Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: Spy x Family・Next: TUGUMI

I’ve got that book already, so aquiring it would be easy.

But on the other hand: noooooo.

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270 pages is still on the longer side for book club, in my opinion.

I think I’ll pass. :slight_smile:

The effort of all my tears. :sob:

I want to read this.

I’m not sure I want to suffer for the 4 months we’d read this at bookclub speed.

So many good books up for the vote.




You’ve given away the ending of the book anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whenever people tout this show here on WaniKani, they tend to post the trailer or the poster of the movie version. It makes me wonder a bit how many people here have actually seen the drama.

Well, Haruhi is finally officially over. Since we are on break for the ARIA club, I have no thread to put up this week… weird.

In other news, would it be best to start polling for the next book next week (aiming for the end of Kitchen + 1 week break) or in 5 weeks (aiming for the end of the book + 1 week break)?

EDIT: CF the kitchen thread.


Ha, I just posted a poll for the official decision whether to read the second story in the Kitchen book as well :laughing: because I don’t think we really officially decided…

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I removed mine, to avoid confusion.

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As the majority of the regular Kitchen readers has cast their vote, I’ve turned the poll result into the decision that we will read the second story in the book in 3 weeks. This means, the book’s last week ends on Jan 3rd. If we want to add a 1-week break (also for reading the あとがき for those who are interested - it’s only ~3 pages so I did not set aside extra time for it), this means the next book should start on Jan 11th I guess? Which is exactly two months from now :upside_down_face:

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Okay, then we have to vote in a week and a half, then!
I’m going to close nominations for this time next Sunday, then.

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Can you maybe add the most recent nominations to the nominations list in the OP?
So that I can get a better overview and can decide whether I should still nominate something else ^^

I’m planning to do it tonight JP time.
There are 4 extra nominations (total of 13):

I wish it was that easy to add them to the OP :sweat_smile:


Oh, I see :frowning:
Would it maybe help to change the format or something?

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The current format (courtesy of @Radish8) is much more convenient than the previous one. But if you have any specific ideas to improve it further feel free to say.

As far as nominations go, I’m going to hold off for this round. Expect a likely 人類は衰退しました nomination for next round though.


As @seanblue said.
That being said, lazy me would be okay with just copy and pasting links, like I just did, possibly behind dropdowns :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t have any ideas for improvement, I was just wondering whether maybe Naphthalene had some suggestions derived from the pain of editing…

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I somehow forgot to press “Save Edit” yesterday.
Thank the Crabigator Discourse saves drafts, even if we move away from the page…
Anyway, done.


Speaking of Nominations: Do we have something like an upper limit for the length of the books we are reading here?

It might be 350 pages, but I believe it’s mentioned in the OP if you want to double check.

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Yes, good catch! Somehow it did not occur to me to look in the “Proposal Guidelines” section :woman_facepalming:

Edit: And yes, you were right, it is 350 pages.

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By the way, I remember we (as a group) discussed of further decreasing that limit, since Haruhi did reach it and it felt long.
Of course, there are other factors, but still. I guess above 300 is pushing it in the case of difficult books.