Interning at Tofugu help?


Hi there! I want to apply for the Tofugu internship next year, after i get a bit more practice with Japanese with WaniKani and study abroad for a bit. But the page says its preferred to live in Portland to commute face to face at the HQ, but…i live on the east coast ;_; could anyone give any ideas of how i could temporarily stay in Portland for 3 months? Thank you! I’m sorry if its a stupid question!


I don’t even live in America! Mine’s a bigger problem!


oh no! XD im sorry! Its so difficult! I want to be an ALT and working at Tofugu (besides being a huge fan) would be so helpful


You rent a furnished apartment on a short term lease for 3 months. Preferably with roommates so you actually make some money off said internship. Pretty standard practice in areas that do lots of internships.


thank you!


Or you go even cheaper and rent an unfurnished apartment with roommates and sleep on an air mattress for 3 months.

That’s what I did the first summer I ever had an internship lol.



In addition to looking for short term leasing, you could maybe look for (usually college) students looking to sublet their apartments over the summer? Also, I know some folks have good luck with air bnb places that offer monthly rates. Or if you know anyone in the area or who has worked in the area it might help to ask them where they stayed. Oh you can also look into summer housing on college campuses if there are any around the area. A friend of mine did that. Usually the location is great but it’s waaaaay more expensive (when he told me the price of his 3 month stay at BU I nearly died) so depends on your budget. Also if you’re still in school sometimes colleges and even high schools have advisers for this kind of thing, so it might be worth reaching out to them. Usually they have developed a lot of contacts over the years :slight_smile:


this is so helpful, thank you so much!


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