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Hello - - my 1st post on this thread, and really excited to dip my toe into reading my first Japanese book. I have decided to get a head start on 夜市. I know it is early… but I imagine it’ll be slow at first for me. Look forward to seeing all y’all’s conversation on the book next month. Cheerrrrs J


Come on, 白羽 was fun. :eyes:

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What’s the second story (?) after 夜市? It didn’t look like it was mentioned in the nomination post.

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It was not. It’s also not mentioned on the back, so I have no info about it at this time.
The wikipedia page of the book does mention they are separate stories, and the second one (風の古道) was turned into a manga. :thinking: I found some summaries, but they are spoiler-heavy, so I won’t post them here (and will try to forget). That being said, it’s in the same “style” as 夜市, so people who liked the first story should like the second one too! (I hope that includes me).

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Alright, here’s a 13 weeks schedule, averaging ~15 pages per week, but with variations between 11 and 19 pages per week as I was trying to follow the breaks in the book.

7 (start)
93 (end of 夜市)
108 (chapter end + some)
124 (chapter end)
141 (chapter end + some)
157 (chapter end x2)
187 (chapter ends x3 + some)
199 (chapter end)
210 (book end)

Is that better?

  • Yes
  • No (too fast)
  • No (too much variation)
  • No (too slow)
  • No (other)
  • I clicked by accident and can’t unclick

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Alright, I have made the home thread with that schedule:

In the end, I have decided to give ebooks a try. We’ll see how that goes.
In the meantime, @morteasd, can you check I got the proper breaks? I tried to make the page size of my reader roughly the same as the paper version based on the preview from Amazon and then used that to estimate the page number, but that was definitely not an exact science…

Edit: also, 19 pages on the first week… That might be a bit much in hindsight.

Edit2: alright, considering that the first few pages are usually harder in general, I’m unilaterally deciding to cut that into 7+12 just to be safe.


I read a wonderful book. The Waiting Years by Fumiko Enchi. In english though. I wonder how it would feel to read the book in Japanese. I don’t know if it was translated really, really well or if the writing in Japanese has an intensity that I personally have not encountered yet in the country’s literature (in english-translated Mishima, Kawabata, Tanizaki…) Even the female authors I’ve read so far have felt a little cold. This one i couldn’t put down once I started. The last time this kind of thing happened was when I read Elena Farrante’s Neapolitan novels! Those 4 days that i read her 4 novels feel like a fever now when i look back. I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes women-centric stories, japanese literature or… short and intense novels. Perhaps we could consider this or other books by her for future book clubs!


Sounds really interesting! Sadly I cannot find any ebook version of it, which would make it hard to pick for some of the members, especially if the corona situation doesn’t get better.
Of course, I could have just failed to find it :thinking:

I have this book on my wishlist for quite some time, and I could not find an ebook version of it either :thinking:

(a bunch of other books of this author are available as ebooks, though…)

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I could find some too, from the same publisher as well… feels so weird that they would have an ebook for some books but not for all of them.

Talk to Murakami Haruki about this topic :wink:


Well I was thinking of him actually. And in his case it makes sense: there are no ebook whatsoever since he hates them. But here there are some ebooks, so it cannot be that :thinking:

Well, for Murakami there are also some ebooks, which is what makes it so weird for me!

(because I know he hates them, but then again :woman_shrugging:)


That’s… weird. I checked about a year or so ago, and couldn’t find anything. Then I came across something saying he was opposed to them, and I just stopped looking. Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough?

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I think they are probably there for more than a year. But I kinda went through the same process, first I couldn’t find any, then I read that he dislikes them, and so I did not look as much any more. But then I think I accidentally discovered one or two of them. And yeah, no clue on why especially those ones…

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The only thing I found was that week 12 end page should be 186, not 187.

Otherwise looks good!


Thanks! I fixed it.

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I was updating the OP, and it just struck me: we are about to read our 10th book with the club! It feels like a milestone. Here’s to (hopefully) 10 more! :tropical_drink:


When is the vote for the next book?

Usually we aim to finish voting about 6 weeks before the reading starts, so that people can get their copy even if that takes some time. That would be end of June / early July, I guess. But maybe it’s advisable to allow for more time for shipping these days? - or is nowadays everybody on digital media anyway?