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Also the words つばさ文庫 in the title. つばさ文庫 is Kadokawa’s lower-level reprint department. :slightly_smiling_face:

I bought this version forever ago. And also the hard-cover version in English.


Ahhh I was looking up the book earlier today and wondered why there were multiple versions of the book. Makes sense :+1:t4:

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We have a winner! And the winner is: :drum:

君の名は - Your Name

Hooray! :tada: :partying_face: :birthday:

For everybody who does not understand the excitement of that vote, here is a little history about it:

Short History of Your Name in the Polls
  • In the first poll (that is, the first poll ever of this book club!), back in 2017, Your Name came in 2nd place.
  • In the second poll, it came in 2nd place (tied with Kiki and Kino no Tabi)*
  • In the 3rd poll, it came in 2nd place (notice a pattern yet?)
  • In the 4th poll, it came in 2nd place
  • In the 5th poll, it came in 2nd place (now that’s getting a bit boring…)
  • In the 6th poll, it came in 3rd (what’s going on here?) but the 1st and 2nd winners were very close together so after much back and forth, the club decided to read them both in parallel, which made Your Name the first loser again
  • In the 7th poll, Your Name won! But… it was tied with Kitchen, the club ran a tie-breaker poll, and Your Name lost again
  • In the 8th poll, Your Name came in 3rd place (wow, now that’s the odd outlier here)
  • In the 9th poll, Your Name came in 2nd place (phew, back to normal)
  • In the 10th poll, it came in 3rd, but the first two were tied, and the club decided to read them both one after another, so Your Name was the first loser again
  • In the meantime, an independent reading thread for Your Name was started, so I was about to remove it from the nominations list. But there was not much discussion in that thread, so we decided to keep it.
  • Well, and the results of the 11th poll are what we have today :slight_smile:

(*) we did not have a Beginner Book Club back then, that’s why Kiki was in the poll.

@morteasd , if you would be so kind to take it from here :bowing_woman:


I’ll check tonight which nominations should be removed, but I’m pretty sure it’s the last time we see ポーション頼みで生き延びます :cry:

Edit: No, it’s not! It did well in the two polls before!
1リットルの涙 難病と闘い続ける少女亜也の日記 and もやしもん on the other hand…


I was thinking about introducing a slightly different format for keeping track of the “lack of interest” books. I’ve started experimenting with it in the Advanced Book Club already; maybe have a look at it and tell me what you think.

BTW, you remove books when they are below 15% (?) percent 3 times (?), is that correct? Or is it 3 times in a row? Or a different percentage?

3 times in a row. I have to check the percentage but it’s either 15% or 20%.

Will do!


This book will be out of my depth so will not commit to read along, but I’m curious about more advanced materials so I’ll get it on my kindle and follow a long in the forums.


First time being responsible running the club for a nomination; exciting! And I’m going to be so lost :joy:.


Oh yeah, thanks for fixing that one :joy:

If you have any questions regarding running the club, feel free to ask!

The start date should be February 13th (that would give us the usual one-week break after the current book).

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Hell no, is the Universe kidding me now?!
After me reading the 君の名は for 2.5 months almost alone, the bookclub finally picks it up to read???
bangs her head against the wall in a fit of despair
@morteasd, if I hope that maybe this thread will be of some use for the bookclub then.
walks away dejectedly
Upd: and yeah, surely I missed the timing to vote. Where is my wall? My head needs to talk to it again, closely .


I’ve been thinking about you since the time it got elected :joy: ;-;

Time to super-casually reread? :slight_smile:


I liked the book and really planned to re-read it, but well…with some break.
Too much cakes is not so good for one’s stomach :tired_face:


Great, thank you!

I’ll create the Home Thread soonish to discuss the schedule and whatnot, if it’s not too early for that.


Great :slight_smile: You can do that whenever you like, but I personally tend to do that rather early (to leave enough room for schedule discussions and so that people know what they are up for), so I would not say that it’s too early.

EDIT: Thank you for reminding me to rename the title and update the OP :joy_cat: I’ve provided a stub entry for the next pick in the OP, waiting for you to extend it! :+1:

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I also finished that book about two weeks ago :laughing: It’s a good choice though, I really enjoyed it and I hope everyone who joins the book club will enjoy it too


should i watch the movie first?


I don’t know - it might help you understand some difficult parts if you watch the movie first. But I can also see the appeal of first reading the story and then watching the movie as a reward. Personally, I’ve watched the movie 4 or 5 times before I got the book (it’s one of few movies that I can actually enjoy rewatching - which is the reason why I decided to get the light novel)

Now for 天気の子 I’m going the other route - first reading the light novel and then watching the movie


Gonna try and read along with this one. Emphasis on try :joy:


You know what, count me in!

I’ve enjoyed reading Kino no Tabi with the book club, even if I struggled REALLY hard with the vocab. I had to look up so terribly many words. In the meantime I’ve improved my listening comprehension immensely (even if my reading comprehension kept on the same level… or at least I hope so). Plus I was only able to get half through Kino no Tabi. But it was definitely fun to read it and discuss within the club.

I’m not sure if I can keep up with the reading pace, I’ll probably be one of the slower members… but what so ever.

~T :lion:


Aaaand the book is ordered.

I really like those confirmation emails from Amazon JP. At first they look totally scary, but they are actually very comfortable to read: をご利用いただき、ありがとうございます。Amazonマーケットプレイス出品者「ナマエ」がお客様のご注文を承ったことをお知らせいたします。詳細は、注文履歴からご確認ください。商品が発送されましたら、Eメールにてお知らせいたします。

but wow, the shipping to Germany takes really long. Estimated date is up to 9th of february… thats about a month from now!

~T :lion: