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I will be able to keep up with the reading, but if the forum discussions dies out I’ll struggle to know what is going on. I rely heavily on the discussions to catch what I miss (which is a whole lot)

For me the pace is also okay as it is. I had the problem with this book that I missed the first week (due to holidays) and have never managed to really catch up. However, with the next book I can immediately start the book with all of you, so the up-catching (and participation in the forums) should not be a problem anymore :slight_smile:

For me there is also no problem to read the book over holidays (as I will have even more time for Japanese then :smiley: )

I love polls =P

Will you be able to read over the holidays?

  • I will have more time than usual even! =D
  • Just the same as usual =)
  • Will have less time, but should be able to keep up…
  • I will be able to read, but not be active in the forum
  • I will not have time

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You can pick more than one, for those who are unsure and want to pick two possible ones.

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So…slightly dumb question, but what part of the book is everyone in now? I am considering trying to join in late and catch up, but if everyone is near the end of the book already I will just wait til the next book probably.

Perfect timing! Current book is a set of three shorter stories and we’re just starting number two this week. The pace is not too fast so hopefully you’ll have time to get the book (if you don’t have it yet) and join in on this one.

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Awesome! I am jumping in then. Thanks.

It’s been a week since @Toyger posted a poll about the holidays. For those who had the time to check this thread and vote, it seems like we could possibly chug along with the current posted schedule. Those that can contribute will contribute and those who are too busy will have to make do when they are available again. (This was better articulated @riccyjay earlier in the thread). What do we all think about this?


I like this plan.

this works for me.

So, I’m having troubles understanding the current schedule. I was planning to join from the next book, but it seems you are delayed reading the current one?
How long do you think it will take before the next book? (I’m considering whether I should just get autumn prison and catch up instead)

Currently, it’s just been delayed by one week. Up to you, but I wouldn’t have thought it would be worth getting Autumn Prison (unless you just want to read it yourself). This book’s been a little difficult and so the thread’s got pretty quiet. Plus we’re over halfway through the final story of the three in the book so very nearly finished…

Well, it depends, I guess. Would you recommend that book in general?

One week delay means you guys finishing on February 18?

Have you read Majo no Takkyubin? If not, it’s a fun read and more intermediate than beginner, despite the name of the group currently reading it. We are only up to Ch 4, there are summaries of the first 3 chapters so you can just start at Ch 4 if you want to, and the group is working really well together.
Just a thought!

I haven’t, but kids around me are really fond of the Ghibli movie, and I must have seen it ten times over the past year.
If you have seen the movie, is the story different enough? If not, I’m afraid I’ll get bored… :frowning:

If you really want to join us for the third story in the book, and you plan to get the ebook I think it’s possible to catch up. I think it took me about 4-6 hours to read up to chapter 7, I’d read chapter one and some of two when we first started, then I read the rest of 2-4 the day before yesterday and 5-6 yesterday in two hour sessions. So I think if you move fast taking advantage the built in dictionary or translate feature to quickly look up words you don’t know, and skip the words that don’t show up in the dictionary or translation, then you should be able to sit down and catch up in a couple hours. If you really want to.

I recommend the books, I really like the stories and found them all to be very interesting. Though a lot of people weren’t to found of the second story. I liked it though. I think for the most part people enjoy the last story but it’s hard to tell because many dropped out and don’t say much, but I believe the people who have talked have said that they like it.

For now, my count is that there are 3(?) people who are behind but are still planing to catch. sasco said they were behind a couple days ago so she might be caught up now. But 2 people said they were behind yesterday. So with you included that is about 4 people who are behind, maybe, and I was planning to do a google hangout so that we can more quickly get people caught up. If you want more info on this plan please check the discussion thread.

Lastly, I watched kiki’s delivery service s and I did like the movie but not to the point were I’d want to watch it again. Nor read the book. It’s not letting me see inside the book on amazon, so I don’t if the version I read of it was the same or not, but I did read the fist kiki’s book and it had pictures in it from he actual movie. I thought it was boring to read but I had to for the sake of a class I was taking. It wasn’t different from the movie at all as I could see. I don’t think you’d enjoy it much.


Thank you for details.

I just bought the book.
I will start with the third story, then, so that I can catch up quickly. I’ll read the rest afterwards.

Gotcha. Then I’ll skip on that one.

I’m interested in joining in on the next book, :slight_smile: Is there a way to get a notification for when that begins?

Sorry I forgot to answer this! Since this thread is pretty quite you won’t get overwhelmed if you change it’s settings from tracking to watching. I’ll post here when we start the next book along with the poll for the 4th book.

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Thank you! :smile:

Just picked up the next book at the store today! So many furigana omg. Seems like it’ll be quite a bit easier to understand than our past books; hopefully that’ll leave us room to dig a bit deeper into the text rather than spending all our time figuring out what’s going on :laughing: I’m also liking the short story format. Looking forward to it!!

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