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Here’s a schedule that would take about 15 weeks to get to the end of the book. I’m not sure about the difficulty of this book, but I wouldn’t be surprised if were more difficult than the last two.

Proposed Reading Schedule

Week Chapter/Position Pages*
1 魔王、生活のために労働に励む
week 2 starts after the picture or with the line "二人は最低限の職へ"
2 魔王、生活のために労働に励む
week 3 starts after the break or with the line "翌朝にはバレだ"
3 魔王、生活のために労働に励む
week 4 starts after the break/picture or with the line "今にも背景に薔薇を飛ばさん"
4 魔王、生活のために労働に励む
week 5 starts in the next chapter
5 魔王、新宿で後輩とデートする
week 6 starts after the asterisk or with the line "くっそ、警察のせいで貴重な休日"
6 魔王、新宿で後輩とデートする
week 7 starts after the after break/picture or with the line "ですよねー。なんか、わかってました"
7 魔王、新宿で後輩とデートする
week 8 starts after the asterisk or with the line "エミリア・ユスチーナが"
8 魔王、新宿で後輩とデートする
week 9 starts after the break or with the line "お邪魔しまーす"
9 魔王、新宿で後輩とデートする
week 10 starts in the next chapter
10 魔王と勇者、笹塚に立つ
week 11 starts after the asterisk or with the line "気持悪いい!"
11 魔王と勇者、笹塚に立つ
week 12 starts after the break or with the line "ちょっと!さっきのは"
12 魔王と勇者、笹塚に立つ
week 13 starts after the break or with the line "映画...じゃないよね"
13 魔王と勇者、笹塚に立つ
week 14 starts after the break or with the line "おぇっぷ...いったい、"
14 魔王と勇者、笹塚に立つ
week 15 starts after the break or with the line "恵美とエメラダとアルバート"
15 魔王と勇者、笹塚に立つ
read until the end

*Page counts are from my kindle fire which have higher counts than printed page counts so this projected plan is quite conservative. Additionally, I’ve omitted pages that only had one line on them, illustrations, or were blank. I welcome additional proposals so that we can vote on suitable alternatives.


I don’t understand that poll. You suggest two options, but you don’t give a choice to say which option we are ok with. In my case, I prefer to keep discussions for each chapter, not the whole book. I don’t quite understand.

So this is the pace you are following? around 20 pages a week? … intermediate level?. Then I’m out! :-/ not that fast…

Really? That’s like 3 pages a day… It seems pretty managable to me.

I am a stalker of the intermediate club rather than a member, but I’m pretty sure that post says:

And I assume the proposed schedule was at least to some extent based on previous schedules.

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With the poll the answers go as follows (in order from top to bottom)
Yes, I’d like to implement this
No, I don’t think we should implement this, I’ll post below why.
I have a different idea/proposal; I’ll post below what it is
I don’t care what we do
I have some other comment which I’ll post below.

This poll you’re free to choose many choices you feel are relevant. I’m sorry if my wording was unclear.

As @Radish8 says, the proposed schedule I posted is a suggestion. Nothing is decided at this point. I just took the initiative to divide the book before we have to start reading the new story. The basis for the pace is from the previous books we’ve read in the past. In the end, members of intermediate book club will voice their opinions about what to do, and we’ll do that.

As mentioned in subject of this thread, it’s the intermediate level book club, so if this pacing is too fast I’d recommend checking out the beginner book club.

Separate topic
It took me until now to realize that @Naphthalene is really @Nath. :rofl:


I’m not sure if you mean the pace isn’t that fast, or if you aren’t that fast. (I have no idea of what your expectations are at intermediate level).
In my case, the pace feels slow, but then I just read ahead. I’m already down with week 4 in the proposed schedule, for instance, and I’m currently reading something else while waiting to be in sync again.

Now, if you meant it’s too fast, as @LucasDesu said, the beginner book club should be a bit easier. In that context, “beginner” means “beginner to reading native material”, not “beginner to Japanese” :slight_smile: Also, they are going to read a really cool manga this time around, so in any case you should check it out!


So, I found the list of chapters for the new book, but I am having trouble finding the title…
Could someone please take pity on me and tell me what it is?

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The vocab should be available at as well.
Direct link:


Thanks for trying to propose a new system for the Book Club. I also had an idea, though I don’t know if it would be better: Perhaps we could move the brunt of the discussion to the Discord channel. I noticed that several people have joined in recent weeks, so the interest seems to be there. Since it’s an instant messenger it might help generate more discussion, particularly between people who happen to be online at the same time.

Considering the general slowness of the discussion thread in general, though, it’s hard to say if Discord would be any better. There isn’t much discussion happening between discussion question postings - but then this makes me fear that, if we switch to a “discussion questions at the end only” approach, discussion would drop down to zero. We could potentially implement a “general discussion on the Discord, end-of-book discussion questions on the forums” model but, then I don’t know if the result would be much different from the way things are now.

I agree. But is it bad, though? As @LucasDesu said, we could move toward a more standard book club approach. (Or at least what I think is a standard book club approach, since I’ve never been part of one).
They don’t talk to each other all the time, they meet at a set point in time and discuss the book.
The advantage of the forum is that people can still come in between and ask questions related to vocab and grammar, but I don’t mind the real discussion part only happening at the end…

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I’ve ordered the book and look forward to being part of this group!



We’ve just a few more weeks on the current book, so we’re on the home stretch. I’m also looking forward to starting a new book and hopefully getting more people involved. ^^

P.S. - Have we decided on a date to start the next book? Do we want the customary 1-week break, or no?

P.P.S. - I went ahead and updated info in the first post! Folks that are participating in the next book: Go ahead and add yourselves to the members list! If you’re a newer member you may not have the ability to edit wikis yet; in that case let us know and another member will add you. :blush:


I happened to pick up 1-16 recently, expecting to be ready to try reading it by August, but maybe it won’t be too bad as a second LN.

(Worst-case, I can at least provide reading-level feedback for others if I have to bail and stick to manga for a while longer. I’m on the upper end of the beginner group, but I’m not quite ready to leave it yet.)

Yep. It is when you have time to read every day. I spend a lot of time on a book depending on the book. If it’s a phsyical book with no furigana, in general, I spend a lot of time searching for the kanjis. If it’s a digital book, then it’s different.

I’ll go to the beginners club, yep. This is too much for me. I can read difficult stuff, but a little slow because of kanjis… that’s why Im in WK… :frowning:

Thanks @Naphthalene :slight_smile:


That’s fine, it’s just you seemed flabbergasted that the intermediate club would move at such a speed. I thought if I broke it down into smaller chunks you’d find it an appropriate speed for intermediate level.

I just prefer the books you are reading here, honestly…

Hi guys, I’m interested in trying out this book club! I have a question regarding はたらく魔王さま. Are we reading just the 1st volume? It looked like a series of 20 books!

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Just try it, like I said 3 pages a day and if you get stuck you can ask for help. Also, you can try to start learning the vocab for it now with And maybe this way by learning the words you don’t know now and It can increase your reading speed by the time you get there. We’ve also had online meetups in the past where we take turns reading the book, perhaps we could see how much interest there’d be in doing that again. That way you can read along at fa aster pace while someone else is reading. The choice is yours, however.

No,no, just the 1st book. :blush:


Oh, great! I was a little scared there!
So, what do I do? I just add myself to the list of members?

Also, how do kindle people match page numbers when they want to ask a question?