Intermediate Japanese Book Club (Now Reading: 地球星人)

I’m still waiting on my copy of No 6 to arrive. I was originally planning on reading it on my own, at my own pace. But I would consider joining everyone else in the slower pace group if it becomes a thing. :slight_smile:

Same here. I have plenty of other stuff to read at my own pace - the point of reading this book for me is the discussion and having other people to check ideas with so it would be good to keep as many people as possible together.

I try to do a mix of reading - some things quickly for gist, some things more slowly and checking more details, and I’m happy to treat this as the second type. To be honest, I’m sure I could spend several months over this and still not get everything out it.

I feel ya. I’m in the same boat as you, started a new job last week

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Slower pace would be good. I started at 1 page per 2 hour now i’m at 45 per page. Getting good. Not sure if it’s because i’m getting use to reading or the page have less words.

Keep up the good work guys the harder it is the better you’re becoming :slight_smile:

Sorry for the absence everyone :confounded: I’ve been so busy with packing and all.

But I looks like its in our best interest to extend the date of each chapter to two weeks for the current thread. If there are still people who are slower than two weeks then there can be the slower thread. (of three weeks or a month for a chapter.) Is this a good idea?

Also the polls been up for 8 days now so I’m closing it. I’m going to take the 4, top three wont work because their are three books with 11% and it wouldn’t be fair to leave one out. So here’s the next round guys
First round and Book descriptions

  • 秋の牢獄(Autumn Prison)
  • キノの旅
  • 君の名は
  • 魔女の宅急便

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Sorry I made the poll private. I’m only going to do it again because the percentage can be inaccurate. One time while I was watching the last poll, two options had the same number of votes but it gave them different percentages for what ever reason. Maybe because it doesn’t do 3.5 and had to round in some places idk. But just to be sure, here’s another one. Sorry for the in convince. :confused:

  • 秋の牢獄(Autumn Prison)
  • キノの旅
  • 君の名は
  • 魔女の宅急便

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First round and Book descriptions

Officially going to start reading book 1. I even changed my book icon :blush:

This summer has been a lot more hectic than I expected but hopefully I’ll catch up and keep going with it.

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When’s the poll close? I’m reading excerpts of 秋の牢獄 and 君の名は before choosing, but if there’s a bit of a deadline here I’ll just pick one.

Interesting that there is a second round now. I really thought, the book was kind of decided already :slight_smile: Anyway both books are really awesome and i look forward to read the next book together with you :slight_smile:

Whenever really. I was thinking perhaps a week from now, or when I see that most people voted. I can leave it open for you though, so just let me know whenever you finish.

@mitsuki777 There were people who said they wanted to do a nomination process because the voters who voted for something with like 1 or 2 votes are wasted because they had no chance in wining and they didn’t get input on the top choices. This way everyone’s vote is more valuable. I personally don’t mind either way, so it’s whatever everyone wants.

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Hey guys, how’re you all progressing?

I fell behind a bit and am trying to catch up, so I threw something together in Google Calendar to figure out where I should theoretically be by this point. Seems like I’m about 6 days behind schedule. Thankfully I’ll have more free time this week so hopefully I can catch up :sweat_smile:

At the 5 pages per day pace it seems we would be starting Chapter 3 today, and finishing the book on September 14th. I’d be willing to make a new calender if we end up changing the pace based on how everyone’s progressed so far~

Original Calendar

JBC No 6 Calendar AugustJBC No 6 Calendar September

I think the consensus was that a chapter every two weeks would keep more people involved. That would have us starting chapter 2 today.

Oh! Totally missed that detail :scream:

Maybe something more like this, then?


Looks about right. There’s already been a fair bit of discussion of chapter 2 in the other thread, but I guess it’s going to start again from today, and then everyone will be in the same place by the start of chapter 3.

The boom finally arrived! =D
I will probably not be able to catch up though, as I’m a very slow reader, will have to look up just about everything =P
But will look in the forum discussion to see if I get some help just by reading it =)
Hopefully I’ll get better as I press on =^-^=

I’m excited to jump in with you guys on book 2! I just order Autumn Prison and Your Name off of amazon, so hopefully one of those is picked.

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Again sorry for the absence guys :’( I just finished my first week back at college and it was much tougher than I thought it would be. But the polls been up for quite a while so I’ll close it now. Looks like autumn Prison is the winner so you guys can go ahead and start purchasing the book now.

@Toyger I am in the same boat as you, only it’s my own fault. I did not expect all my time to get taking up with moving in and school and stuff. So I’m just going to read as much as a can for now. I was making a big post of notes on everything I didn’t understand but that was taking up so much time so now I’m just highlighting stuff I don’t know and moving on.

I went ahead and ordered the book so I can have it ahead of time =P
Maybe I’ll start reading it instead, starting ahead so I actually can follow on the forum. Even though I have to look up way too much, it is a great way to pick up new words and phrases even if it takes me forever to finish =P

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My book is arriving next week!

Super behind on No.6 due to school starting and my schedule being crazy, but I just ordered Autumn Prison so hopefully I can persevere through No.6 before everyone starts the next book.

Either way, I’ll follow along as best I can because this has been really fun so far!