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Yeah this could work We could set up a couple voice channels in the discord(maybe organize by time zone) and members could pop in and out and causally decided when they want to read for a little while. And in times of need we could do a long session to bring everyone back up to speed if they’re falling behind. So @eveyoneelse, if you’re struggling please speak up so we can know how in-demand the long session is.

I’m guessing unless we want to hold a poll for this the discussion leader could decide this since they probably would want to ask questions about their favorite story and they’re putting out the most effort on it too, so they’d deserve to pick imo.

This way is also plausible. The discord was pretty fun so I’d like to do it often provided people are available.

I see that people can freely discuss what ever ever they want, in order to prevent a dry spell at least one story should be brought up for discussion by the leader. If the leader feels they could do all three, or even just 2/3 that would be fine as well. I guess that’s kind of what you said so, yeah I agree lol.

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Also, if you guys want you can start nominating books to read after the short story one. I’ll do so later.

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I’m sorry, i’m still kind lost here
(i read the posts about the 赤い悪夢 from 10 days ago btw, i would just like to clarify ).

So, there’s not a oficial start date yet right?
And we will still decide if there’s going to be voice chats on discord, how long they are going to be and how we will manage the diferrent time zones?

Started giving the new book a look. It is great so far. It is at a far easier (and thus, for me at least, more enjoyable) level. The short story format is also really nice.

@Ell I think there is no official start date yet but probably like a week or so from now if I had to guess. If we end up doing discord stuff again, we will probably do a poll like last time. That seemed to function fine. (Just my educated guesses though, I am not in charge here :smile:)


My general understanding was a week after the current book is finish we start a new book. Since this book is done on Sunday, we’ll be starting the new book on the 25th. So far no one has said that that should be a problem since the majority of us knew what they book was since last year.

I took the liberty to start the polls so that we could start the book on time without having to scramble.


Yeah I’d say it makes sense to start the book on the 25th.

Anyway here are my suggestions for the 4th book:

Title: バトル・ロワイアル (Battle Royale)
Japanese Level: ??( apparently the movie is rated ☆☆ on Japanese levelup)
Genre: Death game
Synopsis: a class of junior high school students is taken to a deserted island where, as part of a ruthless authoritarian program, they are provided arms and forced to kill one another until only one survivor is left standing.
Why it might be a good choice:

  • It’s a classic in the killing game genre, so it should be pretty interesting and engaging.

Why it might not be a good choice:

  • It’s pretty long
  • Unsure of it’s difficulty.
  • No kindle version

Title: ドアD (Door D)
Japanese Level: ☆☆
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Synopsis: Yuna and her 7 university tennis club friends were kidnapped and woke up in an unknown room. With only one locked door, and water filling into the room fast, they must figure out a way to escape before they all drown.

There’s a lever that opens the door. But it only holds the door open while pulled. One person will have to remain.

And this is just the start. Through a series of death trap rooms, and chances of survival slim, each other’s humanity will be tested. Will the group make it out alive? Will anyone make it out alive? And what awaits upon getting through the final door?

First Page:

Why it might be a good choice:

  • It sounds interesting, it’s a psychological Thriller. What more you can ask for, am I right?

  • It has a Kindle version

  • And apparently easy Japanese

  • 絶望

Why it might not be a good choice:
“A lot of 山田悠介 (Yamada Yuusuke)’s works get highly criticized online because his ideas can seem a bit outrageous and his writing is way too simple. The fact that his works sell so much despite this negative criticism just fuels even stronger criticism” - the guy who wrote the article describing the book


Title: スイッチを押すとき (When I push the switch)
Japanese Level: ☆☆
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Synopsis: In order to stop the increase in suicidal youths, a disturbing government project was enacted. Chosen youths are separated from society, sent to facilities and put in general isolation where they are to live out their lives and be monitored nonstop.

Children are given switches, and when pressed, they are able to kill themselves. Their activity, when and what causes them to press the switch, is watched and studied.

