Introducing Natively - A free community book sharing site with over 900 popular books graded by difficulty

I always got annoyed that the results were inconsistent, sometimes showing the first (only) volume and other times showing the series. I think it’s a good change.

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Does this thing have an API? I wouldn’t mind integrating it with the Bookwalker Freebies thread - thread users would get the benefit of being able to see the gradings, and I could link it back to the Natively page so users who are interested in buying more volumes in the series could use your referrer links.


Good to know! I do like the series view, but I agree it is a bit less intuitive.

There’s no external API currently no. I’m interested in working with you though! I’d love if you could give me bookwalker links and notes on free offers :grin:

Shoot me an email at

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Amazing project! It’s great to find this kind helps for learning.


After taking a look at some JLPT resources, they should be moved around.

Sou Matome 読解 and SKM 読解 both are scored at 30. Both are easier than children’s books and the easiest LN’s. I don’t think you’ll find too many people arguing that SM N3 読解 is harder than say コンビに人間.

Moreover, SM Reading is exceptionally easy as the book is actually aimed at those who have recently passed N3 and are working towards N2. So maybe 27 for SM and 28/29/30 for SKM would be better scores, which would fit nicely with those suggested changes.

This sounds good :smiley:

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How did you manage to quote me when @sweetbeems actually posted those things? :joy:


Thank you so much for this feedback! I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than myself would check it out :slight_smile:

I’ve gotten a lot of pushback recently on the JLPT estimations (reasonable pushback too), so I am prioritizing the JLPT rework initiative over the current initiatives of my sprint. If you don’t mind @k_zorori, I may ping you for feedback when I’m further along in that rework.

I know that some people here wholly disagree with estimating at all, but I do still think there’s value there even if they’re fuzzy.

To be fair, I’ve messed up the quote mechanism plenty, software is hard :joy:


Now, that’s a comparison everyone cares about:

(I’m really reading random stuff…)

@sweetbeems On a slightly unrelated note, I don’t know what happened, but the cover of the first volume of うちの3姉妹 comes from the paperback version, but all the other ones are from a different edition (and include the name of that edition in their title, for some reason).

Slightly more worrying is that they don’t show up when I use the search tool (I wanted to see how much of the “other” category was my fault)


Shoot yeah thanks for the note. I have a simple priority list of which edition to choose (paperback ranks higher than tankoban softcover) and when amazon doesn’t offer the same editions for every volume, that leads to weirdness. Switched that to the softcover.

Whoops! I sometimes forget to activate the books to search after I finish adding them… I should really automate that :sweat_smile: They’re there now.

Don’t worry though, you’re not it’s not all the other category… just about a third :slight_smile:

Edit: In other news, just started marking the free bookwalker books as ‘free’, so you’ll start to see a lot more free manga! Will be updated weekly.


Speaking of, is there an API you can call on Bookwalker to find books on sale? If so, you could query that every day (or multiple times a day) and even make it fairly prominent on the home page.


I wish! Unfortunately no, so I’m limited in what I can do. In general, these book websites do not have apis or even fully baked affiliate programs outside amazon. Bookwalker’s affiliate program, I believe, only gives you credits for bookwalker.

Ugh, that’s awful.

Time to build a scraper then. :joy:


Right, which aren’t that hard to build tbh, but you have to be careful :sweat_smile:. Scraping links and abiding by robots.txt like a search indexing service is one thing, but scraping prices gets scary quick… as I know price comparison browser extensions have had issues in the past.

I will be compiling more data in the future but I’m going to be quite conservative about it.


There’s this bug I’ve seen a few times recently where rating a book on the book’s page doesn’t actually make the book rated on the My Resources page right away. I don’t know if it’s a delay (like a really slow background process) or if the My Resources page is over-caching or something else. But I had to refresh the page multiple times before the rating finally showed up on that page.


This is really nice! Thank you!

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Huh, that’s good to know. When you say rating a book, you mean giving it a quality rating (number of stars), correct?

The rating for the ‘My Resources’ page should update immediately. However, for the ‘library’ tab on your public profile, the rating there does have a slight delay (should take a minute to update).

I couldn’t replicate with Firefox (that’s what you use, correct)?

I mean giving stars, yeah. It’s possible I was looking at the library after I gave the rating, I don’t remember. I use Chrome, not Firefox.

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Well good to know you’re noticing that - I can simply switch it to the my resources view so it updates quicker (and allows you to edit). Not sure there’s a good reason I did it the way I have it now.

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Is there a way to un-wishlist and un-own books?

Also, I was under the impression that giving stars to a book was automatically putting it as finished, but I just realized that’s not the case (at least in the case you have the books already marked as owned) :sweat_smile:

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Open the book’s page, click the dropdown for setting the status, select “Open additional options”, click “Remove”.

Or on the My Resources page, find the book in the list, click the gear icon, and then click “Remove”.