Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI

Though we haven’t officially started Autumn Prison yet, for those who consider themselves not so fast readers (e.g., myself), it’s really helpful to start reading if you already have the book. That way once things get started, you won’t find yourself being left behind or having to rush to finish by the discussion deadline. Even though I replied directly to you @Snowflying, this comment is to anyone who is feeling antsy about starting. The only caveat is that it would be nice to refrain from posing questions until reading has officially started and making comments until discussion for that part of the book.


Just in case you check the forums before you next check your email – check your email! Sent a link so you can check out/set up delivery and shipping alert options yourself. Sometimes deliveries actually come early, so you’ll want to get the details figured out sooner than later.

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Thanks! Will do.

I appreciate the feedback. I actually lived in japan for years, so my vocab/grammar/etc are actually decent, I have just never spent much time learning Kanji until this point. Just not sure when to look into these reading clubs. No point in picking up a book I literally can’t read. It’s not so much about understanding whats being said for me, just being able to read it.

I just got 秋の牢獄 in the mail. Excited and scared to start reading!


I’m going to try and get 秋の牢獄 digitally some time this week. Bought a Japanese kindle a little while ago, but didn’t have too much luck reading manga on it (the text is too small, and zooming is a pain!). It’ll be nice to get some use out of it at least!

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Ah yeah, giving everyone time to read ahead is another good consideration :relaxed: I guess we can officially say it’s okay to read ahead, but not to post about it yet? I feel bad telling people not to ask any questions that will inevitably pop up when people start reading but, I really think it’s best if we wait until the book officially starts and the discussion thread is set up. Perhaps people who read ahead should just write questions/comments down and save them for later?



Sorry to @ you so much, but FYI - barring any customs holdups, your book is scheduled to arrive by the end of the day tomorrow (mine too!). I just sent you the waybill number (and a corrected link), as I think I forgot to send it earlier.

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Oh! That’s even sooner! Cool!

I’m only saying this because I did the same with No. 6. My job makes it very difficult to read every day which makes falling behind a real concern for me. People should know their own abilities, if by giving themselves a head start would keep them afloat and able to participate, I’m all for that. Although it’s a shame that people who start early cannot ask questions about the book, your suggestion of writing down anything that comes up is a great idea to start. Besides, it’s not really good to get hung up on a couple of sentences anyway. Part of reading is creating meaning when it seems unclear; we do it all the time in our native languages, Japanese shouldn’t be any more different.

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I agree, it really wouldn’t be fair if we told people not to read ahead and they ended up falling behind because they don’t have as much free time to read as everyone else. I was just concerned about the opposite happening, and people who hadn’t started reading/didn’t have the book yet would get left behind because a small group had already started and wanted to start the discussion early. As long as we can avoid that though, then I have no objections :relaxed:

I’ll leave a little note in the OP. Also I guess we’ll go ahead and make the start date official until further notice~

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Yeah, it’s my understanding that it was okay to ask questions regarding comprehension issues and another about discussing the plot before the time when we’re finished with a chapter.


If you look closely, you may notice something odd…yeah, I accidentally ordered two copies of the 5th volume of NO.6. > _ <

Now what?


That’s exciting. I always love getting packages of things I ordered online. Perhaps you can return the book and tell them you accidentally ordered one too many copies? But it seems that you will be continuing the No. 6 series until the bitter end. After finishing the first book, if I seem to be hooked, I may get the rest.

its so pretty…

I love books :slight_smile:

I mean…if anyone wants it…?

I certainly can’t return it–the shipping would be more than the book.

Got my copy of autumn prison two days ago. As I said I will start reading around the 5th november. よろしくね(^_-)

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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time has the same cover as my DVD.

I’m sad DHL didn’t deliver when I was home… : /

I was hoping to show it off to my friend at the food bank tomorrow.


I hope you can get it figured out today. I forwarded you a message from DHL with a customer service number, and maybe when they reschedule the delivery you can give them a window of time when you’ll be home?

I guess if/when I next ship something this way, I’ll make sure I enter the actual recipent’s information if I can…since I’d never done this before, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do… Well, lesson learned.

Fingers crossed that you’ll get your book today!

I may have Autumn Prison now, but I am still trying to read NO.6. I…don’t think I’m likely to catch up on NO.6, but am still clinging to hope that I’ll find a little extra determination/reading ability. So, a poll:

What Should I Do?

  • Keep trying to catch up with/finish NO.6
  • Give up on NO.6 for now and get started on Autumn Prison

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