Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: セーラー服と機関銃

You forgot to make the small print less visible. :eyes:


I hoped thought you had forgotten about that. Turns out, I’m usually busy at work (who’d have thought, I know). That made it inconvenient to check. That being said, they were all dropped after polls closed, so checking those should give a good idea. I can try that tonight…

Edit: or I can try know. Let me know if I messed up anything.


Nah :woman_shrugging:

Oh sorry, I thought it would be really easy for you. Now I see that I could have recreated the information from the polls (this did not occur to me the first time around). Thank you even more so! And sorry for the extra work…


Took longer than expected because DHL didn’t have any early delivery windows. Now I have both books!


I really like this. I’m curious though, why? Are you just a fan of math or you like that intersecting-line-multiplication thing or what?

I liked math in school, generally speaking. Well, through multivariate calculus at least. After that it just became tedious and wasn’t useful to me.


I just noticed that the time limits of the home threads are completely messed up. Some threads close in 1 year, some in 10 years, some have no limit, some are closed already…

Speaking of that, I just picked No 6, but the thread is closed. Can a member of the @moderators reopen it, please? :pleading_face:


I don’t think anyone that have been on that thread except for me is still active. I’m not sure it will be super useful to have it reopen

Edit: It does bring back memories though. Already 3 years since the first book club. The concept have evolved a lot since then.


Well, it is in the sense that it gives me a place to post about it.


Actually, I just checked and two others (at least) are still active.


That’s good. I never saw them again(the one that finished the book) so I was sure they were not in the book club anymore

Ah, you meant in the book club, specifically, rather than on the forum? If that’s the case, they indeed aren’t reading with the group anymore. I meant that they are still on the forum.
Related to the club’s activity, @crihak had their own club a couple of months ago (Let's Play (Watching) Club: Little Nightmares Home Thread), and @LucasDesu said in this thread they want to read their own stuff first and regularly post thing in the “Most recent Japanese word you’ve learned?” thread.


I see. It seem I am not lurking enough one these forums. Thanks for the info. I am mostly sticking to the thread I already have so it’s proably why.


I have to lurk to maintain my Regular status, so that I can edit the title of this thread when needed.
Despite my efforts, I’m still falling behind :cry:
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Yeah, it’s as @Naphthalene said, I’ve been reading a lot of things on my own. I still lurk in the book club threads, but not active in them at all. It’s really encouraging to see people actively participating :smiley:

Funny, considering we had to push a bit to get a separate category :sweat_smile:


When I came back to WK after a long break, seeing “reading” category really did make me excited and I’m really happy and thankful you guys pushed for it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Um, I think I don’t understand this mechanic and I want to understand. :sweat: What exactly you have to do to be able to edit the title? What “regular” status means? How do you check it?


Also funny that they only caved because “reading” was the only missing skill from the CEFR, yet the book clubs are making up the large majority of the category. :sweat_smile:

Regular is one of the 4 trust levels of the forum. New users are “basic”, you and most forum goers are “member”, people who meet some requirements supposed to show involvement in the community (in the past 100 days, visited 50 days, read 20000 posts :scream:, visited 400 threads, got and gave a bunch of likes…) are “regulars”, and special users (mostly moderators) are “leaders”.

Being a regular has a bunch of nice perks: ability to rename and move threads, ability to turn one’s own thread into wiki, additional likes per day, access to a special area on the forum,…

Renaming and wiki are very useful for book club activities, so I just force myself to go through a bunch of posts to meet the requirements whenever I need to use them.

As for checking, @kumirei has made a script that keep track of those requirements from the moment you installed it. (So it takes 100 days to get accurate stats). I’m only meeting 63% of the reading requirement so far (thankfully I have a bunch more from before the moment I installed the script, but I guess I may lose my status soon…)


Thank you for explaining!

…sounds a little scary… :fearful:

(…especially since it has an expiration date.)

I never knew there was a special place in forum that is secret. Except for the church of crabitorism of course.

I think they should lower the requirement to get the leader statue or just give it permanently. It’s so hard to get it. Foe those who have it, is it even worth it?

I don’t think any of us mere mortals even have it: Leader badge on WaniKani Community


You cannot get the leader status; that’s admin/moderator only. If you meant the regular status, it’s only worth it for changing thread titles (e.g. the title of this very thread or that of the POLL thread) or making wikis. Both of those are useful for the management of the book clubs, but that’s a very niche usage. I don’t think users in general need that.