Youhei is a new worker at one of the facilities and put in charge of a rare example. 4 children who have bared the isolation for 7 years, and still have never pushed the switch, despite everyone else around them having already done so. After getting to know these children, and their reason for living, he makes it his mission to save them, and get them out of this insane experiment. Will he succeed, or will they give in to the hopelessness of it all and finally decide to leave this world?
First Page:

Why it might be a good choice:

  • Interesting
  • easy Japanese

Why it might not be a good choice:

  • might be a sensitive topic?

Title: . スピン (Spin)
Japanese Level: ☆☆
Genre: Psychological Thriller

Synopsis: 6 young guys who met on the internet, but never in real life, decide hey want to “shock the world.” There plan is to simultaneously hijack 6 buses in 6 cities and head to Tokyo Tower to meet up for the first time.

Shuichi was just fired from his part time job. He also just narrowly escaped after a shoplifting attempt due to his frustration with the world. The store clerk chased him out of the store, but Shuichi narrowly escaped on a bus. A soon to be hijacked bus.

What is the fate of the 6 buses, all the passengers on board, and poor Shuichi.
First Page

Why it might be a good choice:

  • The premise just sounds halarious to me.
  • Should be interesting.
  • Easy japanese

Why it might not be a good choice:

  • ??

Title: はたらく魔王さま! (The Devil Is a Part-Timer)
Japanese Level:???
Genre: Comedy

Synopsis: Do you want fries with your hellfire?

Being soundly thrashed by the hero Emilia, the Devil King and his general beat a hasty retreat to a parallel universe…only to land smack in the middle of bustling, modern-day Tokyo! Lacking the magic necessary to return home, the two are forced to assume human identities and live average human lives until they can find a better solution. And to make ends meet, Satan finds gainful employment at a nearby fast food joint! With his devilish mind set on working his way up the management food chain, what will become of his thirst for conquest?!

Why it might be a good choice:

  • Funny as hell
  • I read it a little, it seemed easy but you never know.
  • If you’re tired of the dark stories and want something light

Why it might not be a good choice:

  • Some people don’t like light novels.

If you wanna use this format to suggest a book here you go:

Japanese Level:
First Page
Why it might be a good choice:
Why it might not be a good choice:


One question, how do you find books to suggest?

(I usually just pick recommendations from my local bookstore/adds I saw on the subway… I’m kind of a sheep I guess)

Second question: Who will make the next thread? Since I’m no longer a regular, I cannot make anything a wiki. Do we have anyone among us who’d be willing to put together the next book’s thread and wiki-fy it?

I’m a regular at the moment (and it’s not likely to change for the next few weeks).
I don’t mind making the thread. That being said, I am going abroad (i.e. outside Japan) for a couple weeks in March, so I may not be super active.


Oh, that should be fine. Provided that you’re able to create the thread sometime this week and make it a wiki. Then anybody in our group will be able to keep it updated.

Besides, you’re probably the one of the best readers among us, seeing how quickly you finished Autumn Prison. So I wouldn’t be surprised if you finish the next book over a week’s time.


I found all the Psychological Thrillers a while ago on Japanese level up and thought they were interesting. I found battle royale years ago when I was 12. After I read the hunger games(which was an insta fav for me) I saw people bashing it as a rip off from battle royale. Naturally I wanted to read anything else like the hunger games, and eventually I got into Japanese and decided to read it in Japanese, and here we are now. I saw the anime to the devil is a part timer. Very funny anime it’s one of my favs, the light novels goes far beyond the anime and I don’t think we’re getting a season two so light novels it is.

Sorry I run my mouth so much. :no_mouth:


Sure! Then I’ll make the thread when I have more time later today.

Ah! That’s why most of them had a Jalup difficulty level :stuck_out_tongue: I was thinking “wow, pretty lucky streak” but actually it was not luck at all :upside_down_face:
Mostly, I was asking because I would like to add more “fun” or “comedy” suggestions (if no one else will). To be honest, the third story of Autumn prison was a bit too dark for me, and I understand that the new book is a collection of horror stories, so I don’t feel too inclined to go through a psychological thriller at the moment…
Of course, I will go with the community’s choice, but I figured that I could try to even the odds a bit.

