Introducing KameSame - a new reverse-Wanikani web app!


It is possible and I’ve been considering implementing it. Probably won’t get to it in the next few weeks but I plan to do a pop quiz feature like this


Great website! I was wondering how long until a password reset feature is enabled?


Sadly, 「開発する」 does not mean “To Develop”. We were looking for 発展する (read as 「はってんする」) instead.


Sorry that’s been a lower priority for me since I really started the site for my own use and I haven’t needed it. If you have any account trouble feel free to email me and I’ll try to help.


Can someone explain what’s going on here:

I have three hundred reviews to do in this first screenshot. I have 64 words in Apprentice which I thought meant that at least 236 words in my review queue must be in Guru. So then I do all the reviews and I think I only made 2 or 3 mistakes.

As you can see, I reduced the Apprentice number by 20 and increased the Guru number by 20.

What happened to the other 280 words?


They probably stayed in Guru. There are three tiers of apprentice and two tiers of guru. There are 9 SRS levels overall


Thanks. So it seems it took me almost a year to find out that Guru had two levels.


Major Update #3: Progressive web app (PWA) support for iOS

KameSame can now be “installed” like an app, which eliminates browser chrome, reduces the amount of keyboard show/hide jank, and confers permission to launch other app links (e.g. Midori & Japanese) without asking every time.


I had to shelve this update for a while until iOS 12.0.1 was released and PWA support was good enough to be work-aroundable.


@searls Can you please make “Open in WK” link to a new tab when user answers incorrectly? Right now, KS only does that when user answers correctly. I know I can right click and open the link to a new tab. But I often do this, so having to do right cilck is a hassle for me.


What browser is that? AFAIK, the HTML for that link is exactly the same in both cases.


Opera Browser. Hmm… so desu ka. I’ll test it on my Safari browser later.

edit 1: I just tested it on Safari, it opens on the new tab! And I tested it on Opera again, it worked as expected. Never mind then. No problem on KS.

Maybe :thinking: I was referring to different KS link? like this link for example. I got there from review page. But I think it’s okay to click “Back” to go to review page.

Thanks for replying so quickly.


Yes, unlike WaniKani, KameSame is actually very resilient if you navigate away from the lesson/review page and then back to it. All of your progress is stored and up-to-date.


How about Android?



I don’t want to add it as an “Alternate spelling” because then I won’t be forced to remember 算定する。



Is this “That’'S All” typo a WaniKani problem or a KameSame problem?

Found another one:


No idea! I don’t use Android.


I think that’s how it’s coming across from the API ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Since 計算する is not a WK vocab, and there’s not yet a feature for custom cards, there’s currently nothing else you can do


Hello @searls, thanks for the nice app! I am having a problem, however: I’m stuck on doing only three reviews at a time. It doesn’t let me do more than that, no matter what I type on the “Items to study” box.
Did a full page information cleanup on chrome, logged back in and still the same problem. This was working until yesterday, but today it appeared locked on 3. Could you please check this out?


Sorry about that. I need to change how that persists. Try typing in exactly the number it says are available and then start a review session


I tried that several times. No matter what number I type to do a review, it always does only 3 now.

Don’t think that these images will help, but… If I type 49, 48, 47, 30, 20, 10, 5 or any number whatsoever I’ll always get only three reviews.