Introducing KameSame - a new reverse-Wanikani web app!


Hey, I’m really sorry about that! it’s possible that your API key was considered invalid for whatever reason, but I can’t know for sure right now.

If you’re comfortable mailing me your key I can look into it:


Thanks for making that spelling! I just marked it as official, so now ご飯 will be accepted for all users.

For feedback, other than this thread, I’d just ask you to e-mail

I manage my own backlog in a private github repo, which is (obviously) not easily shared, and while I consider all the feedback I get, I end up prioritizing and scheduling the work at my own pace. Thanks for understanding.


Hello! Just started using KameSame and it’s great, that is exactly what is missing in WaniKani.
I’ve noticed just one small bug - on homepage, there’s text, right now for me it says “You’ve started practicing the English-to-Japanese translations of 110 words out of the 95 words unlocked by Wanikani level 3.” (yeah, just recently returned after reset)
Shouldn’t it rather be 110 out of 205?


Whoops! I’m planning on revamping the front page next with some more visual ways to show progress, so that paragraph will be going away soon enough.



Quick usage update:

Users: 647
Lessons completed: 53,963
Review attempts: 212,514

Keep up the studying, everyone! :green_heart:


Ooooh, I love your app.


Im not sure if someone has already brought this up or you already plan to work on it.
Setting to only test you on vocab words. Im not really interested atm for recall on kaji readings. The vocab readings is what im interested in.
Would cool to have a option to set vocab only.

Kaniwani only did vocab, though some people could have seen that as a bad thing.

Thank you for the app so far it has been useful ^.^


Just uncheck “include kanji” in the lessons page if you don’t want to include Kanji


Idk how I missed that lol.


Why does this sometimes happen?


I have no idea, to be honest. Usually this is caused by separate UTF code points being written than what WK has in its system.

So I can debug this, please paste in the text you entered as well as the expected message text here or to Be sure you’re typing the word using a Japanese keyboard and not copying and pasting something like a radical or a glyph from another keyboard type (e.g. Chinese)


Right, so I typed in 「うえ」hit space for 「上」, should be correct right?


First of all, it seems like a great idea, I also always find myself to learn much better when I need to reproduce things in the target language.
I started using your application and then, a mis-click happened and I regenerated my WaniKani API v2 code. Now the app, expectedly, doesn’t sync to my account. It doesn’t give me any error though, is that expected?
Another thing is that I don’t know how how to change the API key. Is that possible? What should I do now?


Should be but I need the actual characters as text to verify the code points differ (or don’t)


Just email your API key to and I’ll fix it tomorrow


You plan to add audio support when it is done in API v2?


I didn’t even know it was being added!


@searls, did you change the message after user got an item wrong?

as far as I remember, there was something like this: In fact, “wrong answer” means “its meaning”. I just checked from jisho that 小虫 means 1. small insect. 2. vermicule.

I just checked from WaniKani search result for 小虫 and empty. Ah, if this is the case, never mind then.


It only says “in fact, yadda yadda” if there’s an exact match in WK


Have you considered the option of marking right answers wrong? I just wrote OK a kanji but the reading I was thinking was totally off, seeing it marked as OK feels like cheating :slight_smile: