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My book finally came in yesterday! I still can’t edit the main post if someone could possibly be so kind as to update my status, it’d be much appreciated. :sparkling_heart:

I’m really excited to start reading it but after looking at the first page I realize I probably won’t be able to keep up with the 5 pages a day reading speed, since it took me like 45 minutes to translate the first 5 sentences alone…

(Granted, that’s mostly b/c I had to look up kanji. The grammar seems mostly Genki I level, which is relieving.)

Do you want it changed to “have the book” or “reading”? I’ll just change it to “reading” for now, but if that’s wrong just let us know and I/someone will fix it.

Is the next book still being chosen? Has it been chosen yet? I want to participate this time around from the beginning.

There’s a link to the poll in the OP. Idea is to choose the new book before No.6 is finished so everyone has time to get a copy before we start again.

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Thankyou. I’m glad I made it in time.

I would also really like to join for book 2 :slight_smile: Can someone add me to the list please? :slight_smile:

I asked a Japanese friend for a book which has not to difficult Japanese and almost every Japanese knows, e.g. a book which is frequently read at school. I think it’s good to sink into Japanese culture :smiley: Well, she suggested the following book:

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I got the book and I started reading too.
If anyone could change my status… (since I don’t know how to do it >.<)
Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the edit :slight_smile:

That’s perfect, thanks! :slight_smile:

Per the plan for No. 6, tomorrow we start Chapter 2. I’d love to keep as many people involved as possible so just out of curiosity and to gauge how the pace is working:

How far into No. 6 are you (as of august 12/13)?

  • Reading ahead in Chapter 2
  • Finished with Chapter 1
  • Mid-Chapter 1
  • First 5 pages
  • First page
  • Haven’t started (planning to)
  • Haven’t started (not planning to)

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Just FYI: I’m only ahead because I started early. From this point, I think the current pace might be unsustainable for me (especially once I start a new, full-time job on the 21st), and a few others as well. Especially when we get to Chapter 3, which is 50 pages, compared to the 36 and 41 pages, respectively, of Chapters 1 & 2. Then again, reading speed may keep picking up as we go, though I’m sure that will vary individually as well.

Oooh! Congrats! That sucks for reading time, but life is life :smiley:

Put haven’t started, planning to, as I’m still waiting for the book =/
Slow shipping is slow… But I will be a very slow reader anyway, if I can even read it at all at my current level =P

I also started ahead because of my work schedule, I’m not going to get to read at all some days. If I end up falling behind, so be it.

i just got my copy a few days ago, i’m hoping a can find some time to catch up soon.

Yeah, I was busy studying for a math exam for half the week so I didn’t start reading until Thursday. also I’ve been timing myself and I read about 1 page every 30 minutes. At first I was looking up everything and searching through our thread, then I tried just only looking up definitions and highlighting the sentences I don’t understand, planing to come back at the end of the chapter, but I’m still at about 1 page every 30 minutes. So I’m looking at about 15 hours a week, around 2 hours a day. I can try to catch up now, but once I start school (the 20th) I don’t think I can keep up this pace. sad face

So, we can make a second thread for the slower people, or we can adjust the pace. So far it seems you, @LucasDesu, @polv, and I also want to assume @riccyjay can keep the pace. As @Caracal is unsure if she can keep up the pace either. So It would be up to you guys, Do you want us to branch off into a another thread, or are you okay with going slower?

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I’d be totally ok with going slower.

I’m just hoping for have good ongoing discussion, so whatever pace is most conducive to keeping lots of people involved is cool with me. :blush:


I’m almost done with the second page… XD slow AF here

I think it’s reasonable to have a slower pace thread. I wouldn’t be surprised if that turned out to being the more livelier thread in the end.