Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: あなたも殺人犯になれる!

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I am also a non-wanikani user! I was drawn to the forums by the profuse number of book clubs and arrived just in time for Kino, which I fortunately already owned. I have a had a great time so far. No one has tried to kick me out yet!

Welcome! :grin:


I’m proud to say I have zero unread (physical) books in Japanese. I’d like to say that after being there with both Spanish and English I have learned my lesson but really it’s just shipping costs saving me from myself (What am I even proud for then?).


Just dropping by to say that participation in Kino was amazing. I hope it bodes well for the future of the club.
The analysis noone cares about:


Gaaaah it’s completely impossible to read in dark mode due to transparancy… But I don’t have time to fix that.

Anyway, the number of people reading along quickly stabilized to somewhere around 26, with a dip during chapter 4, which I can totally understand :stuck_out_tongue:


As of now, about that number are going to read each of the next two books to start. Hopefully that’s not a bad sign!


We must have faith.


The only way this is going to happen with me is if bookshops and libraries cease to exist.


There’s a lot of overlap between the group of readers and those saying they will read next, so I think we’ll be fine.
I think numbers for Kino were inflated. Mostly, the stir that happened with the club revival attracted a lot of attention, so many people joined despite not having the time/motivation to read along.
I think this time around we didn’t gather that level of attention, so the numbers are more realistic :thinking: only time will say.


Uh, thanks Sean! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just like to say that I don’t make notes in the margins.
Unless there isn’t enough space between the lines of text.
Although maybe I’ll start writing in comments about people on WK, for some extra nostalgia when I look back through the book in the future. :thinking: :wink:


Yeah, Switched was pretty good. ERASED I liked even better.
… It’s true… Good Morning Call was cheese. Some of it was alright cheese, but at a point (maybe halfway through, maybe only 3-5 episodes in) I quit.

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YEP! That one’s excellent. (I had to check if it was Disappearance, forgot which one came where.) And yeah, the main “Melancholy” story arc is certainly formative of the rest of the series… also Episode 00 (Mikuru chapter) is like, a good hint of what you’re getting into, actually. (That’s the prologue of the first volume.)

If I recall correctly, the story arc that begins in volume 9 I want to say, was also really neat. Although that one is cliff-hanger-y between two volumes. ^^

I really hope everyone who tries to read Haruhi can enjoy it as much as I do. (Maybe even half as much as I do would be a good level of enjoyment…)

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… Of the anime. In the books, it doesn’t appear until book six.


Oh, ok, I was getting confused :sweat_smile:
Thanks for the clarification.

I was skeptical of switched (just because im skeptical of all jdramas haha) but since you guys liked it I’ll check it out! Yeah the acting in jdramas is seriously terrible. I though it was because they’re adapted from manga but original ones can be pretty bad too. Why, Japan :cry:


Hmm… :thinking:

Name of this book, please?

No… it’s in the first book. You’re thinking of the making of that film for the culture fest. That’s the story that’s in a later volume.

EDIT: I apologize, @Belthazar. I just took a look at my copy, and the prologue has that first sentence I remember struggling over with Santa Claus… and I couldn’t figure out which chapter had it, because the contents only says what chapter number they are! I must’ve flipped through the manga in the store in the last while… Because I haven’t read the first 7 or 8 volumes in a long while (like… 7 years ago I think? Maybe as many as 8? I took a break in the middle of one dealing with the journalism club for close to a year). As far as the fan-translations go, the only ones I read recently (ie: in the last 3 years or maybe 4, thanks to mahum on these forums) were 8-11 or 9-11.

You could very well be right. Even so; my point about the making of it being a few volumes later still holds true (and that’s a very fun read! XD).

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You’re not alone. My first attempt to read the first sentence (when I first got the book, and I think I was level 11, and had half as much grammar under my belt as I think I do now) took me a half an hour and exhausted me too.

I still enjoyed it, though.

I hope you’re enjoying it?


There are some good ones out there; 深夜食堂、火花 、東京女子図鑑 are all good in my book

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Cyclia = Code. I don’t think it’s recieved an English release, though.

No, it’s most definitely a single chapter in book six. The making-of story is Sigh, which is the entirety of book two.

I can take photographs of the contents pages of my books if you like, but Wikipedia also has a list of chapters.

Thanks for the recs! I watched and loved the first, and I’ll check out the other two.