Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI

Thank you!

I am currenly studying with Try N3 and the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar.
I recently finished Genki 2, but I think I need ways to practice what I supposedly learnt with it, otherwise it’s just a backlog of rules I have no idea how to apply :slight_smile:

いつもに 書いた欲しいなら、私と一緒にそつうします

Cool, thanks for letting me know. I’ll @ you here if I need you to. : D

I’m still cool with the idea of rotating discussion leaders. Also, I’ve led a book club online in the past, so I’m happy to be on that list (or do it a lot/most of the time if no one else volunteers).

I really like the idea of plot summaries for each chunk in the OP; I think we can set that up behind details instead, so it doesn’t become too cluttered. Or I could make it the first reply and make it a wiki?


Awesome! I’m also willing to volunteer as discussion leader. So we’ll have the first 2 sections covered, at least :+1:

I imagine the OP would be fine, and we could make it a wiki. That way, anyone can contribute to the plot summary (or any other lists we might want to have) as they read. :smile: The discussion leader for that week could perhaps be loosely in charge of keeping the lists organized.

I’m cool with that if others are too. I’d like to hear opinions from a few others.

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I called my bank and They said they didn’t have a thing called auto blocked, and it wasn’t them that blocked the transaction, it was amazon. @LucasDesu I tried changing the adress and it just won’t work. Maybe they’ve really cracked down on this thing and the vpn is just not going to work.

Alright, I was able to purchase it, what I did was add funds to my gift card balance, and then I purchased the book that way. I don’t know, maybe they were really paying attention to kindle purchases and knew I wasn’t in japan but it didn’t matter when I used gift card balance or whatever

It’s been like that for a while for me too, but I just add to my gift card balance as you did and it works well enough that I don’t even attempt to use my card anymore.

i think discussion leaders are a great idea. Having something to respond to always motivates me to post more.

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That’s too bad. At least you were able to get the book. You might be right; they’ve might have caught up to what people are doing in order to access their service. In such case, that should signal to Amazon that people really want some of these products and they should at least try to have as much crossover as possible for people’s respective services. Although it’s not perfect, I understand the issues of legality involved with e-commerce being purchased internationally. Alas.

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Once things settle down at my job, I’d be open to open help with discussions, but I may not be available until maybe near the end of the year, though.

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That’s weird and frustrating.

If you want to BUY something, it shouldn’t matter where you are if you’re paying for it.

…but yeah, I guess there is some legal stuff… But some of it doesn’t make sense.

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I’m also fond of the rotating discussion leaders idea and willing to volunteer myself if there’s a lack thereof. :grin: Translation from Japanese to English can yield a lot of differences, not only in basic details but also in nuances, so having a change in “perspective” by changing each discussion leader would help not only normalize the overall understanding but could also enhance people’s experience. :smiley:

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered! Since we seem to have enough people who are willing to write discussion questions, I figure we can give it a try! :+1:

Here’s the list of folks who said they’d be willing to lead discussion; would it be okay with y’all if we proceed in this order?

  1. @AnimeCanuck
  2. @Snowflying
  3. @Scaso
  4. @EiriMatsu
  5. @LucasDesu (if available)

@LucasDesu and anyone else who’s concerned about their availability; just post here like the week beforehand if you’re too busy and we’ll find someone else to take over for ya. This list should cover us through the end of Autumn Prison; anyone else who’s interested in leading discussion for one of the other two stories (or in substituting for someone who ends up not being able to do it), feel free to speak up any time. :smile:

No problems here!

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Finally here! P_20171020_164942

Looks like my biggest struggle will be kanji… As I don’t see any furigana, it seems like a good challenge. Books is quite small and should be doable… I hope :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that works for me.

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Sweet! My physical book still hasn’t arrived (our terrible postal service…), but I also got the eBook from BookLive! for 561円. I guess it’s quite useful when searching for vocab or kanji and at least I’ll start reading the first chapter on time haha.

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Okay, so today’s the day right? :3 who is starting the thread @AnimeCanuck? And we are doing 1-2 chapters a week?

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I just came in here to ask exactly the same.

There’s supposed to be a separate thread, right?

And how is going to be the reading pace :slight_smile:

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My understanding was that @AnimeCanuck was going to take care of putting together the thread. I’m not sure what time zone they’re in, but I’m sure it’s on its way.

As for the pacing, as per the poll please see “First Option” in @Kumirei’s post. It outlines pace most of the members have decided on.

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