Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI

Actually, I am considering reading No.6 Vol.2, instead.

What do you read on?

  • Physical book
  • Amazon Kindle
  • ebookJapan
  • Honto

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I have just bought a new smartphone and… Kindle account for Japanese book doesn’t work…

Luckily, ebookJapan works. And I can download 秋の牢獄 ebook.

Unluckily, hi-lighting text to translate in a dictionary doesn’t work like Kindle. I use this to cheat a lot on reading Katakana. Well, it probably just resemble a physical book more than Kindle…

Is your kindle registered under the account you purchased the book? (e.g., bought from, so it’s registered under account)

The book works with Kindle only on Samsung Galaxy, but not on Oppo.

The account associating with doesn’t work, but does.

I have two accounts.

Hmm. I too have both accounts. And prior to starting my account, I already had books in my kindle from, however when I changed my account information over, nothing happened. So I factory restarted my kindle and re-registered my kindle under my account. When I did that, the books I purchased with my account appeared in my library.

But from the way it sounds like it, you’re using a kindle app and not a kindle, correct? I’m saying this because you mentioned two cell phones and kindle. If that’s the case, I don’t have any advice because I had a samsung and didn’t have any problems switching the associations over (as you’ve mentioned). That’s too bad that it’s not the same with your other phone.

I can’t seem to purchase from amazon Jp anymore. It’s saying that my payment method has been declined. I thought maybe my credit card company blocked my car but I can make purchases else where just not on Amazon Jp. Does it have to do with the adress? Also I’m on a vpn but it’s not working like last time.

Can’t figure how to get it off ebookJapan either…It keeps saying there was an error…Is there a way to put the site in english? This isn’t looking good for team angel. >.> I thought I could get an ebook

It’s most likely about the address. I live in Japan, but because my one-click settings didn’t have my Japanese address on it (it had my home country’s billing address), I couldn’t download free apps on my kindle fire, though I could purchase items on the website and have them sent to my kindle directly. Even after speaking with customer service, couldn’t even figure out that my address was an issue. When I changed that part of my one-click settings, I had no problem with using my kindle how it was supposed to be used.

I tried setting the address to The Japanese address Tenso gave me but it still won’t work. :confused:

Is there a way to get a new address? Maybe there’s an issue with that specific address you were given.

Have you made other purchases from Japan on the card recently? I had an issue a few months ago where my bank randomly blocked a charge from since they thought it was supsicious that a purchase would be coming from Japan, even thought I had ordered from them before and even though they allowed all my other (domestic) purchases to be go through. I had to call them up and have them turn off the autoblock on international purchases.

The last purchase I’ve made from was maybe a month ago to buy the next book. Besides the issue with the kindle, I’ve never had issues with stoppages on my credit cards.

My book arrived! Can someone edit the first post?

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Hooray! I gotcha friend :+1:

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From the way it looks, I don’t think anyone else is going to vote in the poll for the pacing for Autumn Prison. So it seems best to call the poll. An overwhelming majority has voted for option 1 (look below for the details about the weekly reading goals). If at a later time people feel differently about the pace and like to change things up, please speak up so that we can quickly make a decision. As for the new thread, would someone be available to create it? This week is insanely busy, so I’m not going to have time to set up the Autumn Prison thread in time for the start (October 22). Anyway, I look forward to starting another book with everyone. Hopefully more people can be active on the new thread this time around!

Option 1 Details

Chunk # Chapter # # Pages
1 1 13
2 2, 3 13
3 4, 5 15
4 6 11
5 7, 8, 9 13
1 1, 2, 3 15
2 4, 5, 6 13
3 7, 8 10
4 9 8
5 10 14
1 1, 2 15
2 3, 4 12
3 5, 6 13
4 7, 8 9
5 9, 10, 11 13
6 12, 13 10

I believe I will be able to take care of it tomorrow; certainly this week.

I’m going to start reading this week (if I have time) a few days early.

I’d be happy to start the thread.

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I was thinking about joining but now I am convinced this book doesn’t actually exist. I have been to close to a dozen bookstores (new and used) and while there are a ton of other books by that author Autumn Prison is not one they have…

Maybe I’ll just break down and order it.

I read the first few pages; excited to get this book started! I’ll let you take care of the thread since you spoke up first @AnimeCanuck; I can also do it if you end up being too busy :+1:

Just one thing I’d like to propose since it’s been mentioned before: What do we think about implementing a discussion question system, with perhaps having a rotating discussion leader posting up a few questions for each section? Might help keep discussion rolling and make it feel more like a book club.

In the past there were also some efforts to compile a character/place list and a vocabulary list (or Memrise course); I was also thinking we might have something like short plot summaries for each section (behind spoiler tags of course) that would could keep in the OP of the discussion thread. Any of these sound like something people would want to help with? :sparkles:


I would also like to participate in this club, I was up for the よつばと! but it ended up being too easy, I think I need something more challenging. And even Autumn Prison might be too hard for my current level, I prefer having to struggle a little with it than to just not learn much with the manga.

I have ordered it and should arrive on Friday, just in time :smiley:
If someone could please add me to the list.



BTW, I am studying Tobira in parallel, considering a Autumn Prison chapter is just something longer than a Tobira article (but much shorter than a No.6 chapter).

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