Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI

Don’t worry, I’m completely aware! :rofl:
But I’m a sucker for punishment… =P


Yeah I’m completely aware too… and happen to be stupid enough to not care xD If I want to read it enough, I’ll somehow make it through :joy:


I will put out there that 君の名前は is pretty good difficulty. I mean it is easy enough to read a good bit kanji-wise by about level 30 on WK yet complicated enough to probably stretch most learners. It also uses some decently normal language.

I think another good one to read is 盾の勇者の成り上がり if you want something fantasy.

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By the way, how do you pronounce your username?

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I’m glad you’ve learned from that experience, but it doesn’t make you “evil”. The good news is that there’s a lot of people still actively participating with 時をかける少女. Hopefully the upcoming book will garner a larger group than before for this group as well. Think it was just difficult for me in the past because I had no idea who was reading along silently so I could only go off of who was actually responding to postings in the thread. By having a poll with each chapter, it may help with morale to see who is still going strong despite being active on the thread.


Kuh-YAY!!-nah, clearly.


Hi. I would like to join the book club this time around. I am not at all fussed which book is chosen, I really enjoy reading just about anything. I look forward to seeing which book we will be reading!


By the way, where is the poll to determine the book?

Somewhere above.
The link is in the first line of the first post.


It’s post 1860, if you can’t find the link at the top.


But…if you can find the link at the top, it’s post 42…:eyes::turtle:


Haha I was so not expecting that question when I woke up just now :joy:

Well, truth be told, I don’t actually know. It’s a name inspired by both my cats’ names, but I’ve always said it as きゃいな I guess :thinking:

Although now I’m tempted to go with [quote=“Belthazar, post:2016, topic:18908”]
Kuh- YAY!! -nah
To be honest :joy:


You’re not going to tell us your cats’ names? :frowning:


I agree I don’t like reading the book after I’ve watched the movie. It always feels incredibly boring and overrun with details. And then sometimes when I read the book first the movie feels empty and rushed. For the most part its one or the other for me. But if I watch the movie years after I read the book I’ve forgotten the details they cut out so I can enjoy. In example right after I finished reading Harry Potter in high school I watched the movie and it felt super rushed and empty. But years later in college, I enjoyed the second and third movie much more.

PLUS I didn’t even like your name that much. I mean I did really like it, I found the story refreshing short and cute, but not as great as everyone makes it out to be. Everyone acts like it’s 14/10, but I think its an 8/10. I feel the same way with infinity war. But WHATEVER I guess/

Thank you, thank you, I’m quoting these to add them later.

Honesty I don’t want to read it that bad, but I voted for it to help ensure that your name didn’t win.

I agree, I don’t like how everyone picks a book we may not be that eager to read influencing the vote and then we’re left reading a book we feel meh about. Like it seems like most people, and then those who don’t participate, don’t want to read darker books anymore, and want to read popular/easy books, and then they don’t show up. I had a thought that maybe only veterans, (people who successfully completed at least one book) could pick the books we read. For example off the top of my head, @LucasDesu(you), @Naphthalene, @seanblue, @TamanegiNoKame @Snowflying and @Toyger . Sorry to the other active readers I forgot. BUT I thought that sounded too elitist/ exclusive and never suggested it. I don’t know if you’d ever want to make a separate group like that since you always complain about this problem.

I’d like the carry the poll idea over. But this is just my opinion, so if the majority wants to, have at it. But I don’t very much like the idea of having a different thread for each chapter. I always found it messy, chaotic and annoying. But I won’t complain about it if thats what the decision comes to. I also haven’t experienced it first hand, so it might not be that bad, but just logging on to see it everyday was an eyesore.


If it makes you feel better, I have to admit that I thought about it too. And refrained from suggesting it for the same reason, plus:

  • It’s hard to enforce if we do it on Discourse (you can’t prevent others from voting, and counting by hand will be annoying), it lacks transparence if we use a different platform.
  • If I don’t like the pick, I can always go make my own thread for whatever I want to read instead :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I think we have enough serious readers on the forum right now to overcome the noise anyway.

It’s actually the opposite of messy! It keeps discussion about certain parts of the books contained in a specific thread, and they can all be accessed from the home thread (plus the home thread can be accessed from all of those thread).
It might look annoying to people not participating, I guess, since there might be activity in more than one of those threads at once. That’s exactly what we want those. Imagine what would happen if all those independent discussions where happening as cross-talking in a single thread!
After having used that system, I’m definitely convinced that it works well.


I mean, honestly I’m with you. Thats a shitty thing to do.

I’ve yet to participate in a book club, but even I wouldn’t mind having veterans pick the book and then I choose to join if I like the book. That or if its the same people, just make a list of flakes for people who vote for a book and then dont join in on said book and then no longer let them vote. But as Nath said, its hard to enforce that.

But…either way it cant really hurt me all that much since I can just read what I want on my own if needed.

And just to be clear, I’m not proposing any actual changes or saying we should. Just that in an ideal world, those people wouldn’t be casting their votes.


Right, I think it’s not a problem for individuals. It is a problem for the club as a whole, though.
If we do not read the books we say we would read, well, there’s no reason to actually have the club.
If the book isn’t interesting for the people who are actually planning to join, it might kill the activity again…


If it’s something we have interest in doing I would hope that people would respect our wishes the same way everyone respects them in the sudo pms thread. Plus the number of people who’d participate is so low we could honesty just have a discussion on what to pick, like friends would for a movie.

Hopefully Like you said there are enough active readers but if the problem persists it’s just an idea that’s up in the air for now

Okay I’m willing to give it a try :blush: I just have this ocd thing we’re I like everything as compact as possible. At first that’s why I didn’t want the group to splinter as it has, and maybe even if each individual group hasn’t been terribly successful, over all I think the book club idea was a success. Before the clubs I always saw people saying they wanted to read or struggle to do so , now I see so many people from different clubs saying how much their own club helped them to get into reading comfortably. And all that happened because I initially crated this club and I feel happiness and pride in that. So now I’m not so upset that the club splintered, I don’t think all this success could have come without it. So in other words, invitation might not always be so bad :joy:


I just voted for Kino, as it’s a book/series that I’ve aspired to read for a long time. I also like that it’s a series of relatively self contained vignettes, each almost describing a completely different hypothetical world.

So far I’ve had a bit of a spotty track record with the book clubs though, as I find sometimes I struggle a bit with the difficulty. I’ve already got the books though, so it’ll be good motivation to get started if it is indeed what ends up getting picked.

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Right, and this is especially on my mind now that we have two books neck and neck (that are seemingly very different). What if a bunch of passerbys just vote for kimi no na wa because “kyaa dat movie was so sugoi”, and it just barely wins over kino when in actuality it will draw less active readers.

And this is coming from someone who wont read kino but wants to read Your Name lol.