Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI

Would you prefer postponderances?


Don’t come you come in here with that attitude. Mark my words, Yoshimoto’s Kitchen is about to serve us some real food for thought


Sorry for interrupting the flow of this Book Club but I wanna ask something.

@Ilyasaur has started reading Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny-Girl Senpai a few days ago. My book arrived a few hours ago… and we’re thinking of opening a Discussion Thread for it because 7 people did vote on it, so there’s a chance that more people wanna join the conversation (no schedule, just an open discussion).

Is it fine to do it? Can I just go ahead and create it myself? :man_shrugging: Asking because I don’t wanna give the vibe that I’m a tsun trying to steal people or something :rofl:

Tagging @QuackingShoe, @Ushio36, @BiPolarScientist, @twktg, @AAfunian, @morteasd and @charlesfm because this LV was part of their voting.


I’d give it a go if it was a spin off club for it.

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That’s 100% okay, as far as I am concerned. That happened already with the pancreas book (I forgot the title already, despite reading it).
You can even use that thread as a template :slight_smile:
One thing, though, is @Ilyasaur the person who nominated the book? If not, I think it would be nice to have the approval of the person who nominated it.


Well, it seems like the votes have dried up, so I closed the polls. Plus, we have 20 people saying they are fine with キッチン which sounds good enough to me.

Winner: キッチン

Your Name’s meme lives on!


Yep, I’m aware of that. That’s where I got the idea from :b But I did want to check with you guys so that I don’t seem indelicate.

It was @Ditto20 :eyes:


I might do the same with 魔法少女育成計画 (I am the one who nominated it) unless I decide to just read it completely on my own for a different kind of practice. To be determined once we’re closer to finishing コンビニ人間. Maybe I’ll put up a poll later to see who’s interested and with what approach.


You can’t live without magical girls, can you? :eyes: :joy:


It’s either that or 獣の奏者, but I think 魔法少女育成計画 will be easier to start with (and it’s shorter).

Also, you make it sound weird. It’s not like I’ve seen the greatest anime of all time Madoka Magica four times or anything. :eyes:


I’m interested. I could maybe put it in the batch of books I’ll have to order soon : o


@jprspereira If you want it, you have it


Hey, I don’t remember… Did you guys read The Girl Who Leapt Through Time as a club? If so, can anyone speak to it’s difficulty? Especially in comparison to Haruhi if you’re also reading that… I own the movie and would love to see the differences… I also just love Time Travel in general. : D

One of these days I’ll watch the live action adaption on Crunchyroll (if it’s still there); Time Traveler.

The beginner book club did, it was easier than Haruhi.


It was the beginner club that read it, but I’d say it’s the easiest book I’ve read that isn’t a childrens’ book(in other words, waaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than Haruhi)


The animated movie? It’s kinda nothing like the animated movie. Get the 1983 live-action movie if you want to see a direct comparison.

General feeling in the club was that the book was readable, but, ah… not very good.


The movie is a sequel, IIRC?

The animated one, yeah, is a sequel of sorts in that it includes the protagonist of the book as a secondary character. There was also a live-action film released in 2010 which is a direct sequel to the 1983 film (and the book) starring Riisa Naka (who voiced Makoto in the animated film) as the protagonist.

I’d be kind of interested in reading this one as well, but only volume 2 onwards. I got quite into this author after Moribito. She’s really cool, she has a phd on an indigenous australian people and is as much anthropologist as author of fantasy fiction. Earlier, this series had only the first volume translated in english (perhaps its still only the one) so i read that, and thought that when my japanese was good enough, i’d continue the series in japanese! Its far from good enough though still.

みんな、I’ll be sitting out the current intermediate book - kitchen. I read this one in English years ago and it didn’t make much impact :sweat: There’s a certain… voice that seems to be quite liked in japanese fiction - banana yoshimoto’s in kitchen, hiromi kawakami’s in strange weather in tokyo and her other book, yogo ogawa’s in the housekeeper and the professor (maybe this one less) and perhaps even convenience store woman (which i haven’t yet finished) - i’m not charmed by it. I find it too light, paper-thin. There’s nothing there to bite into, for me.


Well, I am, so thank you for making the next pick sound promising :smiley: