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yeah if you don’t know this is the reason why we moved it, and we held a poll deciding it if it was okay.

I don’t remember if there was a reason to put everything in campfire, I just felt like doing it. But at this point making it public would help a lot more people, so I think it does more good than harm.



I hadn’t been in any of the threads because if been too busy. I’ll have to check them all to make sure I don’t say anything too personal…


Who? And which website?

Sorry I’m trying to get all caught up in this.

All answers are in the sentence above the one you quoted.

The website itself is called, you should check it out if you have the time :slight_smile:

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So, since we are zeroing on the optimistic start date for the new book, what should we do?
Looking at the member list, I guess we can still wait for @Snowflying to receive the book, if it hasn’t been delivered yet.

In the end, are we going with @LucasDesu’s schedule (so roughly a month per chapter), then discuss at the end? A majority of people voted in favor of that option in the poll, but I don’t think we “officially” settled anything.

(Tagging the rest of members to be safe: @fl0rm @Scaso @NickNickovich @Kyasurin)


I’ve created the new thread for The Devil is a Part-Timer . It’s mentioned in the thread, but please refrain from book discussion until after the start date has been determined.


Is it okay if I add a link to the word list from


I read a bit slower than most of you, so that pace might be too fast for me. But I’m also not as active as i would like to be, so i’m ok to go with the majority on this one

Good point. Poll time!
Preferred start date for the next book?

  • June 2
  • June 3
  • June 9
  • June 10
  • Something else

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I doubt I will be able to keep up either! Especially once I go back to uni at the end of July.

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yeah, summer is our busy season at work, so finding time is will be the hardest part. But the book is interesting enough that I think its worth the challenge.

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I’m new here, and this is my first time reading a light novel, so I have no idea what my speed might be! It would’ve been nice to have small discussions after each chapter, but it looks like most people are too busy for that frequency?

I don’t really understand the reason, but last book discussion slowly dried out.
It can be that people are too busy, it can be that the book itself was boring…

But anyway, discussion will still be possible anytime, especially to ask for help, etc.
Discussion about the story itself will happen at the end of each “chapter”/episode. There are only three in the book, so once every four weeks or so.

I’ve observed this phenomenon with every book we’ve done so far. I’ve even noticed this with the Beginning Book Club for Kiki’s Delivery Service. I think for each book it’s a different reason for the sharp decrease in activity. Also depending on the individual, it could’ve been a combination of interest in the book, struggling to keep up, having nothing to say, among other things. One thing is for sure is that activity near the beginning of a book is higher than near the ending of a book.


I guess I’m still a bit confused hahaha sorry! :joy:

I’d prefer more regular discussion… just in case I don’t make it to the bitter end! :joy:

With the last two books we had designated discussion leaders whose responsibility included putting together questions to gauge reading comprehension and to flush out questions from participants. This was supposed to occur weekly. At least, from my perspective, the task which was meant to encourage activity turned more into a chore as people who were available to take over dwindled during the progression of the book. Couple this with the reality that the members of this club tend to not ask as many questions about grammar on the thread either.

My proposal was to release that pressure of doing the chore of creating discussion questions for the sake of creating discussion questions and reserve the discussion of book as a whole to the end.

Although I understand the concern that people’s motivation may be tied to the activity on the thread, I personally am not going to obligate myself to doing the discussion leader thing again. Having to do it so many times because there wasn’t anyone available affected my motivation to continue. Not to mention near the end, there weren’t many responses to these discussion questions, which again made me wonder why I even bothered. To be clear, I would’ve finished the book regardless, but having the obligation week after week made participating a chore rather than a treat.

So if there’s activity that happens naturally on the thread, I’ll be happy to participate. What I wrote was meant to say the discussion obligation really exists after we’ve completed the book.


My vote shouldn’t count for much though. I have the book and will TRY to read along, but it does feel way above my level, so I can already tell I will probably not participate much if at all. But I will try read along, and if I fall of I’ll return later and read it on my own and follow along with the comments =P


As per usual now would be a good time to start suggesting books for the upcoming poll. I’ll pitch some books later.


I’m only going with the 9th because I get back from a trip on the 2nd and won’t have the full week for the first chapter. I should be able to catch up, though; I’ll just be behind on the thread until chapter 2.