Intermediate Japanese Book Club // Now Reading: あなたも殺人犯になれる!

Yes, it does, since it only looks at the data from your profile. You do need to visit the forum once per day with the script active so that it can collect stats for that day (so that it can remember it in 100 days and use the difference to tell you what you have read/visited during that period).

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The next pick is a manga and relatively short (4 weeks only) therefore I figured it might be a good idea to already think about when we want to start the following pick, i.e. 博士の愛した数式.

What would be your favorite start date for reading 博士の愛した数式?

  • No break at all (start on Sept. 12)
  • One-week break (start on Sept. 19)
  • Two-week break (start on Sept. 26)
  • Four-week-break (start on Oct. 10)
  • Even longer than that (please explain) / Oops I misclicked!

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☐ I’m fine with whatever

Actually I just checked when we’d be done with those dates and the schedule and realized we’ll be done with it in 2021 no matter what :scream:
I don’t mind the long time but I’d naively assumed we’d be done with it this year so I was counting on it for my 10 book goal PANIC! (at the library) yes I will be fine don’t mind me thank you for asking


While I voted immediately, I have no interest in the preceding book, so it won’t really be a break, making me unsure how much my vote should count.


Ah, don’t worry! You won’t be the only one in that situation.

I think next time I will even turn the texts around because I mainly want to ask for the start date, and the break duration should be the explanation.

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For the start date of 博士の愛した数式, the majority would like to start straight away but 3 people would prefer a one-week break (and some others would not mind a break either). So technically the “start immediately” fraction won, but I think it might still be advisable to give a bit of slack here to make sure everybody can catch up; it’s always exciting to start a new book but otoh we’re not in a rush :relaxed:

Therefore my suggestion would be to start the book after a one-week break, i.e. on Sept. 19.
I hope this is ok for everybody?


If you’ve read 聖☆おにいさん and would like to vote for how you liked it, please feel free:


I would like to join–when will the next book start? And has it been chosen yet? Thank you

The book club just started a new book a couple weeks ago, so maybe you’d like to try catching up. The details are in the first post. The next book won’t be selected for a few months since this book just started.

Thanks. I think I will try. I love the current book, in its English version

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Heads up to everyone who always voted for 君のなは : It is currently being read as an unscheduled book club:

(@Naphthalene and @lantana: I’m wondering whether it would make sense to remove its nomination from the poll as it is being read now?)


The standard approach is to ask the person who nominated the book :thinking:

That’s why I included lantana :wink:

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Yes, let’s take it off the list now it has it’s own reading club. If the new page doesn’t get a lot of discussion though I think it would be fair to let someone renominate it in a few votes time. It won’t be me though. After so many 2nd place votes I’ve lost the drive to read it! :laughing:


Hey, happy WK anniversary! :tada:

That was quite the bummer indeed :rofl: Maybe it was about time to clear it off the list…


I nominate myself as the torchbearer of this passed down privilege. :fire: Your name must carry on.



We’re planning a new intermediate level book club after the 獣の奏者 book club is finished. We’re aiming to start sometime between December 26th and February 13th, to be determined by a poll.


Amazon says it’s 320 pages. I don’t think the digital versions show the same page count anymore, and we should probably go by the paper version.

I’ll say, I did like the anime overall. The first few episodes were a bit slow, but I really liked the second half. One of the biggest appeals was the animation though, which obviously isn’t relevant for the light novel.

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Is that how far we’ve got these days :rofl:

Alright, there does not seem to be too much group activity going on around the current reading, so let’s keep it in the list for now. I will add a note that you are the new nominator. Thank you for bearing the torch :+1:


Probably since ‘ash and’ easily smushes and sounds like ‘ashhand’ and they thought it sounds better this way.