Introducing KameSame - a new reverse-Wanikani web app!


My take is still that—like it or not—it’s how Japanese people themselves are coming to interact with their language. It’s a two way street that’s changing how and which kanji are recalled, and (I suspect) even which words are being used.

Learning how to navigate them is vital to being productive on phones and computers, and after years of struggling with the kana keyboard, I’m now more or less proficient thanks to usually reviewing KameSame with my iPhone.

In any case, I’m going to be revisiting this in a future feature that will require some amount of english input. But until then I’m going to hold off on making any changes because I don’t want to hamstring myself by adding an additional custom input mode.


I use my phone and I use the google handwriting keyboard to write the correct kanji!


That’s also a nice approach. But I don’t think there is a handwriting keyboard for Japanese on iOS …


Yeah, I’m curious if any third party keyboards for iOS allow this anymore. For a long time I used MyScript’s keyboard for writing Japanese and it was excellent, but it’s apparently now been retired. (Still a great note-taking app if you won the pencil: )


Hi there. Enjoying the application. Wanted to know if you could add an option to reduce the size of the English text? I’m self-conscious about the big readable text on my phone screen when I’m using the app out in public. Sorry if that sounds silly. Just thought I’d ask. Thank you for your work.


I think all requests are valid. I don’t think I’m likely to get around to this soon because there’s actually a decent amount of logic to determine how to size the font base on term length and making it configurable would make it even more fragile. I’m sorry!


No problem. I understand there’s a lot that goes into it and you’re right to prioritize a stable and consistent experience. Thank you for your response.


Thank you for this tool, it’s brilliant. For me it’s a huge improvement on KaniWani.

Sometimes I just want to test myself on burned kanji. There’s an option to “Include kanji?”, but there’s (apparently) no way to include only kanji. Is there any way to do this that I’ve missed, and if not, do you think something like this might be a worthwhile addition?


Yeah, this is a nitpick with the UI that I’ve been meaning to address for a while. The lessons mode hasn’t gotten as much love lately and it’s the next major thing I plan on overhauling. Stay tuned


Awesome, thanks in advance if it happens! Would any such “Kanji only?” feature also carry into the Review section?


That’s Sick! I will check that out later!


How long does it take to sync?


I’m currently still quite new to both wanikani and kamesame, but one feature that I know I would find quite useful would be an option to review kanji and vocabulary separately.
I’m using it solely from an iPhone, and would like to use different keyboards for vocab and kanji without constantly switching back and forth. I use a kana keyboard for vocab, but I prefer using a traditional Chinese handwriting keyboard for individual kanji, especially things like 々 that are annoying to do with the kana keyboard.
Thank you so much for creating this!


Thanks @fuzzytipsy. I’m going to add this to the list of things to consider as I revisit lessons and reviews over the next couple months


Thanks again for making the site! It works really well in app mode on my iPhone (wish it had notifications, but I’m guessing that’s a limitation of it being a website rather than an actual iPhone app). I’ve gotten used to switching between the two keyboards during reviews so it’s not a huge issue for me.


DId something change on KameSame today? My iPhone is detecting the input fields in reviews as address fields and before I start typing the suggested words bar (not sure what it’s actually called, but the bar above the keyboard) has an auto fill contact button on it. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t doing this yesterday. (iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.2, using the site in app mode)


I was going to ask if you’d maybe updated to the latest iOS (12.1.4, I think?) which pushed a couple days ago, but since that’s not it, I don’t know what it’d be. There haven’t been any non-trivial changes to the code in a couple weeks.


I’ll take a screenshot if it’s still happening at my next set of reviews. Is there any other information it would be useful to grab for you?


Sure. I can not reproduce this in PWA-mode on 12.1.3. I’ll try upgrading to 12.1.4


It’s funny because the exact same thing happened to me today in the WaniKani web app. It suggested my email address when I was typing into the search field. But I can’t reproduce it either. (I’m still on iOS 11.)