Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI

What chapter have you read up to in NO. 6?

Still in Chapter 2. Page 71.

So…I’m probably going to set it aside for a bit. But I thought I’d do a poll anyway, because why not.


To other members of the book club, sorry our DHL drama is taking up so much of this thread. I gave them two large windows tomorrow, hopefully that works out. If not, I’ll have to call again and ask for a pick up point that’s kind of out of my way… And wait another 2-3 days. I asked on the phone - they couldn’t directly drop it there if they miss me tomorrow. Totally stupid, I think; it should be automatic.

I just tipped those scales…

But I’d drop it when we officially start Autumn Prison.

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Got my copy of Autumn Prison in the mail today.

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Whooh! Books! There are few things more exciting than expecting a package of books to arrive. Sometimes I worry I like receiving books more than actually reading them.

I also took the opportunity of ordering Autumn Prison to tack on a few extras… (Most of these are two star difficulty books recommended on JALUP. I already read the one called サバイバー and can highly recommend it. Bit graphic, but mostly very easy to read. Currently reading スピン and it’s about the same level.)

I’m guessing @Toyger may require a panoramic lens to capture all the books she’s ordered recently…

As for whether to continue with No.6 - I think it all depends on how much use you’re getting from it. You’ve got the whole set now so I guess you intend on reading it all some day. Personally, while I’ve enjoyed the story of No.6, it’s honestly just a bit too difficult for me. I’ll finish it with everyone, but I’m really looking forward to starting Autumn Prison as it’s a much better level and I think it’ll be more useful as a study resource.

Also @atrejub: What a perfect avatar for joining a book club!


Just came in to nullify the poll. You’re welcome friend.

Based on what you said, I think it’s probably best to put it aside and get started with the new book. You can always go back and read it again later. And now that we have this thread, you could also pop in and check to see if there are points you don’t understand that we’ve discussed. You know what’s best for your situation though.

Can you share the list from JALUP? I can’t seem to find my way around their site.

ETA: Never mind, I think I found it:


The list I used was actually this one. (I think it’s where @AngelTenshi got Autumn Prison from?) The link you included looks like it includes a lot more, though - maybe some options for future book clubs?

In general, I have to say I really hate using that site. They do have some useful information tucked away but it’s all hidden in such a big pile of un-navigatable fluff that unless someone else links to it I never go there.


It’s interesting to see according to that list, my level of Japanese (first link that says “here”) puts me in the level 10-20 range… Although I think I understand closer to 25% of anime that I listen to/watch… Maybe even slightly upwards of 50% depending on the series (for example, 俺物語 which is on their one star list, is as easy to understand as they say). Although, my grammar is weak (not yet finished 1 beginner textbook - Genki I - although close), and only burned about 300 kanji, which is closer to their lesser milestone of ~200 rather than ~500…

So if Autumn Prison is on their 2 star list, I think it will be a doable challenge, especially with the help from the group. Whereas Yotsuba is easy enough (with a dictionary) on my own. : ) Cool! : D

Challenge Accepted!
Still missing some though. Waiting for:
Girl who leapt through time
Autumn Prison (shoul arrive tomorrow at latest…)
Yotsubato! 13 volumes
Shirokuma Cafe 5 volumes

I should update my collection thread (I made one earlier, it’s such an addiction! )
I deffenitely collect more than I can ever read ^^;


That’s really cool!!! Does 魔女の宅急便 have furigana on the kanji? :slight_smile:

Nice! I’m totally jealous of all the 絶叫学級 books. Beware: some of them are actually damn gruesome.

Oh, and you went for 鬼ごっこ as well - it’s actually surprisingly difficult. I like the 絶叫学級 ones because 90% of each story is just daily life stuff. And then someone gets eaten by a toilet or something.

Anyway, happy reading!

Every now and then, but mostly not.
The scary stories however do! On all of them :slight_smile:
I’ll probably be reading those first, though I felt I could comprehend the Kiki one somewhat as well =^_^=

Sharing first page from each so people can get a feel for language and difficulty.

I’m glad to hear!! Was afraid they’d be too soft, since they are targeted at a younger audience. I’m glad to hear they aren’t =)

Yeah, they where all sold as one set. Didn’t even realize it was different ones until I received them =P
They are numbered like this: 1-1, 1-2 and so on till 1-17. The 鬼ごっこ one is 2-1, 2-2 up to 2-6
So guess they are almost like “seasons” :wink:

This reminds me! First book I ever read in English was also a scary story. Goose Bumps! It was about a horrible monster living under the kitchen sink. Didn’t even know what it was, other than from context, cause my vocabulary wasn’t that great and I didn’t bother looking it up. I believe it was a sponge or something =P
Not quite knowing made it creepier :wink:


Thank you, @Toyger :slight_smile:

I found two versions of 魔女 on amazon. But I guess both versions are without furigana. However, I guess it is still a good training for autumn prison.
How much did you pay for the delivery costs? Have you ordered the books at :smiley: Sorry for all the questions but I am also really thinking about ordering the books but am not sure if to buy them from the local amazon or :smiley:

yeah, of amazon jp =)

NOK 106,54… …err…
Um… same amount as a single manga really =P

Waoh!!! That is super cheap!! I guess I will get the books from then :smiley: In the local amazon they want 30 euros delivery costs for 10 books xD

Wowz. That’s a LOT of books.

My shipping costs (using Amazon JP, shipping to USA) were almost as much as the books themselves–so nearly half the total order cost (which was $112). But shipping for your entire order was like $13 USD??? What? (I guess I am 1,000 miles/1,600 km farther from Japan, but still…)

That’s crazy! I know that some sellers have high shipping costs, you have to be a bit wary of that, but I’ve never see it being half of the total price.