Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Now Reading: 地球星人)

I think that works for me.

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Sweet! My physical book still hasn’t arrived (our terrible postal service…), but I also got the eBook from BookLive! for 561円. I guess it’s quite useful when searching for vocab or kanji and at least I’ll start reading the first chapter on time haha.

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Okay, so today’s the day right? :3 who is starting the thread @AnimeCanuck? And we are doing 1-2 chapters a week?

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I just came in here to ask exactly the same.

There’s supposed to be a separate thread, right?

And how is going to be the reading pace :slight_smile:

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My understanding was that @AnimeCanuck was going to take care of putting together the thread. I’m not sure what time zone they’re in, but I’m sure it’s on its way.

As for the pacing, as per the poll please see “First Option” in @Kumirei’s post. It outlines pace most of the members have decided on.

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Hey for people who are reading on kindle paper white or ios, what dictionary do you recommend? I found that the free jap-eng dictionary doesn’t have a lot of words, can not detect conjugated forms, and some of the words it does has, it won’t pull up the definition all the time, but just an example sentence.

So I brought Japanese English Dictionary Premium Edition that claimed it could do all these features. While it does seem to have more words and looks nicer when giving definitions it does not detect conjugated forms which is very disappointing. :confused: Unless I’m doing something wrong, I hope, I really want this to work.

I want to give it 2 stars for wasting my time, I’m going to have to still double click and move over to Imawa to look up conjugated forms, but since it’s so much nicer than the other one I had I’ll give it three. So beware if you’re looking for a way to have a nicer dictionary then go ahead and buy it, but not to look up conjugated verbs. If I knew it would do this I still would not have brought it but whats done is done. Edit: The premium also always brings up the pronunciation, while the default one would seldom neglect it.

Also please note that you can’t use these dictionaries with kindle fire for some reason, only the default dictionaries.

Oh yeah almost forgot, since we’ve begun this book we have to start choosing the next book. Shall we recycle the old options and/or start pitching new books?

Bit of both? Keep the 2-3 runner ups, rest new?

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Alright then, that would be these books.

So I will automatically include them in the next poll. I’m also thinking of re pitching Door D. To everyone else please look at this list of books, and if you want to include one in the poll please re pitch it yourself. And any other book you have in mind please pitch. If you could pitch it like the books in the last link, saying what it’s about, pros/cons, and an estimate of its difficulty is not required but appreciated.

I’m going to wait a week(or two?), to put the poll up, please leave your suggestions before then.

Lastly, if any one wants to give a good pitch for the books that will be automatically added, please do so.(They don’t have one right now)

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Book pitch

Title: 赤い悪夢 (5分後に意外な結末)
Japanese level: I dunno my middle schoolers read it. I read the first two stories with little to no difficulty and I don’t read much.

Synopsis: An anthology of short stories that are in the horror/mystery/SF genre. They are generaly suppose to take 5 minutes to read for a native Japanese person. This is the blurb from Amazon Japan:

Why it might be a good choice:

  • As they are short stories, they are easier to read, also more chances to feel accomplished after every small story.

-The first two stories were interesting, and it has good reviews.

-first two stories had easy Japanese, so I assume more of it does.

-Some stories will be familier as the second story is the I think famous, " monkey’s paw."

Why it might be a bad choice:

-some stories will be familier.

-other reasons I am not sure about?

amazon listing


Oh my! Today arrived so fast, and I’ve had a suddenly (and surprisingly) busy weekend. If it’s not yet made, I’m still happy to do so. If someone else has made it, I thank you.

Apologies to everyone. ごめん m(_ _;)m

And now I’m already a day behind in my reading as well. Sheesh. Meant to get it set up on Friday and start early, too.

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So the thread isn’t quite as organized as I’d like (since I rushed it on my phone), but here it is:

I’ve already linked it up in the OP, as well.

Planned edits to add tomorrow: the rest of the discussion leaders, and the dates of which reading portion is to be done when (fiddling with Kumirei’s table).

There’s more that I’m forgetting at the moment because it’s late…

Including a picture of the book, author name, etc.

EDIT: also please remind me @LucasDesu, we did decide on one of those chunks a week, not every two weeks, correct? Please tell me if I’m wrong - it’ll matter when I fix the schedule table tomorrow.


Yes, it’s one chunk a week. Thank you for setting the thread up!

Thanks for confirming!

No, I was i̶m̶p̶a̶t̶i̶e̶n̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶ patiently waiting for you all day :blush: Lol, thanks for coming through!

Ok! I have added myself to the list and I am going to try my hardest to keep up with this one. I figure it may be good help for N2 study…

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Hope it’s ok I post this question here:

I’ve decided to read the current book on the Kindle desktop/iOS apps – it’s very cool that it has J-J and E-J dictionaries built in, but…

I can’t get either of them to look up conjugated words, and I can’t get them to let me copy words to paste into another app. I must be doing something wrong?

e.g. I wanted to look up 薄ら寒くなった – selecting it in kindle shows nothing for either dictionary. I can choose “copy,” but when I go to paste that into Midori on iOS, it pastes some kind of nonsense url. On mac desktop, there’s nothing to paste.

Also, can you only search those dictionaries in Kindle by selecting a word that exists in the text? I can’t figure out a way to make it let me just type something into the dictionary.

Any ideas?

No, I’ve the same problem with conjugated forms.
On my ipad copy and pasting is fine, but on the desktop you have to highlight it, and then press copy from the bar that appears. If you try a short cut or to right click it un highlights. Does this help?

Also, I use imiwa for ios and it automatically looks it up for me when I enter the app with copied text. So you don’t have to copy/paste, just copy and double click over.

Interesting… when I hit that “copy” button on desktop, this is what it copies:

薄ら寒く なっ た。

恒川 光太郎. 秋の牢獄 (角川ホラー文庫) (Kindle Location 24). . Kindle Edition.


I guess I can just delete that whole line of text every time, but wow annoying.

edit: omg also? It puts spaces between each character. I see now why you had spaces between the characters in your post from before!

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Same, I guess they’re afraid of you posting it somewhere without sources it, but it doesn’t do that with ios I think

Ohh, so that’s what @downtimes meant when they said they didn’t understand why I broke the words up. I didn’t notice, nor did I know what they were talking about lol