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I don’t really think it makes since to keep redoing every book which is why I said if you have a previous book that you want included, then re-pitch it. You didn’t have to make an elaborate pitch you could of just copied the name and description. When the idea for multiple votes came up, Lucas didn’t explicitly state that we should include all books in the multi vote, he just said it would help give us an idea in what we should keep for future books. This would be more effective if more people had spoken up and said what books they wanted included, or if what he really meant was to put all books on one last time. If this is what you guys expected, I apologize for the misunderstanding, but if you really wanted that book on the list you should have said something before Lucas even proposed the idea.

Do you guys want me to redo the poll with all books included one last time?

  • Yes, please.
  • No, its fine. I’ll re-pitch the books I want next time.
  • No, but lets include all books next time.
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