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I dunno what houhou is, but 異世界人 = いせかいじん = someone from a different world [dimension, timeline, reality], 異星人 = いせいじん = someone from a different planet.
She says いせかいじん out loud in the anime.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the opposite furigana on each in some situations to provide a nuance of overlap, the way Japanese writings are prone to do, but.



Been a while since I watched the anime… hmm… HouHou is an app developped by Doublevil (a community member here from a while back) that’s both an SRS (offline!) and a dictionary at the same time. So you can look something up you don’t know, and then add it to your reviews! It’s pretty cool.

Yeah, I often type it that way when I forget what HouHou wants.

I like that idea of nuance, though.

EDIT: Jisho doesn’t have 異世界人, only 異星人 and 宇宙人. :thinking:

異世界 + 人 is pretty easy to put together though…


The pixiv dictionary has it:

But as @seanblue said (and people above), it’s easy to construct いせかい+じん

Is the future there yet? :rofl:
I already finished Kino on Saturday (I wanted to get over with it for good, I just found the last chapter really pointlessly disgusting) and have slowly read the book since then (only 7 pages but loving every second of it!) So far it even feels a bit easier than Kino, and definitely written in a better style.


It is very soon. Just waiting on Sigolino’s copy to arrive. It was delayed in transit but should arrive soon. Looking forward to it!:pizza::turtle:


Well, I DID have to learn 異… (and i’m used to it looking a bit different… there must not be Japanese fonts on my work computer…)


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Which is why I get the reading wrong often enough. O.O =3

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Put me on the Haruhi bookclub list. I’m doing it for this one. I have the ebook already.

I tried, I really did...

This keeps happening. Probably will have to go with Amazon on this one. :pensive:


So they had four Haruhi books, but not 憂鬱?

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Yeah. I was very sad, especially since the other four were in the 100 yen section, too. :man_shrugging:

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Just saying hello. I’m still around.

Thing’s’ve been crazy and I’ve kept up WK and studying, but kinda dropped fun social forum stuff. I’m back. waves


Hi, put me on the list for Convenience Store Woman. :smiley: Excited to follow along. よろしく!


Goo here and here !


Thanks, so there’s no need to sign up on this page before jumping onto the main book threads or anything like that?

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Not anymore!

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Cool beans, thanks!

Hi, lately I’ve been into reading Japanese novels but those that have been translated into English. I passed N3, failed by 4 point in N2, do you think I can read Convenience Store Woman or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? Thanks!

I’d recommend checking out the sample pages here and here to see for yourself. Personally, I’m finding Convenience Store Women to be a good difficultly level, while The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is somewhat challenging.