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It’s not too late :stuck_out_tongue:
Also you x-axis shouldn’t be called “break number” I guess

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Now it makes sense. I was wondering how it could take 20+ weeks to read a 150 page book at 10-15 pages a week…


Hi there, after the great success of Kino’s reading group, we are thinking of running something similar for the Beginner Book Club as well. To keep maintenance for the admins and the participants to a minimum, we would like to also use the Intermediate Book Club Discord server for this if this is ok for everybody?

(btw seanblue already volunteered to set up the text and voice chats for the Beginner Club in that server if nobody is against reusing it - thanks!)


Don’t see why we shouldn’t just make it into a general book club server. Would make it easier to switch between levels as people advance (if interest in reading groups stays high) or for those participating in both.

If we’re voting, my vote’s yes. :stuck_out_tongue:


has absolutely nothing to do with you question, but where’s the schedule for the discord meetings for the intermediate club? I’ve never joined (mainly because I read about it in the forum once and then completely forgot about it), but I’d like to in the future if I’m free, if only to lurk.
Also is the link in the OP still active? (it says it hasn’t been used for a while)

The link’s working fine! I think that note’s there because it was on a bit of a hiatus before we re-started it for Kino.

Please drop by whenever you’d like, nothing wrong with just lurking. The more the merrier, after all. :smiley: (Though there is a very real danger of being converted to the talking side of things… :eyes:)

The times can be found in the reading aloud discussion thread (OP) as well as the weekly threads’ OP. (but apparently they might be wrong? Thanks @NicoleRauch)


What?! That danger doesn’t exist at all. :eyes:


Exactly my thinking :smiley_cat:

Sooner or later we will get them all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are we sure that these times are actually correct? My calendar says they are at
Sat 8:30 pm GMT, Sun 12:30 pm GMT (the artificial Greenwich Mean Time)
Sat 9:30 pm BST, Sun 1:30 pm BST (British Summer Time, i.e. the current time in Greenwich)

?!? :thinking:

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I’m pretty sure you are right.

I-I only copied and pasted, I’m sorry! :sweat_drops: this is probably a remnant of before summer time. Maybe. Or a conversion error from way back when.

I just updated the OP with several changes:

  • Made the Discord link more prominent (though @Naphthalene, you might want to update the Kino home thread to mention it as well).
  • Added Convenience Store Woman to the historic poll results.
  • Removed Haruhi and Convenience Store Woman from the list of nominations.

I can’t seem to access the the link, it says it’s not found or private? :thinking:

I shall be vigilant :wink:

Thanks for the times though, may stop by on Sunday if I’m free :grin:

Here is the link. There’s a typo in the other one.


Sorry, I did not mean to imply that you wrote it (although my quotation looks like that tbh!), it’s just that I stumbled across it again. Now I remember that I almost missed one of the sessions because I thought it was one hour later, so I will update the times to reflect the correct ones.


Thanks! :slight_smile: I shall attempt to lurk (and maybe convert to talking :smirk:)


No worries, I’m not offended or anything, if it looked like that. :sweat_smile: clearly my copying skills are top notch! Really.

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Tie go high?



The poll does not seem to think it’s a tie, though (look at the percentage :crazy_face:)


Yeah, I think 2 weeks may be the best in this situation. I’ll finalize the schedule for Haruhi tonight, then.
It’s been a bit difficult to find nice breaks in the text, so I’ve been delaying it, but I’ll manage.