Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: あなたも殺人犯になれる!

You’re right, I’ve added a spoiler tag to my part as well.

I’ve also seen the movie (thanks to JFF online), and it left out parts from the first book, and added some from the second book. So if anyone only read the first one and plans to read the sequels, don’t watch the movie, because spoilers.


Heh, I saw the movie at the JFF last year too. Nominated the English version of the book to the English book club I’m in, but it didn’t get selected.


I just realized that I never properly followed up to this. I was thinking that maybe it might be worthwhile to factor such information (i.e. “amount of text per page”) into the weekly schedules, but from your answers it seems that the difficulty of the text is more important than the actual amount of text anyways. (And, as we know, the difficulty is much more, … erm, difficult to judge beforehand.)


Alright, voting has died off, so that’s it.
The winner (by a fairly large margin) is コーヒが冷めないうちに :tada:

@Kawazoe, since it was your nomination, do you want to take care of the threads?


Heh, whoops. I forgot to come back and see if I needed to reposition my votes. Oh well, my sixth preference made it to third place anyway.

Time for another trip in to Kinokuniya.


If you mean ガイコツ, it’s in second place (ex-aequo). It would have been, well, still in second place with one extra vote.


Other than that, we have one nomination that was removed this time for performing poorly over the past three polls (変愛サイケデリック, with a 0% on the last poll, so no regrets, I guess).
We also have 5 nominations that are one their second strike and might be removed next time.
All You Need Is Kill
もやしもん - Tales of Agriculture

Finally, I need someone to update the title again :sweat_smile:


Funnily enough, I read the first chapter of this book in English, because a friend suggested it to me. So now I’ll get to finish it in Japanese! :slight_smile:

I just ordered it, looks like it’ll arrive in 2 weeks so plenty of time.


Great! I ordered it!
Hopefully I can exercise some self control this time, and not read the whole thing at once. I learn so much more when I take the time to look up things, butきみの名は was pretty gripping🤦


This book I think is a quieter read…when I read it in English, it felt like a book to read on a sleepy Sunday morning with some coffee or tea.

Glad to hear that きみの名は was a page turner! I will have to check it out myself some time. The movie was fantastic.


I’ve had the same issue with きみの名は. Having not seen the movie, I’m now finding myself flying through pages as the story has reached its climax. I was pretty good at controlling myself for the first half of the book as it was really useful for me to read a little slower, take the time to add words I don’t know to Anki, etc.

But for the last few chunks of reading, I’ve flown through in 30 minutes or less - and while I’m absolutely comprehending the plot, I am undoubtedly missing subtle details, new words/nuances to learn, etc.

The only reason I haven’t flown through and finished the entire book is that I’m currently reading two other books at the same time, and working full-time, and trying to squeeze in some more advanced grammar study/SRS/etc. :sob: I’m going to try to take it a little slower with the next book as well.

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It didn’t win, but #4 in the poll, ヨコハマ買い出し紀行, is currently free! See links in its nomination post.


Hmmm, looking at their profile, it seems that @Kawazoe has not been around for a while?


If they don’t show up in the next few days, would anybody else be interested in running the bookclub for this book?

Note: I’m always happy to run a bookclub if nobody wants to, but I’d prefer if somebody else would step up and join the ranks of book club hosts :wink:

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I think they get an email from the system when they are @‘ed, but there’s indeed no sign of them :sweat_smile:

By the way, I meant to ask for a few days now, but I started looking at the book, in case I run it myself, and Amazon tells me it has almost 350 pages, which is beyond the acceptable length for this club. Can anyone confirm that?
If so, well, I guess we can either bump up the reading speed or accept the fact we’ll be spending 24 weeks or so reading the book.


The previous message is meant to be a reply to you, but somehow I had a weird bug when trying to post it. (The system asked me if I wanted to post in the original topic of “none” or here).

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That depends on their settings. Personally, I don’t get any emails because I have all that disabled.


Morning! :slight_smile: I’d like to join in for the next book. What am I supposed to do? :upside_down_face: And do you already know when you start on it?


Yes, my store marked it as 348 pages too.

If we bump up the reading speed, around how many pages would that be?

You just need to have the book by the time it starts, and then follow the pace that is decided while making use of the weekly threads if you want or need :slight_smile: . Of course you can start later or follow another pace, whatever works for you; some people read ahead, etc.

The starting date is June 19th.


Thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile: Is it possible that you guys will change the book or is it safe to buy it? (Not sure I can handle 350 pages! ;-))


I’ve only been around in the book club since the last book (which I quit early for reasons), but I think it’s safe to say that once a book has been decided through the poll it will be the one being read. Changing the book after that would be a real mess I’d say ^^

I plan to buy it myself once my store restocks it; just waiting for their e-mail.

A few others have ordered it already too.