Intermediate Japanese Book Club


That sounds pretty reasonable, especially at the intermediate level :slight_smile:
I tried to read a light novel aimed at ~12 years old when I was N3, and just gave up after a few pages.

Fun story (for me at least), upon getting the N1, I went back and read it in a week. I felt more accomplished than reading all the grownup stuff I was usually reading at the time.


Can read a 100 pages in a morning. If its in English, my goal is to do the same in Japanese


I’m not really sure how fast I read in English. I’ll find out soon enough though, since I’m going to celebrate finishing Kiki’s Delivery Service by reading Oathbringer.


I just finished Oathbringer yesterday! Great book!


I’m still reading The way of Kings, but I’ll get there:)


I already read Oathkeeping right when it came out. But I wanted to reread it now to see what I missed the first time.


You mean to say you don’t just want to re-read Kiki now, to see what you missed the first time? :wink::rofl:


Yeah, @seanblue, you could even use to learn those words as you go.


Maybe I’ll read it again in a year to pat myself on the back with how much more I know.


maybe I’m wrong here… if yes I’m sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
i will start reading SAO light novel book 1 from August/September. maybe somebody else who already read the book , actually reading it or will start soon ?


progressive or the original series?


I’m a little confused. Are you proposing this a potential book club pick? Or are you trying to find someone to read it along with you? The new book (The Devil is a Part-Timer) will be finished in mid-September, if there’s no issues.

But I’ve heard on the Flo.Floe (sp?) thread that someone was reading it…


That would be @TamanegiNoKame. He seems to be absent from the forums lately though. Dunno much about it myself other than the fact that it has a brutal amount of vocabulary.


Original series. This one


I have it and would be happy to read it along with you, but there is a ton of strange vocab that resist dictionaries, and I’m not the fastest reader


I also don’t mind reading along. Checking floflo, I apparently already know half the words that appear at least twice in the book. Might as well go for the rest :slight_smile: around August/September is fine for me.
It would be nice to pitch it for the book club, though.


I’m currently a bit less than halfway through the first volume of SAO. I may have to put it on hold soon until I read the first section of はたらく魔王さま! but I’m hoping to finish it in the next couple of months.

A lot of the gaming-related vocabulary isn’t too hard to figure out if you’re familiar with the story already and RPGs in general. I’m not worrying too much about unknown words though unless I see them 2-3 times or think they’re important but I’m sure I’ll go back and read it again in a couple of years to see how much more I understand.


I agree. If it were chosen as the next book, I’d read along too since there’s an electronic version of this.


Nice to see that there are some people.
I planned one chapter in one week excluding Christmas and the exam period (uni)
So until February I should reach chapter 16 of 25


Sorry. My computer died, and life has been a bit rough for other reasons so I do not know when I will be more active again. But SAO is not terrible. I know like 1000 new words now and it feels relatively comfortable reading. It definitely takes work though so good luck.