Intermediate Japanese Book Club


It’ll be towards the end of November. It was selected by the beginner book club, so make sure you’re following that thread for updates.


Maybe if a 3rd(?) person requests it we can get it on another poll? :slightly_frowning_face: I’m going to go back and finish the first book before it’s added at this rate.


dabs after 3 months


Boi, the title still says “looking for recommendations”.


I recommend resurrecting the book club at a slower pace. Does that count as a recommendation?


That’s like the last major conversation that happened here, months ago :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, I think the pace should be set to allow a smoother transition from the beginner club.


Since the thread was resurrected anyway, I’m just going to quickly mention that I still feel the same way. I vote for the “minimal difficulty” option pretty much all the time in the beginner book club now :sweat_smile:


Hm, that makes me feel like, maybe we should use difficulty here as well (and not just the ones from JALUP, which are widely inaccurate in my opinion).

Also, the current list of nominations is out of date.

I think the first step could be forget about those, and renominate with the same format the beginner bookclub uses. It could be a lot of work, though…


I don’t know if they’re books anyone actually would want to read(some of them are… kind of weird at times, judging by just flipping through), but I could nominate some stuff I have if that ends up happening, at least.


I don’t think you need all that many nominations, to be honest. Just a few that people actually want to read. It depends a bit whether the original nominators of those books are still around and keen to read them; if not, it’s more important to know what current readers are interested in anyway.

Having a standard format has definitely been helpful in the Beginners Club.


Book off had an “ultra sale” for new year. I now have a bazillion books (well, ok, twenty) that I could just nominate :stuck_out_tongue:. (That would be probably counter productive though).

I was thinking of just reusing that format anyway :thinking: It’s pretty well thought out.


Yeah, it is; I think the only thing would be whether you wanted the difficulty poll. Probably people could just judge for themselves if there were sample pages.


It’s been unclear to me if the difficulty poll has actually been valuable. Maybe we need a poll to find out. :laughing:


Yes! I think we may have some poll-related issues :joy:

For me personally… having the polls forces me to actually look at the sample pages, which I think is a good thing even if the resulting poll is not that useful?! Plus it also simply encourages people to think about difficulty.


I hope you don’t mind if I actually put a poll about it here(and if my poll is bad, maybe someone else can make a better one):
Difficulty polls?

  • Yes
  • No

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Are you asking for this club, or t’other?


I didn’t think that far

Since it’s in this thread, I guess for this club makes sense?


I guess that whatever gets implemented in the Beginner club, will end up here.


spams this with self-development books


Poll 2.0.


I have a couple of books on my shelf that are probably more suited to this club than the beginners that I would nominate if it’s resurrected. I think most people at this level who want to read would have some titles in mind too so it shouldn’t be hard to get a new list going.