Intermediate Japanese Book Club


I might become the first hahaha as this book club might turn out to be a little difficult for me :sweat_smile:
We shall see!

@LucasDesu Btw, one of the reviews on Amazon said that the kindle version had mistakes in it. You look like you know a lot more than me, do you think you can mention them here if ever you encounter them?


I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee anything. I’m sure if they’re obvious mistakes, we’ll both notice them. But if it’s something innocuous, I may not be able to catch it.


Thanks! I really hope it’s not as bad as they say!


Me too. Otherwise I’ll be often checking to see somethings.


I have a physical copy, so I can always check if you or @LucasDesu think there’s something strange. (Not that there can’t be any mistake in the printed version…)


Thank you Nath, I really appreciate it! :relaxed:


Just bringing the good news that there is now a reading subsection in the Japanese section.
@AngelTenshi if needed I can use my regular powers to move the book-specific threads.


Yeah I just read so awesome! I think I can still move threads myself, I’ll try to do so right now. If not then I guess please help me move them lol.

@Naphthalene Kay no worries they all worked. Except for this one .I wonder if only @AnimeCanuck can move it.




Are we talking about the Autumn Summer thread, or this one? I thought we wanted to keep things in Campfire to keep them a) unsearchable/private and b) more casual?

In either case, I lost my regular status a long time ago, and cannot move any threads.

EDIT: It looks like somebody else moved it into “reading” already anyways?


Err, yes, me. See the message above yours.

I don’t know about unsearchable, but I think the poll results were that it was okay to move everything :thinking:


For what it’s worth, the Beginner Book Club’s poll looks like we’ll decide to move all our content to the new section. It might be helpful to have everything (beginner and intermediate) in one place.


yeah if you don’t know this is the reason why we moved it, and we held a poll deciding it if it was okay.

I don’t remember if there was a reason to put everything in campfire, I just felt like doing it. But at this point making it public would help a lot more people, so I think it does more good than harm.



I hadn’t been in any of the threads because if been too busy. I’ll have to check them all to make sure I don’t say anything too personal…



Who? And which website?

Sorry I’m trying to get all caught up in this.


All answers are in the sentence above the one you quoted.

The website itself is called, you should check it out if you have the time :slight_smile:


So, since we are zeroing on the optimistic start date for the new book, what should we do?
Looking at the member list, I guess we can still wait for @Snowflying to receive the book, if it hasn’t been delivered yet.

In the end, are we going with @LucasDesu’s schedule (so roughly a month per chapter), then discuss at the end? A majority of people voted in favor of that option in the poll, but I don’t think we “officially” settled anything.

(Tagging the rest of members to be safe: @fl0rm @Scaso @NickNickovich @Kyasurin)


I’ve created the new thread for The Devil is a Part-Timer . It’s mentioned in the thread, but please refrain from book discussion until after the start date has been determined.


Is it okay if I add a link to the word list from


I read a bit slower than most of you, so that pace might be too fast for me. But I’m also not as active as i would like to be, so i’m ok to go with the majority on this one