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So wow, this thread blew up while I was asleep. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, I said that too. It just seemed you were chastising the idea for the wrong reason and I wanted to clear the air.

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I also don’t mind posting the weekly threads for Your Name, if we decide to do it and we need someone to jump in. It would be great getting any collaboration on polls etc. however so it’s a bit of a joint effort.

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Hah, that’s the revenge for you triggering all the cool Kazuko discussions during (my) night :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This conversation has almost scared me away and I’m already a participating book club member. Hmm.


Yeah whatever :roll_eyes:I guess people will always take offense when you state facts no one wants to hear. ( and matter how soft or apologetic you go about saying it) I don’t know what you’re afraid of, this club is here for you no matter what we decide to do, we discussed the idea in a non aggressive way, and came to the conclusion it’s not the best idea right now. So what is your problem ?

I think it was just a reference to the number of messages that happened in a short span of time rather than content :sweat_smile:


Mmm. Because the tenor of the conversation felt incredibly unwelcoming, and with a lot of assumptions being made. I know there’s some fear here because the clubs have died in the past, but making assumptions about why people are voting for certain books, and how they’ll flake out, is really chilling to the atmosphere, in my opinion. I happened not to vote for either Kino or Your Name, but if I had, and was newer, I know that I would feel very put-off from the group right now. Actually, I feel a bit put off anyway.

Also, like… I’m also just stating a fact that one may not want to hear. So.


Well excuse me if that’s what you meant, but since they said and “I’m an active participant hmm” it sounds like this even scare away new members from joining if we change the rules

Yeah just I as a thought. I’m not with The Whole victim/ bad guy complex thing sorry.

How about let’s end this discussion about voting bias and people voting on whims and being likely to drop out, etc. While there is certainly legitimate concern there (which I’ve raised myself), I don’t think we’re doing the group any good by talking about it this much. Let’s just see how this book plays out and go from there. I think the most important thing is to remain flexible. If the book that’s picked (whatever it is) has few active readers after a period of time, we can consider dropping it then.


Guys guys, no need to make a problem out of this ok? :heart: We all love each other. The book clubs will strive and everyone will be way past these discussions in 2,3 months.


I only voted for the third place, so I’ll probably just buy both (well, all three, even if it didn’t get chosen this time :wink: ) and see which one I feel like joining =)

But, I’ve burned myself in the past by buying “wrong version”. Are there different versions of any of these? And if so, what is the difference? =P


Now @Naphthalene, regarding the question of whether to read both books in parallel: I can create a poll to ask who would participate if each book was picked, if they’d try to read both in parallel, if they’d be willing to run the group, etc. Would you like me to make that poll? If so, should I do it now or after you officially close the book poll? And if so, is there any other information you’d like me to gather from the poll?


Really wasn’t trying to upset you, or anyone. But I’ll stop posting.

Anyway @everyone, I’ll read either book, though I’m not really interested in either.


キノの旅 has only one version. I didn’t see multiple versions for 君の名は, but I didn’t check so carefully :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I was planning to do so after closing the poll tomorrow morning (for me), but if you have the time to do it before that, I don’t mind it either :slight_smile:

The version you got has a different cover as the one now sold on Amazon, but the page count seems the same. Hopefully that means they line up. Apparently there is also a furigana version linked to in the first post (though it doesn’t seem to be available new).

There is a version with furigana and a version without, both linked to in the first post.


WELP, call me John Snow, ‘cause I know nothing.


I can create it. What information do we want to gather? So far I have:

  • If only Kino’s Journey is selected, will you attempt to read it?
  • If only Your Name is selected, will you attempt to read it?
  • If both books are read in parallel, will you attempt to read both?
  • If both books are read in parallel, will you only read Kino’s Journey?
  • If both books are read in parallel, will you only read Your Name?
  • Would you be willing to running the book club for Kino’s Journey (creating a Home Thread, creating threads each week, etc.)?
  • Would you be willing to running the book club for Your Name (creating a Home Thread, creating threads each week, etc.)?
  • Option to indicate if you’re not planning to participate in either of those books.

Anything else? Do you think it would be easier to see results as a series of Yes/No polls or as one multiple choice poll where people can just select everything relevant to them?