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There’s several notes in there about the nomination being for the beginner book club. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had to google to get the reference

And I haven’t. I gave him the name “Hermes” because of the Greek God. My other dog is Kronos :joy:


Yeah, that looks like the one nomination I could probably manage at the moment. So long as it wins at some point within the next year I don’t mind when :wink:


If it doesn’t win I’m gonna pull a 時をかける少女 and threaten to read it on my own. :slight_smile:


Fixed it I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some of it at least. :wink:

This is new.

I see!


@neicul Change the N3 into N2 and N4 into N3, and we’re all set!


I already changed quite some stuff after that comment but specially for you, here goes! :smiley:


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It actually sounds like a fun enough story, it was just funny in context :wink:

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I’ve been wanting to watch this show, with no real place I want to watch it, so oooh!
although I have a bias against books that start chapter one with a lengthy description of a female character. Though that seems to be the majority of them. Haruhi only waits like 6 pages : p


Depends on the description. But this one, yeah, not exactly optimal, to say the least.

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Yeah, I’m obviously just judging by the anime since I haven’t read the book, but I can say that there’s a reason for why I mentioned this part:

I don’t know if the book will be exactly the same as the anime though.

I think SAO, the Sayaka light novel, and the rwby light novel are some of the only Japanese books I have that don’t do this, so that definitely seems to be true.

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I’m waiting for the promised day to come, when a work can be marketed toward young Japanese men but have the confidence that it doesn’t need to titilate them to be read.
I may wait a long time.


I have read many books that do not do that, but they aren’t targeted toward the same audience, I guess.

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For what it’s worth, the author of SAO said in a recent interview that he was trying to move away from such things in his newer books. (He just mentioned it in passing though, he spent most of the interview trying to convince SAO fans reading the interview to also read yagakimi)

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I feel this. Feels like I’ll be done with WaniKani by the time we finish a book here :open_mouth:


夜市 (Night market)



妖怪たちが様々な品物を売る不思議な市場「夜市」。ここでは望むものが何でも手に入る。小学生の時に夜市に迷い込んだ裕司は、自分の弟と引き換えに「野球の才能」を買った。野球部のヒーローとして成長した裕司だったが、弟を売ったことに罪悪感を抱き続けてきた。そして今夜、弟を買い戻すため、裕司は再び夜市を訪れた――。奇跡的な美しさに満ちた感動のエンディング! 魂を揺さぶる、日本ホラー小説大賞受賞作。


A mysterious city where ghosts sell various items, “Night market”. Here you can obtain any item you want. When he was an elementary school student, Yuuji got lost in the market, in exchange for his own little brother, he brought “Baseball Talent”. Yuuji grew as the baseball club’s hero, but he continued to feel guilty about selling his brother. So tonight in order to buy his brother back he visits Night market again.
A miraculously beautiful and moving ending. It shakes the soul, and won the prize for number one horror in Japan. (let me know if you can write a better translation, or actually find one.)


Personal Opinion

Short, interesting, and made by the same author who wrote autumn prison which we enjoyed very much. There’s also an audiobook that you can buy to read and listen along to. Might help increase your reading speed.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Short
  • Interesting
  • Audiobook available


  • ??


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I am learning 憂 right now on my level. Maybe it’s a sign.