Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: あなたも殺人犯になれる!

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Those last two are on prime and Netflix respectively.

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Oh, I must’ve been remembering flipping through volume six, as I remember working out the katakana for the chapter above it. I think it’s because most of the first-season (anime) stories are within the first 4-6 volumes, heavier towards the beginning (excluding Disappearance, of course).

Again, I apologize. (I edited up above too. Sorry! >_<; )

@AnimeCanuck Have you read the Haruhi series much in Japanese, or mostly in English?

Nah, but Cap is right and I was wrong.

I was Stark there. And thankfully, we didn’t have a recently un-frozen brainwashed assassin after us in the middle of the (misguided on my part) argument. XD

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Only the fan-translations in English, aside from the first paragraph about a year ago, and only the first sentence a year (or more *raises an eyebrow*) before that. Might have to search my old thread for a date…

EDIT: Looked it up. Make that 3 years ago (sentence) and 2 years ago (paragraph/half the first page)… Dang my memory is bad…
Maybe it’s all this Greek filling it…

Have you decided yet if you’re going to try to read it with the group?

I have very little knowledge of the series. I haven’t watched the anime because the multiple orders to watch thing annoys me, and I haven’t read any of the light novels in English (though I own the first one). From what little I do know, I’m cautiously optimistic that I’ll like it.

I have. I intend to read with the group at the beginning… try to keep up… and drop it in September or mid-August as I resume classes. (I thought I said so in the Haruhi thread? Or did I dream doing that last night?)

I’m still in class now, and the first two weeks overlap with my time to work on a fairly difficult and lengthy final paper, but after July 9th (I hope!) I’m free.

It might depend on how heavy the workload is in my Fall classes, too… it’s possible (though I believe unlikely) that I continue. Might jump back in during a week off, although it might be from wherever I’m at, too.

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I haven’t picked it up since :pensive:

Aww… *patpats*

Do you plan on trying again with us in a couple weeks? Trying to do the vocab on FloFlo or elsewhere beforehand? I mean, I set the frequency typically to 3 or more times, and it drops the unique words down. 5-10 times it goes WAY down… and I’m only WK level 16…

I believe in you!



I’ll try when it starts. I didn’t understand anything you said after the word “weeks”, though.

FloFlo is an SRS site by community member Raionus. He curates word lists (somehow… magically?) from light novels and some manga for us. It looks at your WK level (if you want it to) and will only show you words that are new to YOU. (And you can set the threshold of how many times the word appears in the book with “frequency”.)

It’s pretty great!

Unfortunately, you can’t bulk-add the whole book (or what you’ve made with your threshold) in one go. I’m hoping that feature comes in the future… ( @Raionus hint hint?)

EDIT: You can read more about it in this thread, with how-to-use it help, etc. (Back up) - A WK-friendly website for reading

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Hmm, that sounds nice. Mayhap it will be of use.

I hope so. Don’t know how much we can cram in the 3 weeks we have… but even if we can’t, having the list might be (probably will be) faster than looking up in the whole dictionary? I’m aiming to learn about 90-100 words, which is not even a dent (and barely a nick) out of the 1300~ words it populated for me (rather than 6000~ as you’ve earlier stated)… (Although I don’t even have 2000 kanji burned on WK yet… so how does 6000+ - 1950-ish = 1300? Must be that 1-2 times in the book words make up the last 2000+, which sounds pretty insane! O.o If you like, I’ll pray that our brains don’t break or explode during the reading of this novel! >.< ! )

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When trying to read within a timeframe, and picking and choosing which words to look up, remember that adverbs are pointless :wink:


So far it’s all been nouns… and maybe two or three adjectives?

I love 超能力者 and 異世界人. Started learning those two months ago (with like 6 others. XD). I keep getting the pronunciation/reading of the latter wrong, though. (And to get my IME to type it, the right reading doesn’t get it to show up!)

I tried to pick out a bunch of Sci-fi/fantasy words that I’m pretty certain will show up (a lot) out of the bunch.

… And I don’t know why that is about the adverbs… I don’t remember that grammar point… are they just… additional verbs? (Oh man, I should brush up on Genki/Nihongonomori too!)

Your IME doesn’t complete 異世界人? いせかいじん? Hmm

Adverbs are words that modify verbs. Quietly, softly, hesitantly, 密かに、きちんと、etc. They’re not actually useless but, especially in literature, they’re often pretty extra. They add more flavor than meaning.

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The English version translates 異世界人 to “slider”. I’ve always wondered whether that came from the TV show Sliders, or whether it was already a term before then.

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My family always watched that show when I was a kid.

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Oh it does - but the reading is いせいじん (according to HouHou, at least).

Also “pshh!” they add meaning. (And I know what adverbs are, but I don’t remember how the present themselves in Japanese.

Me too! But, who knows… ^^

My Dad would watch it first while taping it on VHS, and if it wasn’t “too scary” (as he deemed the second episode, with the invention of insulin), my younger sister and I would get to watch it. I own the first two seasons on DVD now, so I’m pretty sure he only skipped that one episode!