Interning at Tofugu help?

Hi there! I want to apply for the Tofugu internship next year, after i get a bit more practice with Japanese with WaniKani and study abroad for a bit. But the page says its preferred to live in Portland to commute face to face at the HQ, but…i live on the east coast ;_; could anyone give any ideas of how i could temporarily stay in Portland for 3 months? Thank you! I’m sorry if its a stupid question!

I don’t even live in America! Mine’s a bigger problem!

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oh no! XD im sorry! Its so difficult! I want to be an ALT and working at Tofugu (besides being a huge fan) would be so helpful

You rent a furnished apartment on a short term lease for 3 months. Preferably with roommates so you actually make some money off said internship. Pretty standard practice in areas that do lots of internships.

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thank you!

Or you go even cheaper and rent an unfurnished apartment with roommates and sleep on an air mattress for 3 months.

That’s what I did the first summer I ever had an internship lol.

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this is so helpful, thank you so much!

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