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This is totally a curiosity point for me, but what (if any) limit are you setting on retrieving reviews upon loading a user’s reviews page? I’ve noticed mine takes a bit to load and I have 63 reviews at the moment. The lag appears to be which took 2.58 seconds on my last load according to the inspector.


@pocketcat I know I’m sorry… those will be paginated in the new UI. It’s just dragging on longer than I wanted.

I’ll try to put a quick fix tonight for you.


To clarify, it’s not really causing me problems so much as I can see it causing problems down the line. No rush :slight_smile:


ok - yeah it normally wouldn’t be an issue but the fact that it brings in all the grading data too is causing issues. It’s ending up being a less quick fix than i was hoping, so i probably will delay… at least til tomorrow :slight_smile:


Hi everyone - I really apologize for the outage last night! It went down right after I went to bed… and my text notification didn’t wake me up :frowning:

I’ve been starting to see a few server issues due to scale, but have been reluctant to pay for redundancy. In any case, I will be paying for a little redundancy now… shouldn’t see that ever again (hopefully).

Again, apologies!


I haven’t really been following your update posts lately, but I’ve been using the website more frequently recently and really enjoying it.

I wondered if it would be possible to implement a percentage read as well? If you update a book you’re currently reading, it always asks you for the current page, but for ebooks I only have the percentage I’m currently at. Calculating the page number myself is no big deal, but I was just wondering if this is something you would consider adding in the future.

What I would also really love (I understand if it’s not really high priority) if it the link on any prizes a book has won (Akutagawa, Honya Taishō or others) would link not to Wikipedia, but to an internal site where all the winners of that prize are listed. I’m not envisioning anything specific here, but to see on one page e.g. all the Akutagawa Prize Winners and whether you’ve read them or own them yet, something like that would be really cool. Right now we only have threads like the Naoki Prize Reading Challenge or the Honya Taishō Reading Challenge, but the polls here are of course limited in their functionality.
If I’m being really nitpicky: I’d prefer if the tags said Akutagawa Prize Winner and Naoki Prize Winner.
Regarding Honya Taishou vs. Honya Taishō: I’ll leave it to your discretion which romanization you prefer, but I know which one my university’s style sheet insists on. :laughing:


This actually exists already, I’ve been using it for books quite a bit:

It will always default back to the calculated pages (assuming that’s what’s saved behind the scenes), but you just flip it back and enter your new percent and it will recalculate for you.


Super happy to hear that!! :slight_smile:

Thanks @pocketcat! Yes you’re exactly right :slight_smile:

You know, that’s a good call. I think I still want the wikipedia link somewhere, but you’re right there definitely should be a link. I’ll probably just link to the search result which lists them all out…
Akutagawa Prize Winners
Naoki Prize Winners
It would be nice if you could order by prize date too, but sorting by popularity may be more relevant to people anyway.

I see your point. I’ll probably just say ‘Akutagawa Prize’ without the winner, as that gets pretty long otherwise! WRT romanization, I probably should standardize to hepburn, but we’ll see. A lot of the auto generators don’t use it and it’s actually bad when it comes to search as people don’t type in hepburn… they just do kunrei (I think that’s what it’s called). All that being said, hepburn is nicest for display!


(Not that it probably matters).

(I think) If searching using an English keyboard I tend to search using Wāpuro which I thought was common as it doesn’t use diacritics and instead has long vowels written out like kou and koo, making it easier to enter on a QWERTY keyboard. I think kunrei still has diacritics (the ^ ones, circumflex maybe).

it seems silly to me me that we have settled on using modified Hepburn with its ambiguous long vowel renderings kō - but it seems to be popular / standard which I guess means we are stuck with it =\


I don’t see Kunrei very often to be honest. Short article about them.
Diagram from said article:

I personally dislike the usage of ō and such but since I’m not regularly reading a ton of romaji I just ignore it. I agree with @chrisosaurus that the Word Processor version makes the most sense - it’s what most people will be typing in, unless they convert their keyboard to type in kana and learn to write like that which is really fun but also a pretty niche hobby so let’s assume they won’t.

Unrelated, two minor UI/UX asks/ideas to toss in the hat:

  • Some way to see which books have read-alongs or audiobooks. Searchable would also be nice.
  • Levels, even if temporary, displayed next to books in the activity feed. I’m often clicking in on things just to see roughly what they’re about, knowing it’s a level 17 book vs a level 32 book would save me a click as one is more likely to interest me than another, and I suspect that’s true for many users.

Wow, thanks for that! :smiley:
Easy solution to my problem :slight_smile:

I think that’s a really neat solution for now, thanks :slight_smile: I actually wasn’t even aware that there was a filter option.

I agree that for search results it’s not the best option, but in the case of the „Honya Taishō“ tag I don’t know if this is relevant since it’s not a term you would search for.
But I don’t mind either way, and I’m fine with leaving it as is, too.


Yes, agreed!


Just a heads up, I’m seeing some duped events in the global feed:


It’s not every event and I don’t immediately see a pattern.


Oh thanks for the note!! Yep I know… it’s related to how I’ve scaled things up. Will fix by Tuesday but you’ll see it intermittently until then.


Double the servers double the fun!


I just noticed that some, but not all entries on my feed show double.

Screenshots in drop-down


Double the entries and double the bug reports. (Read the past few posts :stuck_out_tongue:)


yes you’ll see this bug intermittently. Will be fixed by tomorrow :slight_smile:


It’s a theme. :eyes:

Sorry about that! I briefly checked but missed the dropdown.


Just want to say thanks a lot for this - have been looking for a website like this for a long time! Excellent work, much appreciated.