Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: TUGUMI

The movie is a sequel, IIRC?

The animated one, yeah, is a sequel of sorts in that it includes the protagonist of the book as a secondary character. There was also a live-action film released in 2010 which is a direct sequel to the 1983 film (and the book) starring Riisa Naka (who voiced Makoto in the animated film) as the protagonist.

I’d be kind of interested in reading this one as well, but only volume 2 onwards. I got quite into this author after Moribito. She’s really cool, she has a phd on an indigenous australian people and is as much anthropologist as author of fantasy fiction. Earlier, this series had only the first volume translated in english (perhaps its still only the one) so i read that, and thought that when my japanese was good enough, i’d continue the series in japanese! Its far from good enough though still.

みんな、I’ll be sitting out the current intermediate book - kitchen. I read this one in English years ago and it didn’t make much impact :sweat: There’s a certain… voice that seems to be quite liked in japanese fiction - banana yoshimoto’s in kitchen, hiromi kawakami’s in strange weather in tokyo and her other book, yogo ogawa’s in the housekeeper and the professor (maybe this one less) and perhaps even convenience store woman (which i haven’t yet finished) - i’m not charmed by it. I find it too light, paper-thin. There’s nothing there to bite into, for me.


Well, I am, so thank you for making the next pick sound promising :smiley:


Hmm, I own and want to read both of these, so if you do end up creating a thread/club/schedule/anything for it, count me in xD

On another note, I’m conflicted now! I didn’t want to buy more books but Kitchen sounds like something I’d really enjoy and I don’t know!!! :sob: Also it looks like there’s very little in the beginner’s club that I own, so I’ll probably have to sit that one out too, so I’m like… will I not read with anyone at all until next year??? :scream::scream:
I’m soo conflicted. Why is Japan so far away :sob:


Thanks, created :grin:


Would you prefer a schedule or just a random discussion thread?

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The anime of your name is on the inflight entertainment for this JAL flight I just boarded. Sadly might take second fiddle to the obligatory samurai movie.


Hmmm, good question… :thinking:
I think generally, a schedule would be good because it would keep me on track and actually encourage me to read it a bit more closely.
On the other hand just a general discussion thread would allow me to read it MUCH quicker if I actually really enjoy it.

Maybe some sort of middle ground would be good. Like, I don’t know, have threads for certain sections of the book rather than a specific time, so like the every so-many-chapters or whatever, so the discussion can be a bit more focussed (and I have a limit to read to that isn’t just the end of the book xD)

Or maybe more pages per week so it’s not quite as long (although if you ever end up falling behind, it’s super hard to catch up I guess).

Also, another thing is schedules I think work far better for bigger groups, and I’m not sure how many people we’ll have reading at somewhat the same time.

Not, sure, I’m just rambling here. Feel free to ignore xD


Speaking of The Girl who Leapt Through Time, this was in the volume of Shokugeki no Soma I was reading last night.


I was amused. :slightly_smiling_face:


I personally like The Akari Who Leapt Through Time.


That iconic pose


@Ditto20 @Airdramon - Thanks, guys!

Ah, I noticed our club talking about it a bit in the Week 6/7 Haruhi thread. Seems like most people from Haruhi didn’t like it… Hmm…

Nice to know how easy it is, Belthazar! Is that only kanji/vocab-wise, or grammar-wise too?

I had no idea there was a 1983 movie!!! Yeah, I have the 2004-06 (or something like that) anime movie. Absolutley loved my first watch - where the DVD player screwed up and at some point RE-STARTED the movie! It was hilarious! And “all her fault” too… XD

Still good on the next watch, but I’ll never forget that first run-through with my friends… That woman with the groceries was always going to die, in that run through…

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Oh! The voice actor was the actress in the new movie?! More reason to check out that take.

Hmmm… So the prequel focuses on the guy, then? If that’s the case, I definitely want to read it… Or does it focus on that woman who is like “this is normal for girls your age” in the anime, because that could be interested too. Hmm… Either way, I’m intrigued!

Turned out it was two samurai movies ad. One of them was samurais vs ninjas.

The anime is sort of a spiritual sequel/remake. You could say the book is about the anime protagonists aunt, but it doesn’t quite line up that way. That seems to be the intention.


For some reason volume 3 of Planetes isn’t available on Amazon Japan even though the rest is. Hopefully it’s back in stock in a few months…

I figured since I suggested the book club winner, I should get ready to prepare the appropriate threads…

So here goes:

In case I made mistakes or forgot something, please help me along! Thx :slight_smile:


That was fast!

Nice, thanks.

I may just have to believe that about the book while reading that (until the book proves otherwise) or something, then. Teeheehee…

Would really love for it to be about that other person I blurred, though… that would be something.