Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: セーラー服と機関銃 // Next: 変な家

I have the movie and manga version, I didn’t know there was a book too! <3
I will probably pick this up and try read it myself if it doesn’t get picked! =D
Still have some other books to go through first, so will give it time to be tried in the polls for what to do next =)


I’m not that skilled at using the search function and I don’t think the discussion pages have the discord link in the OP. Is there a way to get link to discord where you might be discussing the books?

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I think when a discord meeting is set up, the link will be posted. I not familiar with the application so I’m not sure how permanent or temporary discussion pages are. To be honest, I’ve already forgotten my login for discord, and I only signed up a couple weeks ago. :sweat:


I’m happy to volunteer as a discussion leader for one of the weeks. Looking forward to getting started!


I’m someone who’d like to participate, but I’m also not very fond of horror and thrillers…

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I can’t speak for the whole book of short stories that we are reading next, but I read the first 3, and one out of the three was not horror or thriller at all. The other two were more surprising/strange then necessarily horror (an old woman who keeps seeing the ghost of her dead husband and dog, and a monkey hand that grants wishes but they all go horribly wrong). So there may be a variety in this book. As it turns out, the one that was not at all horror was my favorite so far. It was a really cute story about a kid and his family.

To be clear, the suggestions are for the book after the one we’re about to start. It was selected well before we finished the last book. From the way it looks like, we’re going to do the same thing for the fourth book.

This seems like fun. I’ll probably get the book you guys are starting Sunday and join in.


Your profile picture hurts me


I would like to have Discord meetings too =). (i can train my english together with my japanese xD)
I’m most available in weekends (and i’m from South America) so i’ll await for the other participants to state their interest first.

I’ll not be a discussion leader for this book, mainly mecause it’s my first time ever in a book club, so i would like to sit this one out. ^^‘’

Discord is more like comunities with it’s own lobby or guild.
So the channels doesn’t disappear, unless the owner deletes it.

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Might be a silly question, but are the discord groups separated by time zones? I’m in Japan and I want to be part of the discussions too :slight_smile:

If you go to this page and scroll down to the books you can find some recommendations of comedy books.

I can be one as well.

I’m looking for a job right now so im not totally sure, but I think I should be good most days after 6 EST

Here is the link. It will not expire, I’ll update the description. I can set up some channels, once we get more feed back I can add extra voice channels for time zones. And I can also add different channels for general discussion, discussion of the current book, quick questions etc. If have any suggestions for more channels please lmk.

It seemed pretty chill to me I think its a variety of stories that spans from horror and thrillers to cute little tales. Here is the description:

It says Science fiction, horror, mystery, stories that make you chuckle, stories that give you a shiver, and stories that move you. I think either Jintanuki got the English translation from someone who reworded it, or they just didn’t feel like translating the whole thing. Nonetheless it’s not horror themed, it’s a variety of stories.


@Ell @Steffy47 Yep just to clarify, so far we’ve only used the Discord once. We had a meetup a few weeks ago where we spent a few hours taking turns reading from the book. Otherwise, all the discussion has been taking place in the dicussion thread. However, I don’t see any problem with people using the discord more in the future. I imagine that people could pop in freely and discuss the current book in text/voice with whoever’s around :+1:

All right! I’ll go ahead and propose Saturday, March 3rd at 7pm EST for a meetup, since that time worked out well before. I know people in certain time zones might not be able to make that, so please feel free to propose a time that works for you. Then we can run a poll and gauge which dates/times people can attend.


Ok, 7pm EST would be 1am for me. XD
But it’s ok, maybe the book won’t arrive until this day anyways.

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I recall enjoying this one quite a bit.

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Works for me, here in Brazil this is around 9pm.
sing me up

I’m thinking I’ll join in this time! I’m also in Japan and would be up for discussing on the discord with others in similar time zones


Due to general time constraints right now, I’ll be sitting out the next book, though I hope to hop back in for the one after. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@EiriMatsu wish you the best. See you in the next book provided I’m not constrained by time.

As for those going into the next book, we’re still looking for discussion leaders. To be honest it’s not as daunting as you may think. You pretty much put together 3-4 questions to help get discussion started on the forum. They can be comprehension questions or opinion questions, you choose! I found that without discussion leaders interaction among members and activity on the book club thread ceases because we don’t have as many comprehension/grammar questions as the other club.

Currently I’ve noted:

and myself

I’ve only mentioned this because the last poll regarding discussion options has overwhelmingly leaned toward the discussion leader choosing the focus story for the week. With only three volunteers, I’m sure there will be a time when someone will want to choose some time. So please, please, please consider being a discussion leader so we can all benefit!

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