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@seanblue I finished reading 時をかける少女 (standard edition) a few days ago. It’s a good book, much better for beginners than 魔女の宅急便.

I think the idea of starting slow and then ramp up speed is really good, but I wanted to warn you that near the end of the story there is a section where one of the characters explains some “technical” stuff, which can be a bit tricky, so be careful not to ramp up pace too much when you get to that point.


I’d like to read 時をかける少女 too!

Is there anything I have to do? Or just showing my interest is enough? :sweat_smile:


I think the big disparity in reading speeds comes from people being on different levels and thus reading slowly so as to understand every word, but if you keep it moving and stop trying to understand every little thing and just skip then you should be reading like you would in your native language. The are fast readers and there are slow readers but most people should fall under average speed, else it wouldn’t be called average speed right? I remember in class the teacher would tell you to read something and everyone would finish at around the same time, the average time. You might be a few minutes off but like 3 hours off would be ridiculous I think.

I don’t know that’s my reasoning, thats why I also said we need to do trial and error, but as long as you’re not meticously reading every bit I think most people should be around the same page but i guess you never know.

Maybe we could set different tiers of speed, but i think the most important thing is that you’re practicing and not so much worried about the goal of a certain amount of pages but the practice of reading for a certain amount of time consistently


Thanks for letting me know. I think if it’s easier than 魔女の宅急便, along with Floflo being a thing now, we should be able to make it a success.

Thanks for the warning about the technical bits too. I can’t imagine we’d go faster than 15 pages a week even after ramping up. Do you know approximately how many pages you read a week on average?


Can someone who lives in Japan (@Naphthalene / @LucasDesu / whoever) help me get a valid address to use for my account? I tried grabbing something from Google Maps, but I don’t think it’s valid because it still won’t even show me the kindle version of 時をかける少女. When I go to the search page, it just says “This title is not available for your country.” :cry:


That’s strange that it would tell you that :thinking:
I never tried to buy anything on amazon JP from abroad, but isn’t the issue due to your IP? Maybe it would be ok through a proxy .
Otherwise, I don’t really know how it could tell that you don’t live at a given address…
Also, I can access the page you gave, but I’m not logged in, so the only thing it knows is my IP address.


Alright, I finally figured it out. Apparently you have to change your country from the devices section, not just in the main addresses. That was odd…


When I signed up for tenso, a forwarding service so you can order things from Japanese sites which don’t ship worldwide they gave me an address to use and I haven’t had a problem. Maybe you could sign up and get an address from them too.


Thanks. Turns out the address wasn’t the issue.


5-7 pages a day in the beginning, 10-15 pages a day near the end :sweat_smile: Sorry, I think that doesn’t help you too much. That speed is partly because I stopped using any srs at the moment in favor of reading.


When I fixed up mine someone linked me to a random generator where they give you a name, address and even a fake credit card =P (I added all, then added my real one and picked that one as the standard, and buy physical on a different address)

It was somewhere here in the forums, but hard to find again unless someone knows the name of the page…

EDIT: I FOUND IT! I had saved it in bookmarks!


For 時をかける少女 we are talking about that book right?

There is a lot of other book with the same name. A lot of people are selling that book at 1 yen. I don’t know why though. I find that pretty strange.


Yep, that’s the one :+1:


When looking at manga on amazon before I noticed the same thing. I’m guessing it’s just people that want to get rid of the books.


Thanks for the answers. I was thinking that 1 yen was too cheap to be real. Since I can hardly read the book condition I was wondering if it was good.


It’s to manipulate the listings. Some pages on Amazon display the lowest price without considering shipping. So people put something up for 1 yen and then make up for it with shipping cost. (The same thing is done on for $0.01.)

Also, do you live in Japan? Those won’t ship internationally.


I don’t live in Japan. But some time I can get them or just pass by a other transport company but the shipping cost get high quickly in the second case. I’m a fan of real book. I don’t know why but I can read longer on paper then on screen and I like to look at my book in my shelf.


Yeah, I understand. I like physical books too. :blush:
I just get them new though. It’s simpler than going through some forwarding company for me.


Yeah I should probably do that too. It’s only 6$ more. And I don’t know if it’s just me but I can’t support if something if either written in the book or underline (When secondhand buying.).


You probably don’t want to buy secondhand from @Kyasurin then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry @Kyasurin, couldn’t help myself. :wink: