Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Now Reading: Kino's Journey)


What books?


君の名は (Your Name) and スイッチを押すとき (when you push the switch)


It’s nice to see activity in this thread again. Though I have been present on the forums, my sabbatical from any active participation in the book clubs is still in place for a bit longer. I’d like to give more details, but since these parts of the forums are more public than campfire, I’m going to leave it like that. For this reason, I’m okay with the suggestions brought up to revive the group.


It’s a good option, since I’m aware that this one is available on FloFlo :v:


But reading it will just make me miss the gorgeous visuals!


But…! But…! Books > Movies!

Or so I am told.


I have a somewhat similar problem. Even though life calmed down a bit, I still do not have enough time to sit down and actually do the required maintenance of the thread to get things rolling. :frowning:


Nope. Source material over adaptions.


My feeling is that a work should be created to maximize the medium it’s presented in. As a result of that I tend not to be a fan of novelizations, as they take something that (if it was made really well) is intrinsically visual, and make it non visual. Then there’s the fact that they usually involve someone who isn’t the creator of the characters shoving thoughts into the characters heads for the sake of narration, which totally rubs me the wrong way.

That’s my inherent bias, but while saying that, I currently have an anime novelization and a movie novelization on their way to my house from Japan. Sigh…

So in other words I’d read it anyway. :wink:


I can probably kick off things here in a few weeks. I still want to wait until after the next vote in the Beginner Book Club in case somehow they pick something I want to read that’s somewhat challenging.


Please don’t fite me

I haven’t even read Harry Potter

I’m a fiction newbie



You’re a book club hero.


I’m sure you will, you are amazing like that.
But I really feel bad about letting you deal with all the hard work.


Well it would have to be on the condition that someone else can take of the Beginner Book Club. I certainly can’t run three.


On a side note has anyone been able to purchase digital content from amazon jp recently? I loaded my giftcard balance alright but even with a vpn I’m unable to purchase digital content without a card issued in japan on file.

I can also help with things here. I’ve got more free time this semester.


I only got something that was available for free (a few weeks ago), so that probably doesn’t tell you anything.


@seanblue @Naphthalene
What kind of books are we looking for right now? More towards beginner? short? interesting?

And also what genre? Like are we still scared or dark/depressing books or are we good for anything right now?

I’m gonna look into more books by the person who wrote Autumn prison since we liked that book and it was a good difficulty. I’m also looking at Haruki Murakami since I’ve read his books in English and liked them. I’m also still interested in the penguin highway book, it looked easy to read and cute. I’m also always down for battle royale but I don’t know how difficult it will be.


I nominate 源氏物語




I don’t mind any genre, as long as it’s interesting and I can handle it.

I already have a copy of Penguin Highway (though I kind of regret buying the version with furigana at this point), but it is a bit long (over 350 pages).

Battle royals can be fun. In that genre I’ve had my eye on 魔法少女育成計画 (284 pages)

I particularly like supernatural stuff, so I’m also interested in reading ココロコネクト, but that’s also just over 300 pages.