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I changed it to Vol. 1 for clarity, thinking it can just be changed back if it’s too much.

But I failed at changing the thread title? :frowning:


Oh, that’s a good idea! I was thinking of the list of nominations, but it’s much more important to make the current pick clear.

I don’t think it matters too much in the title. All the purchasing links are for volume 1 anyway too.


It was mildly triggered during the scene in class after she had jumped back the first time. The second/third time around, she is actually more prepared for it, and she know what is going on, so I felt fine.

I was mostly joking :stuck_out_tongue: But if I can get to the point where there’s less than say 100 words I don’t know in a whole book, it’s fine.

I edited the title. Good point :ok_hand:

I know I’m not participating anyway, but I’m not really sure I see the benefit in running Your Name as well :thinking:

It’s a bit tricky because for some reason fewer people have voted in the parallel poll, but a solid 38 people have said they’d read Kino’s Journey if it was the only one running, at the expense (sorry guys!) of only about 5 people. Let’s be generous and ignore the 4 extra voters; you’ve got about 34 reading.

If there are two running you’re down to just 25 for Kino’s Journey, and I hate to be pessimistic but I feel like trying to read two books probably makes it more likely that you end up not keeping up with either. Even if you just have people lagging behind it means they can’t contribute as much to discussion of the story and so on.

And the Your Name group will only have about 14 people!

It just seems like the one thing this group super super needs is for the next pick to have a solid, active group of people, and running two books weakens that for little gain.

But… I’m basically just here for the fun of editing the OP and it’s not me who will be affected by missing out on Your Name, so just my thoughts :grin:


The home thread for Kino’s Journey is up!


Radish for President of Radishland! Does everyone agree??



We actually have a monarchy (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)


Vive la révolution


We must abolish the monarchy!
And elect the king radish as president!


I’m fine with reading anything! I just voted for “Your Name” because I already have it but haven’t picked it up yet, but I’m happy to get the winning book too. I do think I’d only have the time for one book.


What … do they mean with … “sold out”??


。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。


It still seems to be available on amazon at least, albeit with a longer shipping time than normal(is it just me, or do the book club books always seem to end up being sold out pretty much everywhere?)

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You could also try their proxy shipping service? That might just be more expensive than Amazon though.

@ditto20 yeah, it always seems to be a problem. That’s part of why I try to buy so quickly after the result is announced. Maybe the Japanese publishing industry just isn’t set up with many spare copies of things?


Yeah my problem is… in Germany you don’t use credit cards at all… so I have non.

It’s always the same problem when Germans go abroad -.-


Ebooks \o/

So convenient


And yet so much less pleasant. :man_shrugging:


I had similar problems. This is in stock though. I actually ordered it from them from a different publisher but apparently it went out of stock as I ordered it so I had to call them and they changed my order to this.

Edit: they only take credit cards nevermind I’m not helpful.

Well, both my job and my hobbies involve staring at computer screens all day, so nothing unusual there.

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All the more reason to not use a screen when reading. :wink: