Introducing KameSame - a new reverse-Wanikani web app!


I might be crazy, but I feel like this was working fine a few hours ago but now it’s broken in Firefox too. I used to just be able to enter answers, then hit the Return key a couple times, then enter the next answer, etc. Now I have to hit the Tab key to return the focus back to the text input box once a new item appears.


Checked it again and it has finally pushed through. Yeah, still Level 1 KameSame but now I have lessons, yay :slight_smile:


Hi, i really like your website/application but one thing it’s a little annoying (maybe is a Chrome 71 issue):
everytime a new word appears, i have to click on the input space to be able to write the answer.
i would prefer to have the cursor enabled automatically, insted of clicking each.

thank you


Yeah, this annoying bug started to happen to me today as well. My session from last night was normal, so the bug is new. I was going to report this, but apparently I’m not the only one. It’s really a problem, since we have to either press TAB twice or click the text box again to enter the new answer. Hope this is fixed, because this is my second main app after WK.


I’m also experiencing this bug on Firefox 64. For a temporary workaround put this into your browsers console:

var h=history,p=h.pushState;h.pushState=function(){p.apply(h, arguments);setTimeout(function(){document.getElementsByName("answer")[0].focus();},0);};

I’m not sure why the 0 millisecond setTimeout is necessary, but it won’t work without it lol.


@rilwal @Gabrielmpf, @ironfly - this is now fixed. Sorry about that.

Explanation: I was busy fixing this iOS issue late last night and it slipped my mind that it would knock out auto-refocus for desktop browsers


I just started studying with KameSame and I’d like to say how much I loved it!! It was a very weird feeling at first, trying to remember things the opposite way? Like, my brain exploded. In a very good way. Many thanks, you are awesome for creating and sharing this with us!


Anytime. Happy to destroy your brain


Today suddenly couldn’t log in to the site (on phone).
Just asking for username and password even when login button is pressed.
On computer it worked fine.


Assuming you mean to say you’re certain the password is correct, could you send a screenshot and browser version?


When going to it worked fine on phone chrome browser, but when I added the shortcut to homescreen, running it via shortcut it showed login screen. Typing email and password and clicking login button didn’t redirect to my dashboard, showing this login screen again instead. I’ve cleared cache and still showing this. KaniWani, BunPro doesn’t have problems, only this one. I suspect that the updates recently causing this. On my computer it works fine. I’m using android phone.


Does this problem only manifest itself when running the app on Android after it’s been added to the homescreen, but works ok as a tab in the browser?

If so, it’s probably something in the PWA configuration that’s not working for Android.


It’s working fine before the update.
It’s still working when opening on chrome, but not working after adding it to home screen and running it via the home screen.


Hi searls,

Thanks a lot for your really nice tool!
Do you plan to incorporate a feature indicating the time remaining until the next review, just what the basic WK does? I would find it very useful.


Yep. Working on that today. A new header will be added to /reviews that’s about 75% of the way down this sloppy mockup:


Great App. One point is that ’Repeator’ のま is not available on my mac as a kanji that can be selected. Anyone else come across this. (So I keep getting it wrong, and it keeps coming back…)


had a similar problem on the Microsoft ime keyboard with a pc…just added it to the dictionary. Forever fixed :slight_smile:


You can always just type a word that uses it, like 時々.


You could even add 「ノマ」 as an alternative spelling for that item.


Thanks for all your time and effort that you have put into developing something like this. You didn’t have to do it, but I’m so glad you did. Kaniwani was good but even at my low level I found myself writing down an answer key in a notepad file so I knew exactly which synonym the program was asking for (女の人 vs 女 or 女の子vs 女子vs少女) with kamesame this headache is greatly reduced although I still frequently mess up 円い and 丸い. The fact it doesn’t penalise you for messing it up is a great feature.