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小説 はたらく細胞

Author: 時海 結以 (著), 清水 茜 (原著)
Page count: 176
Natively: Manga version is rated L29






Auto-translated: The red blood cell (protagonist) that delivers oxygen around the body has no sense of direction. It is cool and strong white blood cells (neutrophils) to get rid of invading bacteria. You can enjoy the best-selling in-body cell anthropomorphic manga “Cells at Work” in a novel!

It became a bestseller with a total of more than 1.5 million copies. Internal cell anthropomorphic manga, “Cells at Work”. There are about 37 trillion per person. There is as much work (drama) as the number of cells! I made a novel packed with that fun!


Amazon JP including Kindle edition
Publisher Kodansha has links to many online bookstores and e-book options

Personal Opinion

ABBC is reading manga version. It is a very fun read! ABBC nomination post for reference.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • It is quite scientifically accurate! With proper vocabulary!


  • Some biology and immunology words if you are not into them


Both Amazon and Kodansha links above have preview.

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