… that being said はたらく悪王さま! sounds pretty damn fun, so I may leave it like that and hope people like me vote for the one comedy available (gaming the system… :rofl:)


I have a few book recommendations that will be coming a bit later!

Meanwhile: I’d like to take a head count of people willing to be discussion leaders for 赤い悪夢! The discussion leader would be a different person each week, and you’d be responsible for coming up with a few questions and posting them in the discussion thread.

Also: If you’re interested in attending a group meetup on Discord or the like, please post times/dates you’d want to do so! We’ll put them in a poll and gauge’s everyone’s interest/availability from there.


I’ll volunteer to be a discussion leader

(provided that there are others who are willing volunteer as well…)

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Here’s a few books! They’re all radically different from each other :laughing:

Title: 窓ぎわのトットちゃん Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window
Japanese Level: Intermediate (some furigana)
Genre: Family, Comedy, Slice-of-Life
Synopsis: “This engaging series of childhood recollections tells about an ideal school in Tokyo during World War II that combined learning with fun, freedom, and love. This unusual school had old railroad cars for classrooms, and it was run by an extraordinary man-its founder and headmaster, Sosaku Kobayashi–who was a firm believer in freedom of expression and activity.

In real life, the Totto-chan of the book has become one of Japan’s most popular television personalities–Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. She attributes her success in life to this wonderful school and its headmaster.”
First Page
Why it might be a good choice:

  • Seems like a cute story with an endearing child protagonist – think along the lines of Anne of Green Gables or Yotsuba.
  • Has a decent amount of furigana, uses everyday Japanese

Why it might not be a good choice:

  • Rather long (285 pages in Tankobon form, although a lot of it may be illustrations)

Title: 日本人、ここがステキで、ここがちょっとヘン(Dear Japanese People: This country is wonderful, this country is a little strange)
Japanese Level: Intermediate (comic, no furigana)
Genre: Non-Fiction, Graphic Novel, Comedy
Synopsis: A comparison of Japan and various other countries through the eyes of a half-German resident of Japan. Covers topics ranging from Japan’s school system, Japanese culture, and the Japanese language itself. The book is mostly in comic form, but also has ten 2-3 page “columns” written in full sentences.
First Page
Why it might be a good choice:

  • The accompanying pictures help with comprehension while the lack of furigana/adult-level vocabulary provide a decent challenge
  • Plenty of amusing scenarios that people studying about/living in Japan can relate to

Why it might not be a good choice:

  • Focuses on the differences between Japan and Europe/the West, so relies some on generalizations/stereotypes

Title: おおかみこどもの雨と雪 (Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki)
Japanese Level: Intermediate (everyday Japanese, furigana)
Genre: Slice of Life, Drama, Supernatural
Synopsis: A novelization of the animated film of the same name directed by Mamoru Hosoda. Follows the story of Hana, a college student who falls in love with a mysterious classmate – a young man who turns out to be a werewolf. They start a family together and Hana gives birth to two children – a girl named Yuki, and a boy named Ame – and it becomes clear that they share their father’s shapeshifting abilities. Can Hana face up to the challenge of being a young mother – especially that of two wolf children? And how will Ame and Yuki adapt to human society?
First Page
Why it might be a good choice:

  • A cute love/coming-of-age story, having seen the movie I would say the story is quite touching
  • Many of the Amazon reviews say it’s easy to read; the tankobon version looks like it has furigana on everything

Why it might not be a good choice:

  • Has only minor supernatural elements and doesn’t have much in the way of action/thrills
  • No kindle version

@LucasDesu @AngelTenshi
I’ve created a thread for the next book, and turned the first post into a wiki.

Edit: LucasDesu already liked it, so I guess he already figured it out :roll_eyes:


Discourse told me you made the new thread. I don’t know how it knew to notify me because I wasn’t tagged in the OP. Thank you for putting it together.

Ah! I quoted your estimated schedule. So you actually appear in there.

That’s why. I noticed the Discourse notification saying that you quoted me but I didn’t see where. At the time I didn’t even bother to open the hidden details on the post.