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I like the divisions suggested =)
Personally I’d prefer the small chunk version so we can put more attention to details and feel less tress about it. There seem to be many who are somewhat low still, and do this as a first attempt at proper reading (myself included). I want to read through each page several times, first skim, read comments, read again, do more comments, and another read or two. Will be interesting to see how it goes when we actually start though. Last book was so hard I gave up before even trying, but this one I understood enough to feel confident about when sampling first page.

Maybe we can start with the low, and if we feel it is just too slow we can set up the pace =)


Just wonder how many of us are “active” for Autumn Prison, and whether or not the poll is complete/should it be added to the OP.

Or should we move on to a “small chunks” vs. “large chunk” poll? The few of us who have spoken up alread seem to be leaning towards @downtimes small chunks. (However, it has been very few of us.)

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About 60% of the people signed up in the OP have voted, I think. What I could do to expedite the process is to call them to the thread to vote. If they’re online they should be able to respond quickly. Then create the other poll. I agree that we should get this show on the road though.

To @Alineiwane, @Answa, @Caracal, @EiriMatsu, @Hgbearawesome, @Mohkargan, @Nehaahmed, @Netru, @Oryantge, and @Riccyjay
When you get a chance, please respond to the poll (please click the blue link) about reading pace for Autumn Prison before the poll gets buried by incoming responses. If you’ve already voted, please excuse me for the unnecessary page.

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To @willem3141 and @dunxen:
When you get a chance, please respond to the poll about reading pace for Autumn Prison before the poll gets buried by incoming responses. If you’ve already voted, please excuse me for the unnecessary page.

Sorry for the extra message. Discourse only allows up to 10 users to be called at a time in a single post.

Voted! And I would prefer the pace to be based on small chunks, for pretty much all the same reasons @pgoonghang mentioned.

Thank you so much! We’ll have another poll for the pacing once the first poll is complete. From the way it looks, it may be leaning toward the smaller chunks, though.

Voted, although barring a quite miraculous turnaround I think things look pretty decided already.

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Perhaps you’re right. But since we’re not officially starting this book until the 22nd of October, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the current poll up for another day to give those paged a chance to quickly respond, would it?

Not at all. If we go by ‘chunks’, any other alternatives than the two already given? At the moment the current options are being categorized as ‘large chunks’ or ‘small chunks’, which I feel might make people voting think, oh, I don’t want the hard option. In reality, though, both those paces are rather slow, and I think they could more accurately be called ‘small chunks’ and ‘smaller chunks’. Maybe we need faster alternatives to make the poll fairer?

Just to clarify, did we specify what interval of time we would be assigning to each chunk? A week per chunk?

Thanks for the @. I’ve voted now.

My participation may be a bit spotty, but I promise not to disappear. I’ll be checking in more often once we start Autumn Prison.

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@riccyjay I think you’re right. I was thinking that it would be best to present it as Option 1 and Option 2 and just link to @Kumirei’s table. That way the options aren’t being graded but instead being presented as what they are, options. If you’re for an option 3, do you have any suggestions about how you would subdivide it? One thing I want to avoid is another NO. 6 where participation is limited to 5-7 members.

@Snowflying I was assuming that each “chunk” would signify a week’s worth of reading. Extending the time any longer wouldn’t make much sense. Option 1’s average is 2 pages a day, and option 2’s average is 3 pages a day.


We did not, though I’ve been assuming a week.

It seems that everyone on the list (except for one person) voted in the last poll. We might as well establish our pacing for discussions. How do we want to pace our reading over a week? @NickNickovich had took the time to propose two ways to tackle the book please refer to this (compliments to @Kumirei for taking the data and making very clear to read). Thank you so much you two! :smiley:

Here's an explanation about the choices:
  • The “first option” is reading the book and finish in 16 weeks.
  • The “second option” is reading the book and finish in 9 weeks.
  • The “third option” (not in NickNickovich’s OP) is reading the book faster than 9 weeks, in which the timeline is yet to be determined.
  • The “fourth option” (also not in NickNickovich’s OP) is reading the book slower than 16 weeks, in which the timeline is yet to be determined.
  • First Option (16 weeks)
  • Second Option (9 weeks)
  • Third Option (<9 weeks)
  • Fourth Option (>16 weeks)

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If there’s an issue with this poll, or something that doesn’t make sense, please leave a post or send me a PM! Cheers!


Considering my reading skills are pretty non-existing (except for one chapter of よつばと with our friendly competitors :wink:) I voted for the first option. I already “read” (ehem… “tried to read”) the first chapter and without looking stuff up I don’t understand a lot of the story. So this is going to be rather slow for me :slight_smile:


Just in case, here is how the third option could look like:


  1. 1-4 (35)
  2. 5-9 (30)


  1. 1-6 (28)
  2. 7-10 (32)


  1. 1-5 (35)
  2. 6-13 (37)

Just split them in half, so you can get 6 weeks.
Or yet another option - take this division, but make it a chunk per two weeks so you get 12 weeks, which is between first and second option.

Anyway, I think, as many people have already mentioned, we should start with some slower option (I don’t know if I am allowed to use these adjectives anymore:smile:) and than after two weeks make a poll about how people feel about their pace and than adjust the size of the chunks if that is the case.

@LucasDesu I think I should have suggested it before the poll, sorry.

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My vote is for Option 1 (smaller chunks), but I believe after the first story that maybe we can pick up the pace depending on how that goes. We don’t have to lock it in at 16 weeks, even if we do choose those size chunks.


Sorry about my failure to vote in the first poll! I was fairly complacent about the choices, and life got super busy all of a sudden, so I didn’t check the forums. My bad! I’ve voted on the most recent poll!. >w< Since faster readers can read on (and just not comment until later), I think it’s better to go at the slower pace to make sure no one is left behind! I myself am translating two other light novels for friends to read, so a slower pace will allow me to keep my pace with those while taking this on. :smiley:

Oops I missed all the polls but I think the pacing looks really good! I’m going to really try to read but recently I’ve gotten yet another important thing dropped onto me so my free time is pretty much negative at this point.

But I’m still excited to read if I can spare a few moments a day.

I need to check my local post office for my book. They’re not very efficient or reliable with sending out notices to my address… Hopefully it’s there today. :slight_smile: