Introducing KameSame - a new reverse-Wanikani web app!


A fix for this is rolling out now


Well, I’ve gotten my new laptop…

And I’ll repost here what I wrote in an email, because I think your app is pretty swell:

Also, I have no idea how far behind I am on KaniWani (though I could reset it and do a level at a time… when I have time, eventually…)


Greetings, everyone. I’m doing some account management updates today. 1150 of you should have gotten email address confirmation e-mails, but I (stupidly) blew way past my mail service’s quota halfway through and I have no way to know if it actually sent everything or not.

If you have a KameSame account and did not receive a confirmation email, let me know here. I may just have to re-send everything. Thanks!



Did not receive such e-mail. I also checked my Junk folder.

By the way, I’ve been using the app for about two weeks and I really like it. Simple and effective to recall my kanji and vocabulary from memory.

Keep up the great work :wink:


Any chance you use a Microsoft e-mail address? Outlook/Live/Hotmail?


Beach ball… what beach ball?


Indeed. Hotmail :frowning:


i’m pretty sure beach ball is what your mouse turns into, when something is loading on OSx. what on windows was the hourglass and is now the spinning circle thingy.


Ok. Working on it with Mailgun. Thanks


Correct. For several versions of Safari, HTML inputs listening to 'input' and 'keydown' sorts of events would cause a “beachball” (UI freeze) for up to several seconds at apparent random. The official Mojave release appears to have fixed it.


Oh, I thought perhaps it was reference to some JS or other CSS skin/style on the KameSame page that I was supposed to see, but wasn’t. (Some websites change cursors - or at least used to, once upon a time on the internet…)

*shrugs* My mistake.


This beach ball. It happened on High Sierra when I used IME on Safari. I had to wait everytime the chosen hiragana wanted to be converted to kanji on every review/lesson page. Never happened again since I upgraded to Mojave.


I’ve been using kamesame for awhile and didn’t get a confirmation email. Also hotmail here.


Just got my confirmation e-mail. All good.


Yeah, the ~120 affected accounts should have received verification e-mails earlier today. cc/ @seraseth


I keep getting:

If you can read this whole sentence, your connectivity to KameSame's servers might be poor. If you can still read this, check your connection and consider reloading the page and restart your review session. You'll only lose the result for this most recent answer, we promise! 🙇 ‍♂️

Not sure what’s up. When I refresh it, this changes (the two “if you can read/still read this” disappear) but after giving the answer to a new query, the text pops up again.



  1. Maybe your browser doesn’t support websockets. Are you on an old browser?
  2. There may be a bug; try opening your browser’s JavaScript console, looking for an error?
  3. Maybe your connection is really poor?


This is Chromium Version 67.0.3396.87 on Linux x64. Websockets afaik are not disabled, and the connection is stellar (unless something intermediate is going on, but I don’t think so…)

I’m looking at the JavaScript console, but it’s not giving me any output so I assume that things are normal there too… (although, I’m not a web developer / debugger so take it fwiw).


Hmm, I’m sorry but I don’t have a clear sense for what might be causing this. I’m not seeing any errors on the server, and I presume you’ve tried closing the tab and opening a new one?


Alright, well maybe it’s not a problem. We’ll see. :slight_smile: