add a “compare our libraries” feature? As in, I go to another user’s library and can click a button to see a table of every book on both of our lists, with a little information for both sides. It looks like this on AniList:

Simplest approach would be to only show the completed entries in common, but there’s some value in being able to see books from your Owned and Wish List sections if the other user has completed (and more importantly scored) them.