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Yeah, the end of your Edit, that’s what I was implying. XD

But… I’m still confused then. I wasn’t the first to suggest a beginner category and as I said a moment ago, there isn’t anything in the poll about a group starting next year. So… what are you trying to tell me? xD

You where not alone in saying it, my comments was aimed at the idea in general as I saw multiple people say it, for reasons like wanting to learn more grammar first (so looking at your referred comment that was not you, as you didn’t mention grammar. So my comment was referred more to them than you. And I do believe it was the person most intended I got a polite reply from soon after saying they agreed)

I’m all for making a group for beginners. This will not affect the original group as it is it aimed for a different user group, people who are not yet ready to read intermediate books. In the long run it will lead to more competent readers to join the intermediate group once we help each other learn and grow.
But to make a second beginner group along side it will only confuse and split the same users up.
It’s a book club, there will always be a new book ever so often. It will always be possible to jump in when ready, either mid book or when starting a new one.

I see in a later comment you will “maybe” join, but think about it. As you might have seen in other comments, some are already confused about this first split. We do not need two groups for same proficiency level.
You are however free to come up with separate ideas. If we go book, you could make a manga thread. That way different interests can be covered instead.

My idea wouldn’t have been a group alongside it, though, as we would be starting at different times and possibly not even on the same book. Also, it wouldn’t be splitting the same users up. I was referring only to those of us that had the same goals as me. (as in completing Genki I etc at the end of the year) I see what you’re saying, though, and I mostly agree.

I don’t really want to start mid-book, which is why I proposed another group, but the rest of this statement is why I conceded to say I might just join the other beginners at that time.

Yeah, I still don’t understand. xD

Also, I hope my previous post didn’t seem like I was attacking you (or even that I felt like you were singling me out). I was just trying to make sure that everyone understood why I made the suggestions I made. I didn’t get the impression from anyone’s posts (even the ones you’re referring to) that they wanted all the beginners to wait until next year. So I was just confused as to why you said/thought that. Basically, I just want everyone to be able to participate in the level they’re comfortable with without having to feel pressured to catch up to a group that’s already started or whatever.

… Your confusion is catching. I no longer know anymore (how to explain what I meant/thought). @_@

… I will go away now… ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ₍₍ ᕕ(´◎_◎)ᕗ⁾⁾

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Well, I’m thinking of creating a topic exclusively for the Beginner Book Club to better discuss this. It will be better to organize things for both Beginner and Intermediate+ groups :slight_smile: I just didn’t do it yet because I want to organize the whole thing and do it the right way for everyone. I’ll probably do it this weekend already. However, if someone wants to make the first step to start organizing it, feel free to do it so :slight_smile:


Yeah! Probably a good idea to start gathering book suggestions, and figuring out when people might want to start. Since you got the ball rolling with proposing the Beginner group and running the poll, I don’t have any objection to you creating the thread. Let’s just hear if there are any other opinions, since it sounds like most people want the two groups to stay connected :+1:

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Yeah, I think it’s time we make a separate thread for the Beginner Book Club =)
The two groups should link to each other and stay connected that way, but it would be much cleaner to have them on separate threads now that we have mostly agreed that we do two groups ( Beginner - New. Intermediate+ - Original) =^_^=
I’m likely to buy most of the suggestions on Beginner group, as long as they are appropriate for that level it will be worth it =D
And on second book I can try give an estimate of the books I have in my possession in compartment to the first we tried (harder/easier) I’ll consider buying 5+ most popular in the final poll at least =)


I couldn’t find the comment, but someone earlier posted a link to this book as a good beginner book:

I have seen this book mentioned several times here in the forums, and decided to look closer at the back. Are the books completely with furigana like that and language that easy all/most of the time? =D
I knew most of the words, understood almost all of it. Very few words I have to look up to get the complete meaning. This is SO doable! Now this is a book for my current level! =D
I have to pay more than twice the price of the book in shipping… so went for the full set (same shipping price for all as for one, lol!! Worth it! ) This might be a good option for the Beginner Book club too =)
It should at least be considered, and a possible option in the poll when we make one =)

*Sorry for the miss quote, I though that was the link I was looking for, didn’t think to check first D=
Couldn’t find the original comment when looking again.


Oh wow, you ordered all of them. That’s a lot!

I can tell you they are all furigana. Which can become a minus point, I think. It would be nice if there were versions with no furigana on, say, elementary school kanji or something. But whatever - it’s still good practice for getting used to Japanese sentence structures and prose style.

In this particular series, the language is almost always pretty simple - there might be some words related to the supernatural that are not common, but in general the main character is a school kid and so most of the vocab is connected to their everyday life.

They’re actually from just one series from that company and all their books are a similar level - so if you get tired of horror, you can find more options here (most of them are then available from Amazon).

Hope you enjoy them! Despite being an adult, I actually genuinely find them quite entertaining.

It cost me 150Nok to get one, 1100Nok to get 23 = 47Nok per book. Which is a HUGE difference! More than 2/3 cheaper! (70% off ca.) Worth it :wink:

I will get “only furigana on rare” readings later when I’m a higher level. But at the moment, at level 11, I haven’t even reach some of the more common kanji (though I might know them from other contexts, I’m still more rusty on them anyway) so I don’t mind that even the elementary ones are included. I will make sure to not just run past, but stop and look at the kanji and see if I can tell if it is one of the normal readings, rare/exception readings or a reading/kanji I don’t know yet. And I do need some enjoyable way to learn grammar and sentence structure in context outside of my study books. These seems like a great way to do so.

I love stuff for kids. My house looks like I have lots of children, over run by children actually, but I’m a single childless woman of 31 :wink:

While I would totally be willing to start the beginner group thread, I think I’m still too confused on the plan. xD

I can start a thread asking the beginners what they want the plan to be, I suppose? I’d be willing to create and keep track of polls and stuff but I still likely won’t actually participate in reading any “actual” books until I’m finished with Genki. That’s taking a lot of my Japanese time right now.

If you’d (or anyone) like me to do that, just let me know. But if someone else from the beginner group already understands what’s going on here, that might be better lol

I can do it since I’m still a high beginner, but I need book recommendations.

I have the post ready. What do I have to do to make the post available for others to edit? I’m a regular user.

Click on the “。。。” button in the bottom right corner of your post. There is a little wrench. Click that and choose “Make a wiki”.

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Oh, I see!! ^^ Thanks!

Much obliged. *tips hat*

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Thank you for putting the Beginners Book Reading post together. Let us know when it is available. Really looking forward to it.

After lunch (~1h) :grin:


Booooo. I ordered a bunch of books together, so my copy of 秋の牢獄 won’t ship until October 12.

I wonder which book is holding me up. Dare I try deleting one…?

Edit: Curse you, ネガティヴハッピー・チェーンサーエッジ!


New arrival date: Sept. 21-24.

Muuuuch better.

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