Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: セーラー服と機関銃 // Next: 変な家

Oh you too!! No pressure, just let us know if it starts to look like you won’t be able to do it. Here’s hoping it all goes well for ya :grin:

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Can i go after TamanegiNoKame?

Yes please, that’d be great!

Updated the order in the discussion thread.

Hey people! Been more or less uninvolved directly in the Book Club but I’ve been following on and off in the background since it started. I was just wondering if anyone ended up sticking with No 6 in their spare time? I’m currently on book 7 and was wondering if I’m the only one who couldn’t stand not finishing it.

Gj i’m still at book 1 :sob: I don’t know how you can read that fast.(I’m prob just slow) I bougt the 6 first book so i’m gonna finish them but not sure when.

You’re not slow. To be fair it’s the only thing I’ve been reading recently. And it gets exponentially easier as all the same topics and words keep coming back. Let me know if you stick with it and wanna discuss it!

It does get easier since I pass from 2 hours per page at 15 minutes per page. I’m definitly going to read the entire serie. It’s really good.

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Hey guys we haven’t talked much about this and I was wondering if this still a thing? Who is still planning on coming?

  • I plan to participate
  • I will not be present
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Also I forgot, are we reading more that one story or just the focus story? Or are we just discussing or both?

The book arrived today. I will start reading it tomorrow and try to catch up somehow. Is there a special thread for discussion? You are not discussing on discord, are you?

I’m in a similar situation.

@charlesfm @doku-chan We are not discussing it on a discord chat in general. :slightly_smiling_face: This is the thread:

JBC's 赤い悪夢 (5分後に意外な結末) [red nightmare (an unexpected conclusion in 5 minutes)]

(though it looks like there may be a VERBAL discussion on discord tonight possibly)

Yes there is, also if we are reading the book today then I think it wold still be useful to come!

Sorry. Not gonna be able to make it to this one. :sweat_smile:

You’re fine

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I’m not sure about the discord, but I had planned to discuss about the Opened Window on the discussion thread tomorrow.

Since heard nothing about the discord meeting coming up to today and nothing especially before going to bed, I just assumed it was not going to happen.

I’m sorry to anyone that might have set aside time. @Iwasneverhere or anyone else. Those still having problems should speak up.

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It’s totally fine. I’m just going to watch a movie now.:grin:

Yeah I’m sorry about that D: I mixed up days in my head and it turns out I wasn’t available after all. Haha planning things is hard.

Let’s try this again: Anyone up for meeting Saturday, March 10, at 7pm EST?

  • I should be able to attend!
  • I can’t make it but I’d be interested in a similar time in the future
  • I can’t make it because of time zones and want to try and schedule something at a different time in the future

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If it’s not too late to suggest the next book I’d like to add one more.

I really think the level of our current book is perfect, which is why I’d like to suggest:


Linked short story collection about three slightly awkward high school kids who form a club in which they solve the problems of other kids. Sounds like a cheesy anime premise, but it’s not really. The three main characters manage (mostly) to avoid the more obvious and obnoxious tropes of the genre and are actually quite individual and interesting. Also, while they are always around in each story, the main narrative often centres on other people - a lonely teacher, a job hunting older sister etc.

Why it would be a good choice:
Similar level to current book (which I think is ideal)
Authentic Japanese setting
Another nice physical book to own
Real world setting
Short stories (although not as short as current book) so good for people coming and going
Natural and modern speech

Why it might not be a good choice:
Kind of similar to current book
Some might be put off by high school setting
Not very, very exciting

Available from:


Since the official poll has been up for about a week already, if everyone who voted in the last poll would like to have another poll to take this entry under consideration, then I’m okay with that. Otherwise, I don’t know what to tell you. I do know that this 5分後に意外な結末 has several iterations. Something to take into consideration…

I’m so so sorry!!! I was going to participate Saturday on Discord! BUT my pc broke Friday, and i sent it to get fixed, but i could only borrow a notebook from my sister today T___T!!!
I totally forgot to notify you because of the chaos!!

I’ll be avaliable for next Saturday, this time for sure. ;__; my apologies!